Being Tushar Dhaliwal Latest News Mrs Universe 2017

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal & Archana Tomer had a dual celebration on Christmas Eve.

After having grand success of “Mrs India Universe 2017”, Grand finale recently at the castle Mewar Udaipur in Rajasthan, organised by Viscera events & models management, along with Archana Tomer creation.

Both Tusshar and Archana celebrated the event also have a great Christmas party with friends and media, winners Anisha Safaya -(Mrs India Universe 2017 universal),Vitika Chadda-(Mrs India Universe2017  earth), Neetu Khosla -(Mrs India Universe 2017 world), and singer Yash Wadali, actress Sagarika with well known Bollywood personality Rakesh Sabarwal and others.

Tusshar Dhaliwal, founder, is Managing director of Viscera event’s and models management, he said that is a unique show which will be giving social platform to married women’s and providing them national or international platform to explore their talent and Indian beauty too.

Archana Tomar, is president, she is Mrs Universe Generous, Mrs Universe North Central Asia, also director of Archana Tomar Creation and M.D of Tomar group. Archana Tomer said that she’s dedicated this event to encourage of woman empowerment and taking contestant from small town and giving them a good platform, also promote them in international pageant as she’s a national Director of Mrs Universe.

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal and Archana Tomer are gearing up for further preparation of Mrs Universe to be held in UK.

बीइंग तुषार धालीवाल और अर्चना तोमर का दोहरा सेलिब्रेशन क्रिसमस पर।

“मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१७” के राजस्थान में उदयपुर स्तिथ कैसल मेवाड़ में सम्पन्न हुए अभूतपूर्व समारोह का, जिसका आयोजन ‘विसकेरा इवेंट्स एंड मॉडल्स मैनेजमेंट’ और ‘अर्चना तोमर क्रिएशन’ ने किया था। दोनों तुषार और अर्चना ने इस सफलता को क्रिसमस की पहली शाम को अपने मित्रों और मीडिया के व्यक्तियों के संग मनाया।

इस अवसर पर उनके विजेता मिसेज अनिशा सफ़ाया (मिसेज इंडिया यूनिवर्स२०१७ यूनिवर्सल), मिसेज वितिका चड्डा (मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१७ अर्थ), नीतू खोसला (मिसेज इंडिया यूनीवर्स २०१७ वर्ल्ड) और बॉलीवुड के लोकप्रिय गायक यश वडाली एवं अदाकारा सागरिका एवं मशहूर निर्माता वितरक राकेश सबरवाल व अन्य उपस्तिथ थे, साथ ही मीडिया के कई गणमान्य व्यक्ति भी मौजूद थे।

Being Tushar Dhaliwal Latest News Mrs Universe 2017

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal and Archana Tomar, introduced Anisha Safaya in Glamour World.

Being Tusshar Dhaliwal and Archana Tomar, introduced Anisha Safaya in Glamour World.

Anisha Safaya achievements:-

“My achievements are reflection of my dreams,

My dreams encourage me to rise,

To rise high even from the ashes,

These ashes are my experiences, my self-taught lessons,

Lessons that have turned me into a compassionate & conscious being and

Compassion and consciousness are my wings that enable me to fly high” – Anisha Safaya

Anisha Safaya has been crowned as Mrs India Universe 2017 just a month ago. Earlier, she acclaimed two of the most important sub titles in the world of beauty pageants, Mrs. Catwalk in Mrs. India Universe 2017 and in Mrs. India UK 2017. Anisha is highly thankful to the organisers of Mrs. India Universe 2017, Mr. Tusshar Dhaliwal & Mrs. Archana Tomer for providing a worldwide platform to married women like her & an opportunity to compete at an international level enabling them to re-live their passion and dreams.


A proud daughter, a wife, a friend and a dedicated colleague; Anisha’s story of success from a staunch banker as Vice President of one of the world’s leading investment banks to Mrs. India Universe 2017 has been a rollercoaster ride, yet she fought back and kept moving, head held high, making a place for herself. She believes,“We grow, we evolve to the best version of us and reach to the stage where life stops its wrath on us, takes a break & smiles back. At that point, we are no less than that piece of gold whose purity has been tested by rubbing, cutting, heating and pounding.”

Anisha is a passionate dancer and adventurous sports enthusiast, she likes sky diving, scuba diving & still remembers her ocean walker experience in the Indian Ocean as one of the most incredible experiences.

“Secret behind looking & feeling beautiful is staying fit so I make sure that I follow my fitness routine everyday which includes healthy diet and workout” , says Anisha.

“My recipe for success in Mrs India Universe is that dedication & commitment; whatever I did, I put in my 100%. I tried, I failed, I fell but I got back up and I tried again, I tried until I made it”, says Anisha

Anisha is married to a humble and intelligent man who is an amazing friend too.  She feels blessed to be surrounded by trustworthy and caring friends and family. Above all, she has proud parents & her dad smiling at her from somewhere in the heavens thinking “My princess gave life her 100%”.

The values of compassion & kindness have shaped her life, for several years she has been helping disadvantaged children pursue school and university education; she believes that education empowers and puts them on a path leading to a better future. She believes that Mrs India Universe 2017 has provided her with a platform that will enable her to further these causes. Although, Anisha aims to continue to grow as a compassionate person, help others, however and wherever she can, at the same time she aims to grow professionally by furthering her successful career to new pinnacles.

Attributing credits of her success to people around her, she believes that whatever she is today is an amalgamation of qualities & best wishes of people – all of which shape who I am today, a lady with grace, resilience, diligence, dignity and optimism.”

These lines by Martin Luther King Jr, have influenced her life greatly, “If you can’t fly, run, if you can’t run, walk, if you can’t walk, crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Being Tushar Dhaliwal Latest News Mrs Universe 2017

Mrs India Universe 2017, Grand Finale 27th October 2017 at The Castle Mewar, Udaipur Rajasthan

Apart from Indian participants, there were participants from 15 countries in this pageant, total participants were 40. Grooming and training were schedule for 6 days from 22nd to 27th October.

Event was organised by Being Tusshar Dhaliwal (founder), Archana Tomer (president), Manish Luthra (board of director) and Shree Pal Jain (board of director). Brand Ambassador were Priyanka Pol for gold category and Ruchi Narula for platinum category. Jury members for Finale were Rakesh Sabarwal (producer), Reshmi Ghosh (actress), Miku Kumar (designer), Yash Wadali (singer), Pawan Kaushik (astrologer), Ruchi Narula (brand ambassador) and Priyanka Pol (brand ambassador).

Event by, Viscera Events and Models Management and Archana Tomer Creation, Association with Prince Movie, Photography partner Vivek Mahajan & Fashion photographer Sandy Joil.

Guest of honour and Groomer and Trainers were Vivek Mishra celebrity yoga trainer, Varun Katyal skin specialist, Bia Sandhu dinning etiquettes,


Alesia Raut ramp walk trainer and runway fashion director, Anjali Raut groomer, Doctor Sumit Dubey smile partner, Lovekesh Dhaliwal dance director, Vansh Juneja dance choreographer, Entertainment performance Yash Wadali and Lyla, Designer partner OB Shinu Surjeet Dadiala, Miku Kumar & Archerz by Archana Tomer. Host were Actor Anand Suryavanshi & Spatika Surapaneni.

Winner in Gold category 

Anisha Safaya (Mrs India Universe 2017 Universal),

Jagriti Bahri (Mrs India Universe 2017 Globe),

Vitika Chadda (Mrs India Universe 2017 Earth),

Shreya Krishnan (Mrs India Universe 2017 World),

Cheena Sehgal Dhingra (Mrs India Universe 2017 International).

Winner in Platinum category 

Nisha Mallya Chadda (Mrs India Universe 2017 Universal),

Ranjeta Sayal (Mrs India Universe 2017 Globe),

Mugdha (Mrs India Universe 2017 Earth),

Neetu Khosla (Mrs India Universe 2017 World),

Rumana Sinha Sehgal (Mrs India Universe 2017 International )