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Adv. Mrs. Rubina Akhtar Hasan Rizvi Announces Vaccine Drive for Mumbai Police Families and Community People Around

Adv. Mrs. Rubina Akhtar Hasan Rizvi Announces Vaccine Drive for Mumbai Police Families and Community People Around

Empowered and ambitious Entrepreneur and Criminal lawyer Adv.Mrs. Rubina Akhtar Hasan Rizvi, believes that Mumbai Police are COVID-Warriors of purest form and with her Vaccine drive to the Police families, she is trying to pay back for the selfless kindness shown by them throughout the pandemic and still continues.

Director of Rizvi Builders, Rizvi Education Society, Dr. Akhtar Rizvi Educational Trust and Founder of Help Yourself Foundation – Adv.Mrs. Rubina Akhtar Hasan Rizvi through her Philanthropic and Social work, earlier helped people during the Pandemic by donating dry ration,medical supplies, masks, PPE kits, blankets, wheelchairs, free santization drives to rural pockets  and more to people in need. She has also started a cardiac ambulance service for the needy in society and now plans to start a Vaccine Drive for Mumbai Police families and Community People.

Talking about her initiative, Adv. Mrs. Rubina Akhtar Rizvi said, “There is so much to be grateful for, Mumbai Police  who have protected, supported and provided help for everyone during pandemic. Some even lost their lives serving others. When people were cosily tucked-away in the comfort of their homes, Mumbai Police took the control of situation and saved million of life”

“This is something I wanted to do ever since the launch of vaccine, but only now I got the opportunity to pay back for the kindness showed to entire state. I am super-fan of Mumbai Police and I think we ought to look after them better” added Adv.Mrs.Rubina Akhtar Rizvi .

With Women Achiever Award, Indian Education Award, The Pride of Maharashtra Award, The Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar, Women Empowerment Award and more, Adv. Mrs. Rubina still believes humanity and bravery is the eye of storm is bigger than any award.

“Serving with Humanity and bravery in the eye of storm is something only Mumbai Police can show.

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Top 5 Staycations Near Mumbai You Must Visit Now

Top 5 Staycations Near Mumbai You Must Visit Now

Mumbai: After months of home isolation, we all deserve a quality break. Now that most companies are allowing you to work from home, you can finally take a staycation wherever you want. The current situation only allows us to visit places in close proximity, weekend staycations are the best alternative. So, here are the top 5 staycations to visit that are near Mumbai.

Fariyas Resort :

Overlooking the beautiful Frichley Hills; Fariyas Resort in Lonavala presents outdoor water theme park along with indulging spa treatments. It has well-decorated rooms with wonderful views of the mountain from private balconies. This place is a very good option for quality time with family. Offering the best accommodation with the finest service and friendly staff, you will have no complaints from this place. This resort is a paradise for food lovers.

Nirvana Realty :

At Nirvana Signature Resorts, soak up the golden rays and unwind in our aesthetically designed themed oasis, surrounded by surreal lush greenery & panoramic vistas of the riverside. Lounge in private riverside accommodations or revel in electrifying dining and nightlife as sensational music plays through the landscaped grounds of the resort. They have also developed custom-built Royale Pool Villas at Wollywood, Wada & Viroha, Dahanu. Apart from having all the luxuries of modern spaces, these pool villas also will enjoy the security and safety of a gated community, easy accessibility and are going to be surrounded by hills and a babbling river. Their resort offers 100+ glam riverside rooms, featuring exceptional design and experiences accentuated by panoramic views of the hills & riverside.

Della Resorts:

Della Resorts is the ultimate getaway destination located in the verdant landscapes of Lonavala. This five-star, luxury resort offers guests a one-of-its-kind experience, coupling luxury with impeccable service and world-class amenities. Within its sprawling complex set on about 50 acres, Della offers 6 different resort properties A range of restaurants, bar lounges and even a nightclub, all offering the finest food and beverage, will keep guests well-entertained, and the property’s 50 private gardens ensure that guests will feel ensconced in lush greenery throughout their stay.

The Machan Resorts:

This exclusive eco-friendly resort located in Lonavala offers you a unique and luxurious stay in a treehouse. With spectacular wood-and-glass decks hoisted on trees, The Machan gives you the most dramatic stay in the region. Pick from the several well-furnished machans for a weekend to remember. Those not comfortable with heights can opt for the cabins. The Jungle Machans truly put a new spin on the term “tree-house”. With trees sprouting from the floor and going through the roof, the feeling of being one with nature is fully encapsulated in our Jungle Machans.

Upper Deck Resort:

Overlooking the Valvan Reservoir and also the stunning Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala, The Upper Deck Resort like the name says, is situated at an elevated height of 2500 feet. This resort is the perfect choice for those looking for solace and comfort away from the city life. This resort welcomes you to pristine skies, with views of beautiful valleys and gigantic mountains.

The flora and fauna found around the resort are similar to those found all over the western ghats of India, and make for interesting viewing.

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Sanoj Mishra’s Film SHASHANK Poster Launched On Death Anniversary Of Sushant Singh Rajput

Sanoj Mishra’s Film  SHASHANK Poster Launched On Death Anniversary Of Sushant Singh Rajput

Today is the death anniversary of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He committed suicide on the same day on June 14 last year. Paying tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput on his death anniversary, director Sanoj Mishra launched the poster of his film ‘Shashank’. Sanoj Mishra  When  started the production of this film, there was a discussion in the corridors of Bollywood that this film is a biopic of Sushant Singh Rajput. Sanoj Mishra says that it is not a biopic of Sushant Singh Rajput, but it is definitely inspired by him.

Today Bollywood  How do people who are victims of political persecution take steps like suicide or murder?  This film is based on this, in which Arya Babbar, Rajveer Singh, Ravi Sudha Chaudhary, Aparna Malik, Muskan Verma, and others are in the lead roles.  Produced under the banner of Rudransh Entertainment, Roar Production, Sanoj Mishra Films, Parmar Production, the film is produced by Ravi Sudha Choudhary, Marut Singh, Sanjay Dhiman, Co-Producer Ramesh Parmar, DOP Neetu Iqbal Singh, Editor Yogesh Pandey, Dialogue Renu Yadav and Music Director Aditya Gaur-Chandan Dubey.

Sanoj Mishra told that I had enough subject material to make ‘Shashank’ because I have spent 26 years of my life in Bollywood from childhood till now, every aspect of it has a different story, a different reality, Sushant  Singh Rajput insisted that I should make a film on it and I announced to make a film on this subject from Patna itself and I had made it very clear that this film will not be a biopic film of Sushant Singh Rajput.  The reason was that when I met his family members and Shri KK Singh ji, his mood was very odd, people were in a lot of problems and I too could only comfort him and I felt that at this time the film or the  Talking about autobiography was not appropriate in that environment, so I said that I will not make this film a biopic, the film started at a bad time, the budget was getting over, but still our producers kept supporting us, the film went ahead.  And when this film came into the limelight, Sushant ji’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti took to Twitter to announce our film.

He said that his boycott created a negative atmosphere for the film Shashank in the whole country, as if I had killed Sushant.  The people investing in the film got away from the boycott of the film because they thought that the film would be closed due to controversies and the money would be lost, and the film Shashank stopped more than half, but my hard work and the money spent by the producers and  Could not forget the trust, the circumstances were created and some new people joined and after several months the film could start again, before the film was ready for release, another big trouble was faced last month when the late Sushant Singh  Rajput’s father Mr.KK Singh filed a case in the Delhi High Court to ban the film’s release, after facing all the difficulties for a year, it was a big problem, the family members of the late Sushant Singh did not have my phone.

Had asked once what I have made, what is the story, we would have understood, but  Without knowing the case, he also appealed for damages of 2 crores, due to the delay in the film, I and my producers were already in all the debts, now it had become a matter of breaking courage, still fighting.


In the honorable court, we also presented our side and in the midst of all the arguments, the court reserved its decision, and today the court, while delivering the verdict, has dismissed the petition to Shri KK Singh ji, everyone has blessings, love is the victory of truth.  Happened and will continue.

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International Fashion Stylist And Wardrobe Image Consultant – Veronica Jackson

International Fashion Stylist  And  Wardrobe Image Consultant –  Veronica Jackson

The 25 years old stylist has quickly built a reputation in the world of fashion for being more than just a stylist. The Florida native has already solidified a name as a creative director and innovative artist, Strategist and collaborator among well respected colleagues in the industry. Seamlessly transforming her clients image, She helps each one develop into a brand of their own, with sense of style unique to each personality.

Career :

As a style and body shape expert, Veronica has keen eye for identifying strengths and weaknesses in every form, and is well equipped with the tools to dress her clients, both on and off the carpet , in smart, bold choices that only enhance individuality. Her educated decisions, creative outlook, warm personality and well balanced sense of teamwork enable her to excel during collaborations. Unique ability of combining her artistic sense with strategic choices to artistically transform the vision of clients, editors, and photographers into a tangible reality.

She is specialised in red carpet, editorial, commercial and advertisement styling , in addition to image consulting for both men or women. Her clients list includes much young Bollywood artists, International models, Youtubers Etc.

She continues to create buzz for her clientele with fashion forward and avant grade looks.

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SIMSIM CINEMA – An OTT Platform Buffet Of Global Content Owned By Iftekhar Alam

SIMSIM CINEMA – An OTT Platform  Buffet Of Global Content  Owned By Iftekhar Alam

SIMSIM and chill anyone?

After Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Netflix, SIMSIM CINEMA, an international OTT platform is making its inroads to India with its vision to focus on the global viewership and treat its viewers with quality and quantity both.

SIMSIM CINEMA is perhaps one of the few salient examples of a major entertainment OTT platform that has not only leaned into, but dived headfirst into its global content strategy. On the winding road SIMSIM CINEMA is journeying towards establishing itself as the go-to entertainment service provider for the vast portion of the world’s population.

As their subscription numbers climb, the platform leans towards a novel strategy that would help them continue to grow as they expand internationally; produce local-language content specifically geared for the viewers in the different territories.

The emergence of SIMSIM CINEMA, India has exposed OTT viewers to the premium International content in different languages apart from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Apart from their extensive Bollywood library, their international selection features award winning content.

Iftekhar Alam is definitely one of the elite names in the business. He undoubtedly has the highly coveted quality of a being respected dramatic thespian. In addition to his merit in different fields of entertainment, he launches an OTT platform “SIMSIM CINEMA”, an amalgamation of entertainment with future technologies.

Headquarters in Singapore, SIMSIM CINEMA is committed to provide its viewers the best content for their entertainment needs, a high-quality video-on-demand OTT streaming platform!

It gives viewers the freedom to watch whatever, whenever and wherever they want. There is unlimited diverse content; one can easily watch it on any smart device by just having an internet connection.

They have numerous contents in a vast array of genres like action, romance, thriller etc. Viewers can stream their best liked movies, short films, web series as well as music on SIMSIM CINEMA!

Iftekhar Alam, owner of SIMSIM CINEMA says “SIMSIM CINEMA features entertaining, uplifting content that combines excellent storytelling and superior talents of various media fields. We live in an age where entertainment is just a tap away especially during COVID. We are a progressive civilisation, seeking opportunities to expand in every field. SIMSIM CINEMA features diverse and quality content.

Since a few years India has been seeing an explosion of OTT platforms, it will be interesting to see how SIMSIM CINEMA’S ENTRY is going to challenge the competition of providing superior content in the cost which anybody and everybody can afford.”

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Spiritual Guru’s Kind and Noble Gesture – Sri Jagatguru Extends His Hand For Cremation Of The Dead

Spiritual Guru’s Kind and Noble Gesture – Sri Jagatguru Extends His Hand For Cremation Of The Dead

Hapur:  Garhmukteshwar in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh state found a spiritual guru – Sri Jagatguru coming forward for cremation of the dead bodies found floating in the river Ganga. Weeks before, the scary news of several decomposed and bloated bodies in the river had rocked the nation. Multiple instances of dead bodies found buried along the banks of the river have also come to the fore from parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Many believed that the bodies were of the people who succumbed to Covid-19. Reports also suggested that the bodies were dumped in the river due to the high cost of expenditure on funeral.

There seems to be no relief from the miseries as the second wave of coronavirus pandemic rages across the country. Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru was moved by the plight and the suffering. He without making it public initiated the movement for cremation of dead bodies.

Urging to speak about it, the diffident Sri Jagatguru says, “Hundreds of bodies were found flowing in the Ganges required a decent burial.  I felt they deserve help for their respectable last rites. We, through our Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Foundation provided free wood and other materials needed for the cremation held at the ancient and distinctive pilgrimage centre of Garhmukteshwar (Brijghat) in Hapur. We are ready to help more and more people across the nation who have lost their loved ones and are deprived to perform their last rites. A committee has been formed to streamline all its requirements. We are also open to people who wish to join us in this noble endeavor. Plans are also afoot to buy ambulances wich will be an added help.”

A pious devotee of Santoshi Mata, the goddess of satisfaction, he further adds, “The Covid-19 pandemic has tested everyone and has made everyone suffer in their own way. The kind of uncertainty we are all going through is tough to handle. The losses themselves are varied, ranging from the literal deaths of our near and dear ones. I won’t list out the blows it has dealt with.”

A follower of Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru states, “In this hour of grief and miseries Sri Jagatguru’s stepping forward for cremation of these dead bodies is indeed a kind gesture towards humanity. More than 1,000 quintals of timber and other requisite materials have been provided which might have had more than 200 burials.

It is a known fact that the name of the town Garhmukteshwar is derived from the temple of Mukteshwar Mahadeva, dedicated to the goddess Ganga who is worshipped there in four temples. While Brijghat is known for famous temples like Vedant Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, Amrit Parasar amongst others…


Spirituality comes from realization and thus holds a significant place in India’s divine culture which has great learned personalities. Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru hails from a Brahmin family in Uttarkhand.He is an accomplished spiritual guru and yogi who have strong belief in:  Visualization to be a valuable spiritual tool; Will power for the ability to direct energy to achieve a desired goal; Concentration to focus flow of attention and energy towards the task and achieve success and Positive attitude for lifting energy and consciousness. The guru also believes in CSR (corporate social responsibility) by helping the poor and downtrodden communities He has also bagged a gold medal in ‘astrology’ and ‘energy therapies’.

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