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Emerging To Be Voice Of Modern Choice TOUQIR ALI.

Exclusive Story By  RAJA SARFARAZ.

Pahari Vocal and Voice in Bollywood is not new but has been always Best choice of listeners since film industry stated and songs became part of Movies, Serials and now Web series. Jammu Kashmir a Rich culture and Heritage has Talented youth,  Touqir Ali is new Music Sensation from Bhaderwah j&k,Touqir is basically from a small town middle class family Making his remarkable Achievements, Melodious voice and stage Manners make him more Emerging star .

We had a conversation with Touqir and his journey so far.

Hi ,

Tell us about your self and journey as singer so far?

I am Touqir Ali From Bhaderwah, Jammu and Kashmir. I have completed my graduation (BSc) from GDC Bhaderwah as well as I have Graduation (BA) in music now I’m pursuing Masters in Hindustani classical music.

Who is your Idol in Singing and What you follow to sing?

I started my musical Journey when I was in College. Masood sir is my first Musical Guru then Rajid sir & Ravi sir. I have given many intrastate & interstate auditions in which maximum I win. Choona hai Asmaan is a recent one where I perform with Famous Bollywood singer Shaan sir. Then I performed with pankaj udas ji on another platform. I have sung in Beats of J&K &  webseries AZADI.

My idol is one and only SUKHWINDER SINGH JI. I was only in classical when I began, along with auditions I started Sufi, bollywood, romantic, gazals & recently I have recorded a Marathi song Deva Kalaji(Ajay-Atul) with Sarhad Music Production.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

My upcoming project is a dogri Album & I’m going to sing for another bollywood webseries very soon. I have recorded some Bhaderwahi & kashmiri Songs with different productions Hope will release soon.


The scope of singing is gradually increasing day by day but still it’s not that much which is needed. We don’t have our own industry that much developed that we can complete with another industry. Our artists need support from the government to make the actual value of an artist.


Emerging To Be Voice Of Modern Choice TOUQIR ALI.

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AJAZ HUSSAIN Is Inspiration From J&K

Exclusive Story  – Admin

Work is not only a blessing imparted to Kind souls but it help to Enhance a positive impact in society, there are very few people who besides having busy schedule manage time for others ,it indicates kindness, sympathy and Soul purification. To Help others, listen to other problems, try to reach them directly and indirectly. We keep shearing such kind stories to you in this special segment that bring out Glory and generosity of Real Hero’s, who are creating an incredible impact with their Helping hand nature.

Story of Ajaz Hussain is full of inspiring temptation and Sublime X Factor.Ajaz Hussain hailing from Bhatyas District Doda of Jammu and Kashmir is serving Society as Social worker and also Chairman of All india Anti corruption and charitable trust who make sure to reach maximum people and also make this society Corruption Free,that every intellectual human Citizen dreams.

Well Ajaz Ahmed so far has reached thousands of People in His own town and also out side. Hero’s are not made they are born, Born to Discover and Explore, Born for a change, Born to make it large it suits his personality .His determination towards youth and women empowerment is remarkable. The Mission against drugs is one of key feature in it that makes him more responsible towards Service of Nation.

Ajaz Hussain keep working in area of Bhatyas,the beautiful part of Bhalessa jammu and kashmir which is know for his spiritual culture and land of Pure people. One of the best Social worker of Jammu region who being sublime keep working for betterment of Needy People.

The art of Social work is an immense Platform⁷ designed by a Kind heart craft. Anti Corruption Policy that makes sure not to take not to give, not to endorse any kind of Corruption weather it is Financial or moral Corruption. But People like Ajaz Hussain make sure that any deserving person may get its results. His efforts and excellency is worth appreciated and society expects more better things from him in Future.


AJAZ HUSSAIN Is Inspiration From J&K

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Shreom Communications & Solutions Managed Events For “Uprise Grrow” & “Pujya Divine Spiritual & Wellness Awards”

“WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” organized various Events in a day on 19th May at Hotel Fern. These events were managed by “ShreOM Communications & Solutions”.

The day started with Keynote speech “Multiplying your own money” by Alpa Shah Powered & Presented  by “Uprise Grrow” along with Knowledge Partner “Empower Education”. A panel discussion was organized with Anju D’Souza (Investor), Kusum Bhatia (Owner of Shyam Bhatia Salon”) and Prashant Trivedi (Advisor of “Uprise Grrow”) which was moderated by Alpa Shah.

Later, Business Conclave was organized where stage presentations were conducted by Rahul Modi (Owner of “Sapphire Organic Foods”), Seema Trivedi (Founder of “Uprise Grrow”) and Chandni Modi (Owner of “Majesttic Interriors”).

Chief Keynote Speaker for the Event was Financial Educationist Rtn Alpa Shah (Founder – “Empower Education”, Author, Social Entrepreneur and Managing Trustee of “Freedom Foundation”) who shared insights on “Financial Freedom”.

“WEE & Empower Education” collaboratively launched certification course on “Strategies for Business Growth” for Entrepreneurs which would commence on 27th July.

Later part of the day, “Pujya Divine Wellness and Spiritual Awards & Conclave” was organized which was Presented by Dr. Pooja B Verma (Founder – “Pujya Divine”, Social Activist & Spiritual Influencer, Green Peace Ambassador, International Motivational Speaker & Youth Icon). During Wellness Conclave, Neelam Kumar (Best Selling Author of 11 books & Life Skills Coach, Corporate Advisory Board Member of WEE) spoke on “What Can I do to avoid Cancer”. Another talk was conducted on “Music as Spiritual Therapy” by Dr. Mamata Mishra (Founder of “Kalinga Kala Kendra”, who is also a Classical Artist & Spiritual Therapist).

One-on-one Networking were part of the Forum throughout the day followed-by Networking Lunch & Hi-Tea.

The Honourable Jury Members for “Pujya Divine Wellness & Spiritual Awards were “Neelam Kumar”, “Dr. Mamata Mishra” and “Sima Babani” ” (“Colourista”, Image consultant & Occult Science Specialist (Vastu , Astro, Numerology)

Esteemed Guest of Honors who witnessed the Event by “Uprise Grrow” in the morning were “Ms. Nandita Puri” (Writer, Journalist and Columnist, Chairperson, Om Puri Foundation, Corporate Advisory – WEE); Bidisha Ghosh Sharma, (Actor, Writer, Poet, Painter, Home baker, Acted as a role of Teji in “Katha-Ankahee” for Sony TV); Mr. Krishnendu Sen & Mrs. Kajal Sen (Directors of “Katha Media” Group) and “Moonmoon Mukherjee” (Founder of P3 Sports Management Co., President of C.A.R.E Foundation, International TT player, Current National Champion)

Esteemed Guest of Honors who presented “Pujya Divine Wellness & Spiritual Awards” were Dr. Jyoti Jhangiani (International Tarot Master, Celebrity Bollywood Astrologer, Astro Numerologist, Reiki Grand Master, Motivational Speaker); Dr Ajay L Dubey (National President “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Charitable Trust”) and Dilshad Khan (Editor-in-Chief of “Mumbai Hulchul”)


Associate Partners for the Event were “Sapphire Organic Foods”, “Uprise Grrow”), “MAJESTTIC INTERRIOR”, “Empower Education”, “Sima Babani, Colourista & Image consultant”, “Kalinga Kala Kendra” and “Polo Enterprises”

Anchor for the Event was “Ruby Bhatia” (TV Presenter, Miss India Canada, and Bollywood Actress) who hosted the Event beautifully.

“Pujya Divine Wellness & Spiritual Awardees” were Disha Mirajkar, (Category – Wellness Products), Chandni Modi (Category – Eco friendly Interiors), Manjusha Ravi Bhaskarwar (Category – MIND SPA WITH APPLIED THEATRE), Rahul Modi (Category – Organic Foods), Rajiv Shah (Category – Master Coach of Mind & Money – Spiritual Relationship), Ruchi Srivastava (Category – Ayurvedic Beauty Care Products), Vanee Jaising (Category – Numerologist & Healing Devices), Dr. Siddiqa Peeradina (Category – Reflexology, Spa, Facials), HR Dhiraj B Bhanushali (Category – Colon Detox Therapy), Dr. Sammeer Arora (Category –  Astrology & Karmic Kundali), Bhav Piyush Babulnath Tiwari Ji Maharaj (Category – Srimad Bhagvat Kathavachak), Sebastian Coutinho (Category – Organic Wellness Products), AKRITI BHARTIA (Category – Transformational Coach), Sonali Dutta (Category – Music Therapist), Sangeeta Mukherjee (Category – Yoga Training Services), Dr Shilpa Bansal Chavan (Category – Alternative Medicine Practitioner), Pooja Agarwal Shaikh (Category – Best Spiritual Wellness Coach), Priya Mukherjee (Category – Jewellery related to Spirituality), Seema Suman (Category – Traditional Handcrafted Spiritual products), Mubeen Moolj (Category – Motivational Speaker & Healer), Shalini Kotian (Category – Vastu), Ashu Shelar (Category – Wellness Coach), Astro Neha Gupta (Category – Face reading, Tarot card reading and Palmistry) and Daris (Category – Holistic Spa)

The event was curated by Chaitali Chatterjee, Chairperson of WEE, who is also Founder of “ShreOM Communications & Solutions” which is into Events, PR, Marketing and Media.

About WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave & E4BM – Enclave for Business Men:

“WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave” and & E4BM – Enclave for Business Men is an interactive forum and Business Community for Entrepreneurs to grow their business together. It offers various platforms to all entrepreneurs to showcase and present their products and services and connects them to clients from different parts of the world through social media, online news portals, e-commerce platform, online and offline events, exhibitions, Networking meets, Fashion shows, Talk-shows, interviews & panel discussions & Business Conclave.

Presently, the platform has 9000+ members in 9 locations – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Assam, Lucknow and Singapore.

WEE’s social media handles:

Facebook Page:


WEE FB group:

E4BM FB group:

 Subscribe our YouTube Channel:

Follow our WhatsApp Channel:


Shreom Communications & Solutions Managed Events For “Uprise Grrow” & “Pujya Divine Spiritual & Wellness Awards”

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I Had Jinx To Rise In City With Harwork – NARINDER SHARMA

Exclusive Story By RAJA SARFARAZ

From Dreams to Reality: The Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of Narinder Sharma


In the bustling world of startups, where dreams often clash with harsh realities, Narinder Sharma stands out as a beacon of perseverance and innovation. His journey from a small-town dreamer to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of inspirational.

Narinder Sharma was born and raised in the village of Punyalla in the Doda district. His educational foundation was laid at Luthra Public School in Jammu, followed by his undergraduate studies at Jammu University. Narinder’s professional journey began in 2016 with a network marketing company based in Jammu. This company was engaged in the promotion of websites and digital courses, presenting numerous challenges along the way.

“I realized how important entrepreneurship was during my time there,” Narinder recalls. “As a small village guy, I had to learn essential skills like communication, public speaking, teamwork, sales, and people skills. This experience changed my perspective on business.”

In 2021, Narinder took a significant step by co-founding his own digital marketing company, M/s Higher Web, alongside his partner Nipun verma. “We worked very hard, building a team of seven people. During 2021 to 2023, we faced a lot of challenges, but we never quit,” he shares. The turning point in his life came when he launched his second company, Glitterworld PR. In January 2024, they secured their first Bollywood project, a song titled “Laute Hai Ram,” featuring singer Udit Narayan and composer Vipin Patwa. This successful project marked a new milestone in Narinder’s career, solidifying his place in the industry.

“It’s not been easy for me, but with the grace of God, everything is going well,” Narinder says with a grateful heart.

Looking ahead, Narinder envisions TechInnovate becoming a global leader in tech solutions. He is also exploring opportunities in sustainable technology and green energy. “The future is about sustainability and innovation,” he remarks with a gleam of determination in his eyes.

Narinder Sharma’s journey is a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, and unwavering perseverance. His story inspires countless aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap and pursue their passions, no matter the obstacles.

As  Narinder sharma puts it, “Success is not just about achieving your goals, but also about inspiring others to achieve theirs.”


I Had Jinx To Rise In City With Harwork –  NARINDER SHARMA

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Madhu Mohit Has Been Working As A Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Dancer, Model By Profession In Mumbai

If you have a strong will to fulfill your dream, it will definitely be fulfilled. Seeing your hard work, the universe itself will help you to fulfill it. Madhu Mohit is working with such a positive thinking. Madhu Mohit is a makeup artist, hair stylist, dancer, model by profession. She also runs Madhus Makeover Studio. Madhu has been working as a beautician for many years and she has the art in her hands that she can make anyone look beautiful. Madhu has not learned the work of makeup, beautician or hair stylist but she has learned it from her years of hard work, dedication and tireless practice. Madhu Mohit has been working in Mumbai for many years. She has done the work of dressing up the actors in Marathi serials “Ghadage Ani Sun ” and ” Dhina Dhina Dhaah”.She has also worked as a makeup artist in India Got Talent.

At present, many people come to Madhu to get the look of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Heeramandi’.

Madhu is famous for India’s number one Male to Female transformation. Madhu Mohit is also an international makeup artist and beautician. People from America Australia, Malaysia and Dubai come to her for makeover. Madhu is so skilled in her work that she can make anyone look like their desired artist or idol.

Madhu Mohit has done engineering but her hobby brought her to this position. Madhu Mohit is not dependent on any name in the makeup world today. She has achieved this position with her hard work and determination. She has been awarded ‘Adarsh ​​Kala Bhushan Samman’ by the Karnataka government for this work. She has been honored with many awards for her work. Madhu’s Makeover Studio located in Goregaon is quite famous. Their makeup in traditional look is the best and no one can compete with them in this work.

Madhu says that if you are fond of something or have a goal, then try your best to achieve it. Practice so much that it becomes a part of your existence. Never think that I will not be able to do it. Your dedication and hard work will definitely make you successful. Focus on your work, have faith in your art, only then you will be able to do something.


Madhu Mohit Has Been Working As A Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Dancer, Model By Profession In Mumbai

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How Foreign Companies Can Easily Set Up Business in India – CA Dunia

Thinking about setting up a business in India? You’re not alone. Many foreign companies are eyeing India’s fast-growing market. But how do you start? Setting up a business in India might seem daunting due to its unique regulations and cultural nuances.

This post will guide you through the essential steps and hurdles foreign companies face when establishing a presence in India. You’ll learn about the key legal requirements, the best business structures, and tips to navigate the local marketplace. By the end of this read, you’ll have a clear roadmap to kickstart your business venture in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Understanding the Indian Business Environment

The Indian business landscape offers a unique blend of traditional practices and modern opportunities. Understanding the intricacies of operating in India can pave the way for foreign companies to establish a successful presence in this dynamic market.

Overview of the Indian Market

India boasts a vast and diverse market with a population exceeding 1.3 billion people. The consumer base is characterized by a mix of cultures, preferences, and purchasing power. Companies entering the Indian market need to tailor their products and services to cater to this wide-ranging demographic. From urban centers with a burgeoning middle class to rural areas with untapped potential, the market offers opportunities across various sectors such as technology, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Expanding into India requires a keen understanding of the local business customs and consumer behaviors. Building strong relationships with Indian partners and stakeholders is essential for navigating the market successfully. Additionally, investing in market research to grasp the nuances of regional preferences and trends can provide valuable insights for developing a robust market entry strategy.

Legal and Regulatory Framework in India

Navigating the legal and regulatory landscape is crucial for foreign companies looking to establish a presence in India. The country has a well-defined legal framework that governs business operations, foreign investments, intellectual property rights, and commercial contracts. Understanding and complying with these regulations is vital to ensure a smooth entry and operation within the Indian market.

Foreign companies need to pay attention to sector-specific regulations that may impact their business operations. From company registration procedures to tax compliance and employment laws, thorough knowledge of the legal requirements is essential for mitigating risks and maintaining a compliant business environment.

By adhering to legal guidelines and seeking expert advice, foreign companies can establish a stable foundation for growth and success in the vibrant Indian market.

Deciding on Business Structure

When foreign companies consider establishing a presence in India, one of the critical decisions they face is determining the most suitable business structure. This choice can significantly impact the company’s operations, compliance requirements, and tax obligations within the Indian market.

Options for Foreign Companies in India

Foreign entities can opt for various business structures when entering the Indian market. The most common options include:

Wholly Owned Subsidiary: This structure allows a foreign company to have full control and ownership of its operations in India. It operates as a separate legal entity, providing limited liability protection.

Joint Venture: Foreign companies can collaborate with local Indian partners through a joint venture. This structure enables sharing of resources, risks, and profits, combining the strengths of both entities.

Liaison Office/Branch Office: These structures are suitable for foreign companies looking to establish a representative office in India to facilitate communication, market research, and liaison activities.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): Foreign companies can also choose to set up an LLP in India, combining the benefits of a partnership and a corporation while limiting personal liabilities.

Tax Implications for Different Business Structures

The choice of business structure in India also has significant implications for tax obligations. Each structure comes with its own tax considerations and implications:

Corporate Tax: Wholly Owned Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures are subject to corporate tax rates on profits earned in India. Understanding the tax implications is crucial for effective financial planning.

Withholding Tax: Foreign companies operating in India need to be aware of withholding tax requirements, especially on payments such as royalties, dividends, or interest to non-residents.

Transfer Pricing: For entities engaged in related-party transactions, transfer pricing regulations apply in India to ensure transactions are at arm’s length prices to prevent tax evasion.

By carefully evaluating the available options and considering the tax implications, foreign companies can make informed decisions when setting up their business structures in India, paving the way for a successful market entry.

Registering a Company in India

Setting up a business in India can be a rewarding venture, but the first step is to understand the process of registering your company in this diverse market. Whether you are a foreign entrepreneur or a local startup, the regulations for company registration in India apply to all. This guide will walk you through the essential steps and documents required for a smooth company registration process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Company Registration

Choose a Business Structure: Before diving into the registration process, decide on the type of business entity you want to establish in India. Options include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company, or Public Limited Company.

Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): The first step in the online registration process is to acquire a DSC for the directors and stakeholders of the company. This DSC is essential to sign the electronic documents during registration.

Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN): Directors of the proposed company must obtain a DIN from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Each director must have a unique DIN for company registration.

Name Approval: Choose a unique name for your company and apply to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for approval. The name should comply with the naming guidelines specified by the Companies Act, 2013.

Prepare Incorporation Documents: Draft the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) for the company. These documents outline the company’s objectives, operations, and regulations.

File for Incorporation: Submit the required documents, including the MoA, AoA, and company registration forms, to the Registrar of Companies (RoC) along with the registration fee. Upon verification, the RoC will issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

Documents Required for Company Registration

Identity Proof: Directors and shareholders must provide a copy of their PAN card or passport as identity proof.

Address Proof: Utility bills, Aadhar card, or voter ID can serve as address proof for the directors and shareholders.

Registered Office Proof: A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the landlord and rental agreement or property deed for the registered office address.

Declaration of Compliance: Directors must declare their consent to act as directors in the prescribed format.

Specimen Signature: Directors need to provide their specimen signature for official documentation.

Registering a company in India involves a systematic approach to ensure legal compliance and smooth operations. By following the step-by-step guide and preparing the necessary documents meticulously, you can establish your business entity successfully in the vibrant Indian market.

Compliance Requirements in India

Navigating compliance regulations is crucial for foreign companies looking to establish a foothold in India’s vibrant market. Understanding the legal framework and ensuring adherence to compliance requirements is key to a successful business operation.

Overview of Compliance Regulations in India

India has a complex regulatory environment that foreign companies must navigate to operate legally within the country. Key compliance areas include company registration, tax obligations, labor laws, intellectual property rights, and sector-specific regulations. Companies must adhere to the Companies Act, 2013, which outlines corporate governance norms, financial disclosure requirements, and compliance procedures.

To operate in India, foreign companies must register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, obtain necessary licenses and approvals, and comply with ongoing regulatory filings. It’s essential to appoint local directors, maintain registered offices, and adhere to reporting timelines to stay compliant with Indian laws. Failure to meet compliance requirements can result in penalties, fines, or even the revocation of business licenses.

Annual Compliance Checklist for Foreign Companies

Foreign companies operating in India must adhere to an annual compliance checklist to ensure smooth business operations and regulatory adherence. The checklist typically includes:

Annual Filings: Submitting annual financial statements, board reports, and other required documents to regulatory authorities within specified timelines.

Tax Compliance: Filing annual tax returns, complying with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations, and ensuring timely tax payments.

Corporate Governance: Conducting board meetings, maintaining corporate records, and following prescribed corporate governance practices.

Labour Compliance: Adhering to labor laws, employee welfare regulations, and ensuring compliance with minimum wage requirements.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Protecting intellectual property assets through patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and safeguarding against infringement.

Staying abreast of regulatory changes, seeking legal advice, and conducting periodic compliance audits are essential for foreign companies to mitigate risks and ensure long-term sustainability in the Indian market.

Understanding Taxation in India

Navigating the tax landscape in India is crucial for foreign companies looking to establish a presence in the country. Understanding the taxation system can help businesses plan their finances effectively and ensure compliance with the law.

Direct and Indirect Taxes Applicable to Foreign Companies

Foreign companies operating in India are subject to both direct and indirect taxes. Direct taxes include income tax, which is levied on the profits earned by businesses. Companies are required to file annual tax returns and pay taxes on their income.

Additionally, foreign companies are also liable to pay indirect taxes such as Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST is a value-added tax levied on the supply of goods and services and follows a destination-based consumption tax system.

It’s essential for foreign companies to stay up-to-date with the latest tax regulations in India to avoid any penalties or legal issues. Partnering with a local tax advisor can help navigate the complex tax scenario and ensure compliance with the law.

Tax Deductions and Benefits for Foreign Companies

Foreign companies in India can avail themselves of various tax deductions and benefits to optimize their tax liability. Some common deductions include expenses incurred for business operations, research and development activities, and employee benefits.

Additionally, the Indian government offers tax incentives to promote investments in specific sectors such as infrastructure, renewable energy, and startups. By taking advantage of these incentives, foreign companies can reduce their overall tax burden and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Understanding the tax deductions and benefits available can help foreign companies make informed financial decisions and maximize their profitability in the Indian market.

Setting Up a Bank Account

Setting up a bank account is a crucial step when establishing a business in India. It’s essential to have a dedicated business account to manage finances efficiently and comply with local regulations. Let’s delve into the guidelines for opening a business bank account in India and understand the importance of having a local bank account for smooth business operations.

Guidelines for Opening a Business Bank Account in India

When setting up a business bank account in India, there are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Generally, the following documents are needed:

  • Incorporation certificate of the company
  • PAN card of the business entity
  • Address proof of the company
  • Identity and address proof of the authorized signatories
  • Passport-size photographs of authorized signatories
  • Board resolution authorizing the opening of the account
  • Additionally, some banks may require specific documents based on the type of business entity and the nature of operations. It’s advisable to contact the chosen bank beforehand to get a comprehensive list of required documents and streamline the account opening process.
  • To ensure a seamless experience, it’s recommended to choose a bank that aligns with the business’s needs, offers online banking facilities, and has a robust presence across the country for easy accessibility.
  • Importance of a Local Bank Account for Business Operations

Having a local bank account in India is pivotal for businesses operating in the country. It facilitates various aspects of business operations, such as:

  • Ease of receiving payments from local clients and customers
  • Smooth handling of payrolls and expenses in Indian currency
  • Compliance with tax regulations and financial reporting requirements
  • Building trust with local suppliers and partners by making payments through a local bank
  • Access to local banking services tailored to the Indian market

By maintaining a local presence through a dedicated business bank account, foreign companies can efficiently navigate the Indian business landscape and establish a strong financial foothold for sustained growth and success.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Hiring Talent and Human Resource Management

In the dynamic business landscape of India, hiring the right talent for your foreign company is crucial for success. The recruitment process for foreign companies setting up in India involves understanding the local job market, cultural nuances, and legal requirements. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Naukri, and Monster India can help you reach a wide pool of skilled professionals looking for opportunities. Engaging with recruitment agencies that specialize in your industry can also streamline the hiring process by tapping into their networks.

Recruitment Process for Foreign Companies

When embarking on the recruitment process in India, it’s essential to craft job descriptions that resonate with local candidates while aligning with your company culture and values. Utilizing social media and job portals to advertise vacancies can attract a diverse range of applicants. Conducting thorough interviews, both in-person and virtually, allows you to assess candidates’ qualifications, skills, and cultural fit. Developing a robust onboarding process ensures that new hires acclimate smoothly to their roles and integrate well within the organization.

Understanding Labor Laws in India

Navigating labor laws in India is paramount for foreign companies to ensure compliance and build a positive employer-employee relationship. Familiarizing yourself with regulations related to wages, working hours, leave policies, and employee benefits is essential. Understanding the nuances of the Industrial Disputes Act, Factories Act, and Shops and Establishment Act can help you create fair and conducive working conditions for your employees. Partnering with legal experts or HR consultants well-versed in Indian labor laws can provide valuable guidance and support in maintaining a harmonious work environment.

Expanding Business Operations in India

Expanding business operations in India can offer exciting opportunities for foreign companies looking to grow their global presence. Here are some essential strategies to consider:

Scaling Up and Opening Branch Offices

When considering expanding business operations in India, one effective strategy is to scale up and open branch offices in strategic locations. Establishing physical offices allows foreign companies to have a local presence, enabling them to better understand the market and build relationships with clients and partners. It also helps in providing better customer service and quicker responses to market demands.

Setting up branch offices in major business hubs like Mumbai, Bangalore, or Delhi can provide access to a pool of talented professionals and a network of potential customers. These locations not only offer a conducive business environment but also allow companies to tap into the diverse talent pool available in India.

Market Entry Strategies for Foreign Companies

For foreign companies entering the Indian market, it is crucial to devise effective market entry strategies to ensure a smooth transition and sustainable growth. Some common market entry strategies include joint ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries, franchising, or distribution partnerships.

Understanding the regulatory landscape and cultural nuances of the Indian market is essential for foreign companies to navigate successfully. Conducting thorough market research, identifying target demographics, and adapting products or services to local preferences can significantly impact the success of market entry strategies.

By leveraging local expertise, cultural insights, and market knowledge, foreign companies can tailor their strategies to align with the unique characteristics of the Indian market. Building strong relationships with local stakeholders and investing in localized marketing efforts can further enhance the chances of market success.

Expanding business operations in India requires a strategic approach that considers the dynamic market landscape, regulatory requirements, and cultural diversity of the country. By implementing effective scaling up strategies and market entry plans, foreign companies can unlock lucrative opportunities and establish a strong foothold in the Indian market.

Learn more about market entry strategies for foreign companies in India


Setting up a business in India offers vast opportunities. The process may seem daunting, but understanding the steps simplifies it.

Register your company, maintain compliance with local laws, and secure the necessary licenses. Choose the right business structure and location to maximize your success.

Stay informed and adaptable in a dynamic market. With careful planning and execution, your venture in India can thrive.

Courtsey : Photos by Edmond Dantès, Karolina Grabowska, Ravi Roshan,  Antonio Friedemann,

Mikhail Nilov, RDNE Stock project

How Foreign Companies Can Easily Set Up Business in India – CA Dunia

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Mumbai Event Company and My Dream India Foundation To Organise Beauty Pageant Show MISS NORTH INDIA 2024 On June 5 2024

Chandigarh – The beauty pageant show ‘Miss North India 2024’ is being organized Chandigarh on June 5. The organizer of this beauty contest is Ram Prasad Sharma.

R.P.Sharma is a garment businessman and has been organizing beauty pageant shows for many years.

He has also organized many beauty shows in Mumbai before this. R.P.Sharma is a resident of Delhi and he has also got full support of his family in this work. Selected participants from more than 25 different cities will participate in the Miss North India 2024 beauty contest. All these participants have been selected through online contest. There will be three rounds inthis beauty contest to be held on June 5, after which the winner will be selected.

The Miss North India 2024 show is being organized under the banner of Mumbai Event Company and My Dream India Foundation. The associates of this beauty show are Puneet Khare of Mayuri Media Works and R.K.Tiwari, of Mumbai Global . The judges of this show are actress and model Mahima Gupta and Jyoti Yadav, Professor Nancy Chauhan, singer Rakesh Kapoor, Shyam Pandey from Fashion Institute.

In the Miss North India 2024 beauty pageant show, the winner will be awarded with a cash prize and a crown. Also, the opportunity to work as a model and actress in Hindi music videos will be given. R.P .Sharma is planning to produce TV serials in the future.

He has been associated with the fashion industry along with business since 1994. He says  that his aim of organizing such beauty pageants is to instill confidence in today’s teenagers  and provide them a platform to advance their career. Miss North India show is not only a  means of showing the beauty of a woman but also a means of understanding and enhancing her intelligence and knowledge. This show has been organized in the scenario and criteria of decency, in which dresses like western, ethnic and saree have been kept. A collection and tableau of new and designer dresses will also be displayed through this show. Miss North India 2024 will see the union of beauty and intelligence. This grand event will be held in Chandigarh for the first time.


Ram Prasad Sharma’s Beauty Pageant Show MISS NORTH INDIA 2024 To Be Held In Chandigarh on June 5 2024

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Renowned Interior Designer Sunita Kohli Joins AAFT School Of Interior Design As Dean Of Industry

Noida: The AAFT School of Interior Design is proud to announce the appointment of the distinguished interior designer, Sunita Kohli, as the Dean of Industry. With this prestigious addition, the school enhances its reputation for providing exceptional education and training in the field of interior design. Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of AAFT, expressed his enthusiasm: “Sunita Kohli’s joining brings a new level of prestige and glamour to our institution.”

Sunita Kohli shared her excitement about this new role: “I am very happy and excited to be part of the AAFT School of Interior Design. It is a wonderful opportunity to share my deep experience in the field with young aspirants. I will ensure that they gain extensive knowledge from my experience.”

To welcome Sunita Kohli, a formal function was organized at the AAFT School of Interior Design. During the event, she was introduced to the entire administration, management, and students of AAFT.

Sunita Kohli is an acclaimed Indian interior designer, architectural restorer, and furniture manufacturer. She has restored and decorated several iconic buildings, including Rashtrapati Bhavan (the President’s House), the Parliament House Colonnade, the Prime Minister’s Office, and Hyderabad House in New Delhi. In recognition of her contributions, she was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1992.

Sunita Kohli has also been a guest lecturer at various prestigious institutions, including Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government Innovations, Emory University’s Carlos Museum and Halle Institute, Colorado College, and the National Building Museum in Washington DC. She has published and presented several papers and books, further solidifying her expertise and influence in the field of interior design.


Renowned Interior Designer Sunita Kohli Joins AAFT School Of Interior Design As Dean Of Industry

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Manoj Bajpayee Promotes New Feature Film BHAIYYA JI At Marwah Studios

Noida: Celebrated actor Manoj Bajpayee, renowned for his versatile performances, visited Marwah Studios for the promotion of his upcoming film “Bhaiyya Ji” at Noida Film City. Reflecting on his longstanding relationship with Marwah Studios, Bajpayee reminisced, “I have thirty years of relations with Marwah Studios. My film Bandit Queen Phoolan Devi was shot here way back in 1993. I have returned several times for the promotion of my other films as well. This is the oldest studio in North India.”

The event generated immense excitement among the students, with hundreds of AAFTians capturing the vibrant atmosphere on their mobile cameras. “Bhaiyya Ji” is a compelling narrative about a man who stands up for his family and seeks revenge for the injustices done to his loved ones.

During the event, Bajpayee engaged with the students of AAFT, answering a multitude of questions not only about his latest film but also about his career, film journey, and various characters he has portrayed over the years. His insights were invaluable for the aspiring filmmakers and actors present.

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, founder of Marwah Studios, congratulated Manoj Bajpayee on his remarkable achievement of completing 30 years in the film industry and the release of his 100th feature film. To honor his contributions, Dr. Marwah presented Bajpayee with a life membership of the International Film and Television Research Centre of AAFT.

The event was a testament to Manoj Bajpayee’s enduring legacy and his profound impact on Indian cinema. The event was supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.


Manoj Bajpayee Promotes New Feature Film BHAIYYA JI  At Marwah Studios

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Film Maker Akash Sagar Chopra’s Documentary WALKING WITH M Wins Four Awards Across The Film Festival Circuit In Europe

Walking With M has been now taken up for distribution in North America

India – May 23, 2024 – Film Maker and Producer Akash Sagar Chopra’s highly acclaimed and award winning documentary, “Walking With M” is a ground-breaking feature and a global documentary event, that has garnered honours at various international film festivals.

The film made with over 1500hrs of archival footage has received the Best Documentary Award (Berlin FFI) at Milan Italy, The Global Peace and Harmony Award at The International Film Festival The Hague, Out-standing Achievement Award at the Swedish International Film Festival, and has also won the prestigious Honorable Mention Award at the Athens International Monthly Film Festival in Athens, Greece.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 37 minutes, ‘Walking with M’ is based on the Walk of Hope 2015 movement, a peace march led by Author and Educationist Mumtaz Ali (Sri M, recipient of the Padmabhushan Award 2020), as he and a group of 100 co-walkers walked from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, in the year 2015.

7-years in making, the film tells the incredible story of Sri M’s ardoulous 7500km journey on foot, emphasizing the change within the individual as a true catalyst for societal change. Told through a gripping narrative, the film covers a journey of 474 days, across India’s di-verse landscape.

Receiving immense praise and acclaim across its screenings in Milan, Athens and across the Euro-pean Film Festival Circuit, the film has also garnered nominations for Best Director of a Documentary, Best Editing of a Documentary, and The Historical Interest Award at Film Fest International (Berlin FFI) Milan, Italy. It has also been selected as a Finalist at the Scandinavian International Film Awards (Cameo Awards Gala).

The documentary has also been selected and screened at renowned film festivals across Asia and other parts of Europe including Film South Asia (Nepal), Paradise Film Festival(Budapest, Hungary),  and The Stockholm City Film Festival and it had its UK premiere with 2 screenings at the prestigious Garden Cinemas in London.

The film also premiered in Fremont, a part of the Bay Area near San Francisco, USA with 3 shows running at a full house capacity back-to-back, with a demand for more.

Closer home, the first Indian screening after the global festival circuit held at The Royal Opera House in Mumbai where the film received a 7-minute standing ovation.

Speaking about the documentary, film maker Akash Sagar Chopra, and CEO of Sagar Pictures Entertainment said, “It’s heartwarming to witness widespread resonance with our documentary. It’s a collective effort offering an immersive glimpse into the Walk of Hope movement. We’re thrilled by its universal reception and global acclaim across numerous countries.”

Sagar Pictures Entertainment, the Indian distribution partner of the film, has announced that the film has now been taken up for distribution in North America. It will also be dubbed in various Indian languages, for community screening tours across various Indian cities.

About Sagar Pictures Entertainment:

Sagar Pictures Entertainment is a media and entertainment company, and a trusted Indian Motion Picture and Television Studio, renowned for its top-rated programming and digital blockbusters.

Emerging from the legacy of the country’s greatest storytellers, Sagar Pictures Entertainment is known for its path breaking and award-winning cinematic endeavors and is a market pioneer in the Indian Media and Entertainment Landscape. Delivering record-breaking Indian Films and  some of the worlds most watched Programming for over 20 years, representing 83% of overall Hindi viewership across India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.


Film Maker Akash Sagar Chopra’s Documentary WALKING WITH M  Wins Four Awards Across The Film Festival Circuit In Europe

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CELEBRATING WORLD DANCE DAY WITH SHAPATH – An Ode To Vows ,Oaths, Resolutions In Mythology Curated By Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra

Presiding Guests;- Padmashri Darshana Javeri , Padmashri Dr Puru Dadheech , Shri Sandip Soparrkar, Kathak exponents Rajashree Shirke ,Shila Mehta Dr Radha Mohan & Mohan (Kuchipudi)

Sponsor – Mahendra Finance

& Anjali Bharatanatyam Research Trust (Regd) 

Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra  known for curating festivals with unique themes once  again  came up with  SHAPATH- An Ode  unto Vows, Oaths, Resolutions in mythology An exploration of cause and effectt to endorse the meanings in the weaving threads  of our mythologies by imaginative ,adventurous choreographers  and Seasoned practitioners of the city on May1’2024 at the Mysore Association Auditorium ,Mumbai .

The momentum  for the celebration  was set  by  Bharata College of Fine Arts & Culture , the   founder Principal of which  is  Dr Sandhya Purecha ,Chairman, Sangeet Natak Akademi. ‘Swarajya’ absolutely  set the prelude to the exploration of SHAPATH  . Vibrant and seasoned  dancers  Chitra Dalvi , Pushkar(Bharatanatyam )  Latasana Devi  (.Manipuri)  and the renowned   Shubhada Varadkar  also the choreographer (Odissi) brought to life  the theme of  ‘Swarajya’  . It  was just the right start to  compliment the  Maharashtra Divas  that  at Mysore Auditorium , sought  to   celebrate the World Dance Day   with a potent  theme of  ‘Shapath’  . ‘Swarajya’ highlighted  the  pledge of freedom taken by Bal shivaji  to fight for freedom , to worship, to speak and live without fear, and a  pledge not to suffer  injustice.

The choreography with experienced  dancers made explicit the scenes  very evocatively. Commencing with the visually  aesthetic and  pulsating    ‘Jadev Jaydev jay ”  what  followed  was Queen Jijamate’s lullaby  . A unique lullaby that sought to awaken the  Bal Shivaji  to  enemies around .  It was such  an  apt  choice of the. Choreographer to havie  it enframed in Manipuri  

The experienced Exponents  depicted  the journey of Shivaji to Chatrapthi Sh ivaji . Highlighting  the strength and sacrifice of  a commander such as Bajirao  Prabhu who  though   critically injured motivated the army to hold fort  until  Shivaji’s safe journey to  Vishalgadh was signaled. The  well  knit performance impacted  within  the capsuled framework stipulated and  higighted that impacting in dance  absolutely  transcends  time . In th e blink of an eye and epoch can take shape  and  the one solo can impact as much as a group because the dance is about the one in all and all in the one.  Kudos to the  choreographer , the team, the  edifice nurturing the city with the aesthetics of fine arts ! 

 The anticipation  in the  fully packed auditorium   was evident  as  Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya  (the founder Principal of  which   is none other than   the  late legendary  veteran  Padmabhushan Dr Kanak Rele,) sought to explore the theme .

A thought provoking choreography  was presented defining Shapath     through strategic  episodes from  Mahabharat by the. Competent ,  imaginative  Principal  Dr Uma Rele  that  stirred  profound questions! 

Why morality  remained  the substance of truth and truth the essence of all morality ? Why   a Bhishma’s commitment to the throne , Draupadi’s humiliation ,Bhima’s loyalty to his brother despite their shortcomings.? The gripping  choreography through probing delved into the morality lacing all actions  defining the Ode to Shapath  through a skillful weaving  of potency of   chosen styles   and a team of vibrant 

dancers – Taamohar Biswas ,Radhika Nair,Mohan Acharya,Jainami Gada, Gauri Ajith, Meera Wagh, Kavya Varma,Urvashi Gupta, Karthika Murugan, Venkateshwari Nadar, Amanda Chetty.  The right choice of performers and the right styles to drape an emotion /character is always crucial to   impacting  and Kudos to  Uma Releji for  the well meditated upon weaving  bringing to life a theme so solendrously!

‘ Bhagirath Shapath  ‘ that followed,  Choreographed by the renowned   veteran –   Kathak Exponent Founder & Artistic  Director   Guru Shila Mehta   was a studied interpretation of the layers of  Bhagavati Ganga’s  descent .Commencing with Gangagayatri Mantra  it mirrored the distinctive touch of the creator . It was interesting on the dance day to also watch the related chemistry and connect of every mentor with their Shishyas  that made Diksha so meaningful . Under the astute watchful eye of  the  Guru the sacred river  came to life  answering the cry of Bhaveeratha .   Guru Shila Mehta’s  talented senior disciples-   Mansi Somaiya, KrutikaSawant, Sumana Sachidananda  were graceful and impacting   in their  subdued yet powerful execution . A very energetically aggressive  contrast to the softness was ‘SHAPATH’  – by dancers with passion & fire in  their hearts,  who had all the audience charged with an infectious momentum through the synergy of    Odiss i ( Sanatan Chakravarty) Kathak  (Aditya Garud )& Bharatnatyam  (Nilesh Singha)  – the city’s very  dynamic male dancers . Determination laced the delineation   of each of the artists . Their intent and conviction and a desire to break through with their signatures  had their  identities  exuding masculine power and grace endorsing   a strong  pledge  to  surpass every challenge  to stand out amidst a sea of human faces Panchali Sapatham , draped in Bharatanatyam style  based on the  lyrics by Tamil nationalist poet  laureate Subramania  Bharati, popularly known as “Bharatiyaar”  was Choreographed  in the signature style of the imaginative  Mentor – tthe experienced choreographer  Smt Jayashree Nair and executed by dedicated dancers – Aarya Kumar,  Adwita Pradeep,  Dhananandini  Rajaruban,  Jasmeet Taak,  Jhassithaa Balakrishna, Namrata Paralkar, Neha Nair,  Saritha Pradeep,  Sashank Shetty, Shrushti Jayaprakash  & Vishesha Adhvaryu.  It  was a  meaningful   exploring of r Draupadi’s Oath  that had the rooted attention of the fully packed auditorium . What enhanced  the  choreography was the  Music by late K Narayana with vocals  by the mellifluos Sri Siva Prasad N N   and   Smt. Sujatha Nair renowned Dancer , daughter / disciple of the Guru   . It was amazing how a chapter unfolded dance to dancer!  

The oath of Panchali  to  the oath of  Parvati  was  just a dance step  away !  The greatest oath always  is the one to love unconditionally  and  Parvati

 proving  her love to become one with Shiva eternally that ultimately  had Amba and Shiva merging as -Sambasadashiva  was what followed . It was visually  etched evocatively   by Dr Piyush Raj andDr Sunil Sunkara with  a deep rooted  commitment to do justice to its pulsating lyrical content penned by the great Master himself –   Padmashri  Puru Dadeech     What  a blessing  indeed  for the  experienced performers to present  the creation in  the witnessing presence of their  Mentor and  creator –  who had not only   penned lyrics  and compoosed it   but also choreographed  it.    It was a task whether to look at the Mentor watching  the disciples or  gather  him  through the  disciples ! 

 From Kathak to contemporary , the dance  and  choice ofsubject changed . World Dance Day it was with a draping of the theme in contemporary dance  by  the exlerienced   intense performer Ammith M L Kumar kumar & Ritika Ochani  – DANCE WORX (TDX )!  A jaw dropping  exploring  it was truly , with ethereal Echoes  in endless corridors   resonating  with oaths  orbiting  in  tunneling  corridors  of time . Excellence followed  excellence  and the sensitive audience  were enthralled by the Yakshagana that followed. 

What a  splendid performance  it was  with Bhasmasura -Mohini  episode in Yakshagana by Ankita Naik  – the disciple of Guru Gopala Ganiga Heranjalu  – renowned Yaksha Guru .   Ankita  as Bhasmasura  was endearing ,adorable   ,a well practised delineation that gathered a flowing spontaneity  developed to bring a laughter ,a smile  that had our hearts go out to the demon … a desire to hug the demon  too at times ! Ankita was complimented by Sapna Thapa  as  Mohini  Majestic and purposive and  intriguing the demon with a body language that bespoke of her  maturity .  Kashish  as Shiva  helped  provide  the reason for the  causal drama .  Bhasmura- Mohini   merited a standing ovation from the  very sensitive audience that made  every reaching out ever so blissful. Two  experienced exponents Dr Sailaja Desai   ( Kuchipudi)and Dr Suman Badami( Bharatanatyam)  came together in the  artistic dimensions  of May1’2024 to gather the descent of the Ganga  to accord salvation to the sons of sagara .. an answer to the penance undertaken by Bhageeratha.  Visually pleasing in white they complimented each other  effectively draping their choreography through Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam Curators of the Powai Fine Arts    that they are  their  acute awareness of each  other’s style  ,their concern with the message highlighted that dance should  seek to express more than impress.  The cry of the Ganga  reluctant to leave heaven echoed in the  turmoil racing within Yashodara by  accomplished  exponent Pallavi Shome, an alumni of Kathak Kendra, New Delhi who very  sensitively  exploredthe great poet  Maithili Sharan Gupt’s-  ‘ Re mann, aaj pariksha teri’ from his work titled ‘Yashodhara’ Inspite of a knee Injury that curtailed her movements with skillful modification of  her own choreography she draped the stirring poem’s intensity  with a  subdued delineation that highlighted her obvious  experience  .  

Curator  Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra and her disciples Ananya Mohan, Lavanyakshi Uchil,Megha Pillai,Mahek Prajapati ,

reached out with three vows  Lord Shiva    urged Parvati to keep . The fact she could not keep it led to the causal  trail of events where  Sati  awakens her Father Daksha Prajapati of  his own  entreaty unto her – Shakthi , to be born as his daughter . His insults and rage has  Sati  reveal her true form as Shakti  and   in a bid to severe the worldly bond between her and her father  she  self-  immolates herself in   fire to the dismay of all present. 

 The choice of music  ,  Indian,Indo-  western,with Synergy of Carnatic swaras came into its own in the  ‘Ardhanareeshwar’ composition penned   by Padmashri Guru Puru Dadheech   . Deftly the  swaras draping lyrics were woven to embrace the Adi Thalam format by the experienced Curator. .

Lata was supported  by  her mature disciples  and the item merited appreciation by the legendary Veteran Guru Shri Puru Dadheech himself.

A stirring ‘Chanakya Shapatham ‘ by Samidha’s Institute of performing arts and her  Disciples –

Madhavi Ghante,Anushree Kumbhar, Lithika Prabhakar, Kanchan Salve, Ranika Pathak, Jahnvi Joshi,   developed the theme  of the day . With maturity using the young talented moulds  Samidha explored  sincerely -Chanakya taking  his oath after being  insulted by  King – Dhanananda in the royal assembly;   His  one thought of revenge  that  had him train Chandragupta Maurya  and finally   his crushing  the Nanda dynasty to  establish the  glorious Maurya Empire.. The scenes    impacted through the carefully worked out choreography using the young dedicated disciples skillfully .

A sankalp  vital in defining a ‘savitri ‘ the  strong woman in every woman , “mai savitri” underlined the obvious  efforts put in by Gayatri Bhat   the tres talented disciple of Guru Ranjana Phadke   . An impacting performance  endorsed her creative acumen . It is this  alone  that takes any artist   far .. with a name  to reckon with amidst a sea of human faces. The growth of this artist i have  observed . An innate pathos that resurges with the cry of humanity   that will have her make a distinctive mark  and have all  absolutely  relate  her name with the style   .  The  all  favourite  of the day seemed Draupadi and  young  ,talented ,dedicated

Krishnabhadra Namboodiri – Disciple of  the committed Guru  Gayatri Subramanian  endeared  herself to  all hearts , with her sensitive exploring of Draupadi .

What a subdued yet strong defining of a well meditated  choreography  , young yet intense  .  Her adherence to the  detailing  prevalent  in the subdued and powerful choreography  of her Guru was remarkable.  A whisper  they say  can be louder than a shout and it is one feature of her Guru  Gayatri Subramaniun   i   always appreciate. The day stretched on and yet  the timeless was experienced  through every reaching out. Jayalakshmi Anand  & Anand Satchidanand .. chaste , intense and  dignified  ,a duo   who never fail to   stir aesthetic hearts  . It was an interesting dimension throughTirunavukkarasars Thevaram padigam – Maathar Pirai.

Shiva fulfilling both vows – that of the Bhakta to see Shiva and Shakti (Kailasa) and his vow to guide his Pasus to realise the Pati  What a command performance  . Such is  the potency of compositions  that to relate  it’s universality  to life through art  , all it takes is to relate to the words waiting in compositions seeking to be draped in chords and yearning to dance into hearts as a message ! 

It was the turn of the rasikas to stretch their feet to participate and  the ‘Movement Metaphor in DMT  an interesting session by Dr. Lata Narayan -a retired Professor from TISS, in the discipline of Social Work did just that . She   had the audience come on to the stage!

It is the bond between the audience  and rasikas that has  kept  tradition alive  through the times Talented disciples of Guru Smt. Alakananda Mukherjee Sanjana Kamble, Vedanti Parab, Vaishnavi Menon, Prakriti Mahapatra, Nidhi Kamble, Sanika,  brought to life their Guru ‘s  choreography  to visually  etch the profound  promise  shared by Radha and Krishna  ..a promise embracing   all that is romance in this world . It was  inspired by Bhanusingha Thakurer Padavali that comprised of Vaishnava verses penned by Rabindranath Tagore   in Brajbuli  and the disciples endeared  themselves to all  with their commitment  and dedication.

Dedicated Saranya Jaselin   performed  Arjun Chaturang – A unique chaturang in Arjun Taal (24 Matra) written by Sunil Sunkara and composed by Advaith Roy  that brought  forth the journey of Arjun upto the moment on the battlefield. Where with Gita as Sakshi   he took  the oath to move forth as the protector of Dharma as Gandivdhari Arjuna.The Mentor is reflected in the shishya .. Sharanya’s execution carried  her dedicated observation and an  awareness . A deep passion  for her dance form and  her respect for those who were instrumental in shaping her talent . Her Guru Padmashri Puru Dadhich  and her  imaginative choreographer/ bhaiya Sunil  was very much mirrored in her evocative delineation . 

The absorbing delineation.

Beautiful  Neha Banerjee  and Akshobhya Bharadwaj    reached out  with Draupathi Shapath  – a part from  ‘Sairandri – the musical’. It was a  dramatic  portrayal by the two  very  seasoned performers  that  evocatively mirrored  the   humiliation  with  realistic  intensity  that had the hearts of the  audience  desire to free the beastly hands tugging at the  highlighted tresses of a beauty in pain. The vow continued to enlarge with Abhishek Rathod -a wonderful contemporary dancer  and teacher   who draped the entreaty and cry of the devotee , anchoring in that faith that trusts the  promise of the Lord unto devotees ! 

Urging an oath from all humanity was Taalmani Pandit Brijraj Mishra Kala Foundation .  The gentle ,feminine grace that is  Dr Anupama Harshal  visually highlighted the necessity of  an oath by every human being  to plant a tree because each tree is  a sentinel, standing tall and proud with roots entwined with stories. The sensitively woven  choreography awakened all to  Trees as being   truly the guardians of serenity, in shades of green .

When it’s the  Maharashtra Divas  – Labour day that you are. Celebrating a World Dance Day , how can one miss out on a Lavani ? Lavanyavati Nilesh Auti   was at his coquettish best with the romance stirrring Item- ‘Hichkee’. 

Debabrata  Pal  had the curiousity of the crowd   as  he synergised  – ‘Dance and painting ‘  The canvas, the dance ,the audience all smiled with Debo who  related to the spirit of the dancer as he blissfully stood gathered  with his creativity in the limelight. The page concluded with the veteran exponent of Kathak Rajashree Shirke  inspiring dancing feet  to  awaken to the connotations of dance  it’s  capacity to link worlds   . She  created  the Tree of life rooted in tradition ,  endorsing the perennial cycle of Diksha  with  a quest go imbibie if only to inculcate  !

” Creativity is reaching out with what is often thought but never so well expressed .It is about seeing the same world but thinking different  because it is not what happens to us but how we react to it that separates us from each other . In that separation is the birth of a new inspiration which when  transformed to a poem ,when draped in lyrics ,when brought to life through gestures becomes a dance unique as ever and timeless in its message  ! ” Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra.

CELEBRATING WORLD DANCE DAY WITH   SHAPATH  – An Ode To Vows ,Oaths, Resolutions In Mythology  Curated By Kalashri Dr Lata Surendra 

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Bollywood Ace Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar Celebrates Dance Day At V Lounge Malad

Bollywood’s renowned choreographer Sandip Soparrkar dazzled audiences at V Lounge and Deck in Malad as he celebrated World Dance Day with a spectacular showcase of talent. The event was a mesmerizing blend of captivating performances and star-studded guests.

Soparrkar, known for his masterful choreography in Bollywood films, took the stage alongside the beautiful actress Shanthi Priya, captivating the audience with their rendition of the timeless song “Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa Toh Nahi.” Their performance was a testament to Soparrkar’s creativity and grace of Shanthi.

Ratan Pratap hosted the dance evening which was enriched with a variety of dance styles, showcasing the diversity of Indian dance forms and talent. Soparrkar’s team delivered stunning performances in Ballroom dancing, Modern dance and Latin Dances. Presenting Tango, Waltz, Salsa, Samba, Hip Hop, Rumba, Paso Doble and more leaving the audience spellbound with their precision and flair.

Adding to the allure of the event, students of Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidhyala presented an exquisite Bharatnatyam dance performances, demonstrating their dedication and skill in preserving India’s rich cultural and heritage, under the guidance of Dr Uma Rele.

One of the highlights of the evening was a performance by students of Vijayshree Chaudhary, the choreographer of the upcoming webseries “Heeramandi.” Their energetic and captivating rendition of a song from the series in Kathak Dance form  left the audience eagerly anticipating its release.

Among the distinguished guests present at the event were Vijayshree Chaudhary herself, whose presence added a touch of glamour and expertise to the evening, President and Vice President of India Fine Arts Council Mr Haresh Mehta and Mr Rajesh Srivastav respectively, who through IFAC had presented the event, and Model Actress Eesha Agrawal, whose support and admiration for the art of dance were evident throughout the event.

Speaking about the significance of International Dance Day, Sandip Soparrkar expressed his gratitude to the Chairman and Managing Director of V lounge and Deck, Dr Ananth Vaidyanathan and explained how the universal language of dance, can transcends barriers and unites people from all walks of life. He emphasized the importance of celebrating dance as a form for self-expression and cultural exchange.

The event at V Lounge and Deck; Malad was a celebration of the beauty, diversity, and joy of dance, showcasing the talent and passion of performers and inspiring audiences to embrace the magic of movement.


Bollywood Ace Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar Celebrates Dance Day At V Lounge Malad

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मिड डे के दिवाली मिलन समारोह में अमृता फडणवीस ने फ़िल्म निर्माता, वक्ता और मियाम चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट की संस्थापक नीतू जोशी को स्मृति चिन्ह देकर सम्मानित किया ।

मियाम चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट की संस्थापक , निर्माता और वक्ता नीतू जोशी को मिड डे अख़बार द्वारा जेड गार्डन, वर्ली, मुंबई में आयोजित दीपावली मिलन समारोह में महाराष्ट्र सरकार के कैबिनेट मंत्री मंगल प्रभात लोढ़ा और अमृता फडणवीस ने नीतू जोशी के सामाजिक कार्यों की सराहना करते हुए स्मृति चिन्ह देकर सम्मानित किया ।

मिड डे के दिवाली मिलन समारोह में अमृता फडणवीस ने फ़िल्म निर्माता, वक्ता और मियाम चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट की संस्थापक नीतू जोशी को स्मृति चिन्ह देकर सम्मानित किया ।

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Unleashed – ON THE ROAD Trailer Revealed By Ram Gopal Varma

On the Road” is India’s first film shot entirely in the Ladakh valley and is set to release in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam languages.

Acclaimed filmmaker Mr. Ram Gopal Varma unveiled the first look posters and trailers of the film “On the Road.” He praised the stunning visual mood and slick look, congratulating the team for their hard work and expressing his best wishes for its success. The film is directed by Mr. Surya Lakkoju, who has collaborated on multiple projects with Mr. Ram Gopal Varma in the past.

Director Surya Lakkoju expressed his fondness for the Western film genre and chose to narrate a simple story within the limitations of his resources, against the breathtaking landscapes of the Ladakh valley.

The male protagonist, Raghav Tiwari, shared his challenges in portraying a complex character, emphasizing his meticulous approach to bringing the role to life, resulting in a satisfying output.

The female lead, Swati Mehra, expressed her excitement about her first film experience, beautifully shot in Ladakh. Despite tough filming conditions with low oxygen levels, she faced health issues during the climax scenes. After seeing the final output, she eagerly anticipates the audience’s reception.

Mr. Ravi Singh, who played a pivotal character, says, “Working on ‘On the Road’ was very different from the other movies I have done earlier. Since there was no bounded script, we developed most of the script on location through rehearsals and improvisation. Although we enjoyed the process, we are anxiously looking forward to a positive reception.

The film is produced under the banner of ‘SPL Pictures’ by Mr. Surya Lakkoju and co-produced by Mr. Rajesh Sharma. It is written and directed by Surya Lakkoju, with cinematography by Gifty Mehra and music by Surbhit Manocha. the production team clarifies, The first copy of the film is ready, and the censor work is in process.


Unleashed – ON THE ROAD Trailer Revealed By Ram Gopal Varma

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Sunny Leone’s Best Performance Has Been In My Film BEIIMAAN LOVE And Krushna Abhishek Is Class Apart In My Current Film FIRE OF LOVE RED Asserted Rajeev Chaudhari

Film trade journalist turned film maker, Rajeev Chaudhari, went into his memory lane and expressed his experiences during production of his films, with Sunny Leone (‘Beiimaan Love’), and with Krushna Abhishek (‘Fire of love RED’).

“Sunny Leone ‘s best performance has been in my film ‘Beiimaan Love’! She used to rehearse the lines a lot and was always ready on the sets, and even today when I watch my film, ‘Beiimaan Love’, I feel so elated seeing her performance in the film and feel all the more thankful and gratified when viewers request me to make a sequel to ‘Beiimaan Love’.

Sunny Leone is no less than any big star of today.” affirmed Rajeev!

When asked about whether she was easy to manage while working on the sets of ‘Beiimaan Love’, Rajeev very happily answered, ”Once Sunny Leone is on board of a film then she is fully immersed into her character and she goes out of her way to work on her looks, costumes etc. I wish her all the best for everything!”

When asked about why Sunny Leone was not repeated as a heroine in Rajeev’s current film ‘Fire of love RED’, Rajeev explained, “I had given the job of direction of my film ‘Fire of love RED’ to my old friend Ashok Tyagi and he liked Payal Ghosh as the heroine opposite Krushna Abhishek and therefore Sunny is not there in this film.”

When asked about Rajeev’s experience with Krushna Abhishek in ‘Fire of Love RED”, Rajeev beamingly replied, “Krushna Abhishek is a golden hearted human being and a great performer – he is totally different in ‘Fire of love RED’ as he plays an angry young man – a psycho killer! Imagine the comedian, laughing entertainer Krushna Abhishek playing a ‘la Amitabh’ type of character without any smile or comedy! Krushna has excelled in our film ‘Fire of love RED’!”

When asked about the rumors of Krushna not co operating with promotions of ‘Fire of love RED’, Rajeev clarified “Krushna Abhishek has loved every frame of ‘Fire of love RED’ and is very much excited and keen to promote our film, but he wants to do it right at the right time – just about ten days before the release date and I agree with him and am not bothered with the gossips about it!”

Producer-Director Rajeev Chaudhari has produced ‘Fire of Love RED’, along with his partners Jagannath Waghmare and Rekha Surendra Jagtap, under Avanti Prajakta Arts, and ‘Fire of love RED’ is written and directed by ASHOK TYAGI.

Krushna Abhishek, Payal Ghosh Kanchan Bhor, Abhijit Shwetchandra, Kamlesh Sawant, Bharat Dabholkar, Amol Bavdankar, Simran Ahuja, Mukesh Tyagi , Shantanu Bhamre etc are part of the cast of ‘Fire of Love RED’, due to be on 24 th November ,2023!


Sunny Leone’s Best Performance Has Been In My Film BEIIMAAN LOVE And Krushna Abhishek Is Class Apart In My Current Film FIRE OF LOVE RED Asserted Rajeev Chaudhari

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Rajeev Chaudhari’s FIRE OF LOVE RED Is A Dangerous Love Story

Film maker Rajeev Chaudhari’s ‘Fire of Love RED’ Is hot like fire!!!

The normal practice of producers in film trade is not to show their film to anybody till the release date is not around but producer Rajeev Chaudhari ( ‘Beiimaan Love’- Sunny Leone starrer fame) has just the opposite attitude ! Rajeev kept a couple of trial shows of his film ‘Fire of love Red’ when the release date is still not locked ! When we asked Rajeev , he very confidently replied “If you are confidant of your product you should not hesitate in showing it to your friends in trade and with this film ‘Fire of love Red’ , I am damn confident that it will click”

A private screening of Avanti Prajakta Arts ‘Fire of Love RED’, was held recently and Veteran film makers Rahul Rawail and Pankaj Parashar loved the film and in their praises termed ‘Fire of Love Red’ as a brilliant and gripping ‘James Hadley ..’ kind of thriller and even others who saw the film were full of praises for the film !

Film producers Rajeev Chaudhari along with his partners Jagannath Waghmare and Rekha Surendra Jagtap asserted “We would like to take a moment to humbly appreciate ourselves for our belief in this project and for taking on this challenge of making and completing this film ‘Fireoflovered’against all odds ! We will not hesitate in shouting out loud with all the modesty and humility about how we’ve made ‘Fire of Love RED’ so brilliantly superb!

Film maker and producer Rajeev Chaudhari added further ‘ I am proud of making ‘Fire of love Red’ today as our entire toilsome, selfless journey of investing extraordinary hard work with our sweat, blood, creativity, time, energy and our own finances as dedicated producers has brought us with well deserving victory and glory! Thank you GOD for helping us in making this film to everybody’s satisfaction…Thanks to Ashok Tyagi for convincing me to listen to his script and for persuading me to invite him (Ashok Tyagi) to  Mumbai from Noida where Ashok Tyagi had settled down !.

Our film ‘Fire of love RED’ is a sure shot winner… everybody was glued to the film in the trial show and the reactions, full of adulations with great applauses, were unanimous.

It is clearly visible that ‘FireofLoveRED’ is going to be loved by all all over!!

Krushna Abhishek is not the usual comedian dancing and laughing type of hero in the film but he is a serious angry young man in ‘Fire of love REd’ being written and directed by Ashok Tyagi!

Payal Ghosh is opposite her and Along with them is Kanchan Bhor , Abhijeet Shwetchandra , Bharat Dhabolkar, Kamlesh Sawant Mukesh Tyagi ,Amol Bawdankar, Shantanu Bhamare and many more… !

‘Fire of love REd’ ‘s music and trailers are out on Zee music channel and is in the process of being cleared with UA censor certificate for release in 2023!

Rajeev Chaudhari is planning to release it in Sept. along with Avantika Patil and Avantika AP Arts !


Film maker Rajeev Chaudhari’s ‘Fire of Love RED’ Is hot like fire!!!

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SK TIWARI – A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey owner of BHARGAV BHAKTI Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

S.K. TIWARI, the visionary owner of “BHARGAV BHAKTI” Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel, is Elated to announce a series of remarkable achievements, solidifying the channel’s position as India’s Premier Destination for soulful heart touching Bhakti Music and Spiritual Content.

In last 20 years, no one has thought to bring the novel idea of promoting sanatan dharma, Bhargava Bhakti has recorded 52 shaktipeeth  & 12 Jyotirling songs with explaining the meaning and importance of each.

Songs on 12 Rashis and Nav Graha is also a unique concept of SK. TIWARI. His vision is to spread the awareness of Sanatan Dharma in the entire society , so that the coming generation shoud know the importance of Sanatan dharma.

Already 50 Thousand Devotees Subscribers have join & making it Grow Day By Day. Channel Growing is Real Unbelievable that Santan Bhakti..

With unwavering devotion and support from its viewers, “BHARGAV BHAKTI” has surpassed the 50 thousand devotees subscribers Making it A  Milestone. The channel’s subscriber base continues to grow rapidly, a testament to the profound impact of its captivating Bhajans and Devional Geets.

A Treasure Trove of 60+ Bhakti Song Live Performances!

“BHARGAV BHAKTI” has successfully organized and streamed over 60 live performances of enchanting Bhakti songs. These soul-stirring renditions, presented by esteemed artists, have resonated with audiences, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and serenity.

Unveiling India’s Rich Cultural Heritage.

Dedicated to promoting the essence of Bhakti through music, “BHARGAV BHAKTI” has become a beacon of India’s rich cultural heritage on YouTube. The channel’s carefully curated content includes traditional and contemporary bhajans, kirtans, aartis, and spiritual Devional discourses, preserving and celebrating the country’s diverse traditions.

S.K.TIWARI- A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey.

S.K. TIWARI the driving force behind “BHARGAV BHAKTI,” is an ardent believer in the power of devotional music to unite hearts and minds. His passion for preserving and propagating the legacy of Bhakti has inspired countless individuals, contributing to the channel’s widespread popularity.

Connect & Devote with “BHARGAV BHAKTI” Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

To experience the divine melodies and stay updated with the latest spiritual offerings, visit “BHARGAV BHAKTI” on YouTube:

SK.TIWARI expresses profound gratitude to all the devotees, supporters, and well-wishers who have played an integral role in “BHARGAV BHAKTI’s” success story. He shares, “The overwhelming response we have received reaffirms our belief in the power of Bhakti music to touch lives and spread positivity. We are committed to continuing this sacred journey with renewed zeal and devotion.”

About “BHARGAV BHAKTI” Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

“BHARGAV BHAKTI” is a renowned Bhakti  Channel on YouTube, devoted to presenting the beauty and essence of Bhakti music in India’s diverse cultural tapestry. Through soulful bhajans, kirtans, aartis, and live performances, the channel fosters an environment of spiritual awakening and harmony.

SK TIWARI – A True Sanatani Visionary on a Spiritual Journey owner of BHARGAV BHAKTI Bhajan Geet YouTube Channel

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Lakkshey Dedha And Ovais Khan To Join Hands For An Ambitious Film On Chandrayaan ?

In the exciting world of cinema, few endeavors match the audacity and innovation of Ovais Khan and Lakkshey Dedha’s collaborative effort to bring the remarkable story of ‘Chandrayaan 3’ to the silver screen. As an ambitious project, this film promises to showcase the awe-inspiring journey of India’s space exploration and the dedicated scientists who made it possible. This write-up takes a closer look at Ovais Khan, the visionary director, and Lakkshey Dedha, the talented producer, as they embark on the cinematic voyage of a lifetime.

Ovais Khan is an emerging name in the film industry, known for his passion for storytelling and keen eye for visual aesthetics. He gained recognition with his debut film, ‘Yaaram,’ which explored the dreams and aspirations of young lovers. Ovais Khan’s fascination with space, combined with his knack for emotional storytelling, made him the perfect candidate to helm a film on ‘Chandrayaan 3.’

Driven by his genuine interest in space missions and the human spirit of exploration, Ovais sought to create a film that goes beyond the technicalities of the mission. He aimed to capture the essence of the project—the determination, the struggles, and the triumphs of the scientists who worked relentlessly to make ‘Chandrayaan 3’ a reality. Ovais Khan’s unique approach to filmmaking promises to offer the audience a deeply immersive and emotional experience.

Lakkshey Dedha, the youngest Mr India who has been making waves in the film and the fashion industry with his aura and appeal. A space enthusiast himself, Lakkshey was instantly drawn to Ovais Khan’s ambitious project. He recognized the need to bring this incredible story to life on the big screen and decided to back the project wholeheartedly.

Apart from his script acumen, Lakkshey Dedha is collaborating with space agencies and experts to ensure the film’s accuracy and authenticity. He also secured access to never-before-seen archival footage, interviews, and behind-the-scenes accounts, which will provide invaluable insights into the ‘Chandrayaan 3’ mission.

‘Chandrayaan 3’ will not just another space film; it is a cinematic celebration of India’s indomitable spirit of exploration and scientific achievement. The movie delves into the challenges faced by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) during the mission’s planning and execution phase. It presents a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster, portraying the dedication and determination of the scientists and engineers who worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles and make the mission successful.

The film emphasizes the human aspects of space exploration, exploring the personal journeys, sacrifices, and triumphs of the scientists and their families. ‘Chandrayaan 3’ also brings to the forefront the importance of collaborative efforts and national pride in achieving milestones in space exploration.

As the production of ‘Chandrayaan 3’ progresses, audiences worldwide eagerly await the chance to witness this extraordinary cinematic feat. Ovais Khan’s visionary direction, combined with Lakkshey Dedha’s dedication to his craft, promises to deliver a movie that not only entertains but also inspires generations to come. ‘Chandrayaan 3’ is much more than a film; it is a tribute to the spirit of human curiosity and the relentless pursuit of knowledge, reminding us all that the sky is not the limit.


Lakkshey Dedha And Ovais Khan To Join Hands For An Ambitious Film On Chandrayaan ?

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Mrs India Inc Beauty Pageant 2023 Under Scrutiny – Allegations Of Favouritism And Lack Of Transparency Surface

# Contestants Demand Investigation

# ” Were threatened to avoid going to press “, says Contestants

# Discrepancies Unveiled in Mrs. India Beauty Pageant 2023 Selection Process

Delhi, August 4,  2023 – A press conference was organised at Press Club of India, Delhi  revealed concerning issues surrounding the overall selection process of Mrs. India Beauty Pageant 2023, Season – 4, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Contestants who participated in the pageant, organized by Ms. Mohini Sharma, gathered to express their concerns about favouritism and lack of transparency in the judging panel. Among the attendees were contestants Prerna Sood from Dubai, Ritu Narain, Jagmeet Kour, Saloni Grover, and Shivika Singh Bais, who travelled from different parts of India.

The Mrs. India Beauty Pageant has always been celebrated for empowering married women and promoting their achievements and talents. However, recent allegations have cast doubts on the credibility of the results, threatening the pageant’s reputation.

Prerna Sood emphasized on the need for independent auditing, contestants scoring from judges, panel, organisation and stringent measures to restore faith in the pageant’s credibility. Ritu Narain voiced the participants demand for an honest and impartial competition also fair judgement. Jagmeet Kour expressed concern over arbitrary scoring, presented supporting pictures which compromises the credibility of the pageant. Saloni Grover stressed the importance of transparency as despite several requests and reminders MRS INDIA INC has failed to provide official receipts for financial transactions, Unfulfilled Commitments of photoshoot and other packages. Shivika Singh Bais urged a thorough investigation into the allegations of favouritism and scrutiny of Udaan fundraiser.

Attendees also received a threatening message and mail for legal action to be taken by the organisation if they seek answers publicly.

However, they also believe that addressing these issues will uphold the pageant’s reputation as a platform celebrating the talent and achievements of married women from all walks of life.

Together, the contestants called for a fair resolution to the matter as despite their various attempts Mrs India Inc has not responded to their queries, hence they were forced to go public and appealed to the organizing committee to implement measures ensuring transparency and impartiality in future editions of the pageant.

Participants, witnesses, and concerned individuals are encouraged to cooperate with ongoing investigations to ensure fairness and integrity in the Mrs. India Inc Beauty Pageant.


Mrs India Inc Beauty Pageant 2023 Under Scrutiny –  Allegations Of Favouritism And Lack Of Transparency Surface

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Our Website And our Editors  does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. It Is By News Source From PR Agency  * Awating Response From The Pageant Organisers

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Inauguration Of KAK’s SALON By Prominent Labour Leader Shri Abhijeet Rane As Chief Guest Of Honor

Kakoli Meghani, owner “Kak’s Salon” – a premium beauty and Spa opened her another branch at Four Bunglows Signal , Andheri West in presence of Shri Abhijeet Rane, Ms. Nandita Puri (Chairperson of Om Puri Foundation) and Chaitali Chatterjee (Chairperson of WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave and President of DWEA – Dhadak Women Empowerment Association.)

Other DWEA  and WEE members who attended the event were Sonu Juvalkar, Uma Modi, Vijaya Chandak, Ami Mehta, Jane Rodrigues, Shivani Zaveri, Ruchi Srivastava, Neena Shetty, Sharmishtha Roy, Neita Bhonsle, Rekha Kalra, Farida Saroshian, Sangeeta Mishra, Manisha Shekhar Asthana, Amrita Mishra, Malaahat Khan and Sachita Kothari

Contact us for appointment:

+91 98212 45565


Inauguration Of KAK’s SALON By Prominent Labour Leader Shri Abhijeet Rane As Chief Guest Of Honor

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Landmark Book On Modi Govt By ICMEI Unveiled In House Of Lords

London, May 20, 2023 – Prominent educationist  Sandeep Marwah has reasons to rejoice. The ground-breaking publication titled “8 years of Modi Sarkar: A Compilation of Achievements” which has taken the Indian diaspora by storm was unveiled by Lord Rami Ranger in the prestigious House of Lords at the British Parliament in London. Authored and brilliantly compiled by Sandeep Marwah, President of International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), this monumental work sheds light on the remarkable accomplishments of the Indian government spanning eight years so far.

The release of this book marks a significant milestone as it represents the first-ever book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be presented within the esteemed halls of the House of Lords. The credit for this commendable feat goes to the dynamic Marwah, whose unwavering dedication and painstaking efforts have encapsulated the comprehensive range of India’s achievements between two hard covers.

Addressing the distinguished guests comprising London’s elite, Lord Ranger expressed his astonishment at the depth and breadth of the accomplishments chronicled within a single book. He acknowledged that prior to its publication, the true extent of India’s progress remained largely unknown, making this book an invaluable resource and reference for individuals seeking to familiarise themselves with the government’s multifaceted endeavours and achievements in various fronts.

Marwah, speaking at the momentous occasion, emphasised the meticulousness employed in compiling the book’s contents. It features a lucid and concise writing style, presented in a point-wise, department-wise format to ensure accessibility and understanding for a diverse readership. Marwah further reiterated his desire for an international release of the book aiming to rectify the misinformation that has often permeated global perceptions of India’s accomplishments.

It may be noted that the first copy of the book was presented to the esteemed former President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, before being officially launched in London. The release of this seminal work is poised to illuminate the immense progress and development witnessed in India over the past eight years, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a deeper appreciation for the nation’s remarkable achievements.

“8 years of Modi Sarkar: A Compilation of Achievements” is set to serve as an authoritative reference for individuals, scholars and policymakers, providing a comprehensive understanding of India’s transformative journey under the able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A book of outstanding value and accomplishment! Happy reading..


Landmark Book On Modi Govt By ICMEI Unveiled In House Of Lords

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After Akshay Kumar’s Padman Another Film On Women’s Problem FART FATA FAT- Evolution Of Think

Indian cinema is slowly becoming more aware, especially towards women. Many films are now being made in Bollywood keeping women in mind. After Akshay Kumar’s Padman, another film on women’s problem ‘Fart Fata Fat – Evolution of Think’ has been produced by Neha Bansal under the banner of N B entertainment. The writer of this film is director Raahul Mouje and the dialogues of the film are written by Neha Bansal, Music Vasu Studio, Lyrics Parveen Dhiman & Harshit Saini, Female singer Vandy Kaur and Male singer  Iqbaal.

Fart Fata Fat – Evolution of Think’ is based on a problem of women which women themselves feel ashamed to mention. When some things are natural, then the people of the society do not see such problems from the right perspective, but through this film an attempt has been made to tell that it is not such a problem that the people of the society misunderstand or the women themselves. feel embarrassed

‘Fart Fata Fat – Evolution of Think’ directed by Rahul Mauje, has been shot in Kaithal, Haryana. Cinematography of this movie is by Ganesh Pawar. Starring Neha Bansal, Karan, Rajkumar Dua, Kanchan Dua, Luv Sharma, Meenakshi Sharma, Garv Sharma, Vatsal Sharma, Amar Ravish, Balbir Tanwar, Raju (Chahat Beauty Academy),Johnny (Mahinder), Karan, Kashish, Jassi, Vandana, Poonam, Bhavna, Yogesh, Vipin, Sanya, Seerat, Maina, Ruhani, Richa, Navya, Pooja, Samridhi, Vanshika, Kiran Verma, Shamser, Lokesh and other leading actors There is a role. The executive producer of this film is Luv Sharma.


After Akshay Kumar’s Padman  Another Film On Women’s Problem FART FATA FAT- Evolution Of Think

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My Dream Of Working With Vikram Gokhale Remained Unfulfilled – Shabana Azmi’s Pain Spilled Over At The Condolence Meeting Organized By CINTAA

‘विक्रम गोखले के साथ काम करने का मेरा सपना अधूरा रह गया’ ! सिंटा द्वारा रखी गई शोक-सभा में छलका शबाना आज़मी का दर्द !

फिल्मी पर्दे के चहेते, अभिनय की खान और दर्शकों के दिल को छू लेनेवाले लीजेंड अभिनेता श्री विक्रम गोखले आज हमारे बीच नही हैं लेकिन उनके द्वारा किये गए अद्भुत अदाकारी के नजराने फिल्मी इतिहास के पन्नों में सुनहरे अक्षरों में दर्ज हो चुके हैं। सिंटा ने हाल ही में दिवंगत विक्रम जी के आत्मा की शांति के लिए मुम्बई के इस्कॉन मंदिर में एक शोक सभा का आयोजन किया जहा पर विक्रम गोखले जी की पत्नी ऋशाली गोखले के अलावा शबाना आज़मी,जॉनी लीवर, सिंटा जनरल सेक्रेटरी अमित बहल,सिंटा खजिनदार अभय भार्गव, संजय भाटिया,स्मिता जयकर, गजेंद्र चौहान,वरुण वडोला,राजेश्वरी सचदेव,रवि झांकल,सुधीर पांडे,दीपक काज़ीर केजरीवाल,अनंग देसाई और सिंटा एग्जीक्यूटिव कमिटी के मेंबर्स मौजूद थे।
डोमिनिक लुकर, जनरल सेक्रेटरी ऑफ फ़िया (FIA) ने एकजुटता दिखाते हुए ग्लोबल यूनियन के पक्ष से कहा कि,” इंटरनेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ एक्टर्स(FIA), परफॉर्मर्स यूनियंस,गिल्डस और प्रोफेशनल एसोसिएशन का 25 देशों में प्रतिनिधित्व करती हैं और हमे खेद हैं राष्ट्रीय पुरष्कार विजेता श्री विक्रम गोखले,सिंटा के प्रेजिडेंट और बॉलीवुड के बेहद प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेता के गुजर जाने का। 
 भारतीय फिल्म उद्योग में एक उत्कृष्ट परिवार से आनेवाले, विक्रम गोखले, अविश्वसनीय रूप से एक प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेता थे, जो अपने उम्दा अभिनय के दम पर भारत और विदेश में मराठी थिएटर के साथ-साथ हिंदी फिल्मों और टेलीविजन में सैकड़ों भूमिकाओं के लिए प्रसिद्ध और सम्मानित थे। अभिनय का खजाना विक्रम गोखले जी, एक्टिंग की एक पाठशाला थे। एक ऐसे अपार सागर थे जिसकी एक बून्द के स्पर्श से ही नई प्रतिभाओं को अभिनय के कई आयाम सीखने मिलते। एक मेहनती और पूर्णतावादी अभिनेता, उन्होंने अपनी प्रतिभा को बेहतरीन शिल्प के लिए तराशा, शानदार प्रदर्शन दिया जो आने वाले समय के लिए सभी की याद में रहेगा।
विक्रम गोखले, एक दृढ़ सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता और एक निस्वार्थ इंसान भी थे, जो अपना अधिकांश समय और संसाधन जरूरतमंद लोगों और साथी कलाकारों की मदद करने में लगा देते थे। सिंटा प्रेजिडेंट होने की वजह से वो सिंटा के हर एक प्रतिनिधि के लिए आदर्श थे और रहेंगे। उनके दूरदर्शी नेतृत्व में, CINTAA वास्तव में एक समावेशी और प्रतिनिधि संघ बन गया है, जो भारत में सभी कलाकारों को उनके हक और अधिकार के लिए हमेशा बंधित और कार्यरत रहते हैं।
सिंटा के जनरल सेक्रेटरी अमित बहल ने कहा, ”विक्रम जी ने हमारी इंडस्ट्री पर एक गहरी छाप छोड़ी है।सिंटा के अध्यक्ष के रूप में उनके यादगार कार्यकाल में हमने साथ में खूब मस्ती की। वो ऐसी शक्सियत थे जो बहुत सच्चे और सरल थे। विक्रम जी मेरे लिए पिता समान थे। जब मेरे पिता की मृत्यु हुई तो दुख के क्षणों में वह शक्ति के स्तंभ की तरह खड़े थे।  बड़े से बड़े स्टार के भी आगे उन्होंने अपने अद्भुत अभिनय का दम दिखाया। ऐसे महान प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेता को मेरा कोटि कोटि नमन और मेरे ,सिंटा परिवार, विश्व के हर कोने से जुड़े लोगों की ओर से हम विक्रम गोखले जी को श्रद्धांजलि देते हैं। ।”
भावुक हुई शबाना आजमी ने कहा, “जब भी मैं विक्रम गोखले जी से मिलती थी, तो मैं उनसे केवल एक सवाल पूछती थी, “हम साथ में कब काम कर रहे हैं?”  वह हमेशा मुस्कुराते और जवाब देते थे, “जब भी आप कहें।”  मुझे इस बात का बहुत दुख है कि विक्रम जी के साथ काम करने का ये सपना मेरा अधूरा रह गया”।
 एक्टर परेश रावल ने कहा कि,”विक्रम गोखले का नाम अकेले ही मुझे खुशी की एक जबरदस्त भावना देता है। इतना प्यारा, दयालु और सम्मानित आदमी। उनकी उपस्थिति ने हमें सुरक्षित महसूस कराया। उन्होंने कभी किसी बात और काम को किसी पर थोपा नहीं, केवल एक अनुभवी अभिनेता के रूप में हमारा मार्गदर्शन किया। मैंने थिएटर और फिल्म में उनके प्रदर्शन देखे हैं, और उनके साथ काम करना चाहता था, लेकिन मैं मुख्य रूप से गुजराती थिएटर में काम करता हूं, इसलिए हमें कभी भी मंच पर एक साथ काम करने का मौका नहीं मिला। लेकिन फिर, दे दना दन और भूल भुलैया आयी और हमने एक साथ काम किया। उनके पास एक बहुत ही राजसी और तीव्र आभा थी”।
 सुभाष घई ने आगे कहा, “विक्रम गोखले अपने आप में एक संस्था थे। उन्होंने भविष्य की पीढ़ियों को प्रेरित करने वाले अविस्मरणीय कार्यों को पीछे छोड़ दिया है। विक्रम जी एक अभिनेता के रूप में सिर्फ एक प्रेरणा ही नहीं हैं , वह एक इंसान के रूप में प्रेरणादायक थे। भगवान उन्हें आशीर्वाद दें और उनकी आत्मा को शांति दे।”
 विक्रम गोखले, भारतीय सिनेमा के दिग्गज, जिनका 77 वर्ष की आयु में कई अंग विफलता के कारण निधन हो गया, उनकी कई उल्लेखनीय फिल्में थीं, जिनमें हम दिल दे चुके सनम, अग्निपथ, नटरंग, खुदा गवाह शामिल हैं। उन्होंने इस उद्योग में एक शून्य छोड़ दिया है जो हमेशा मौजूद रहेगा।

‘विक्रम गोखले के साथ काम करने का मेरा सपना अधूरा रह गया’ ! सिंटा द्वारा रखी गई शोक-सभा में छलका शबाना आज़मी का दर्द !

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My Dream Of Working With Vikram Gokhle Will Always Remain Unfulfilled – Shabana Azmi At CINTAA Tribute Prayer Meet

A prayer meeting in fond remembrance of veteran Artistes Vikram Gokhle was held at ISKCON Mumbai and was graced by the late actor’s wife Vrushali Gokhle as well as actors of the likes of Shabana Azmi, Johnny Lever, CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl, CINTAA Treasurer Abhay Bhargava, Sanjay Bhatia, Smita Jaykar, Gajendra Chauhan, Varun Badola, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Ravi Jhankal, Sudhir Pandey, Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, Anang Desai, and the CINTAA Executive Committee Members among others.
Dominick Luquer, General Secretary, FIA expressed his solidarity on behalf of the global union. “The International Federation of Actors (FIA), representing performers’ unions, guilds and professional associations in more than 25 countries around the world, mourns the passing of National Film Award winner Vikram Gokhle, President of the Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) and one of Bollywood’s greatest actors of all time.
Coming from a family with a strong foothold in the Indian film industry, Vikram was an incredibly talented actor, celebrated and respected in his country and abroad for hundreds of roles in Marathi theatre as well as Hindi films and television. A hard-worker and perfectionist, he honed his talent to the finest of crafts, delivering stunning performances that will remain in the memory of all for times to come.
Vikram was also a convinced social activist and a selfless human being, spending much of his own time and resources to help people in need and fellow performers. He was and will continue to be a role model for us all. Under his visionary leadership, CINTAA has grown to become a truly inclusive and representative union, working tirelessly to improve terms and conditions of all artists in India and open to the world.
On behalf of our global membership, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his close family, and to our fellow performers members of CINTAA.”
Averred Amit Behl, “Vikram ji has left an indelible mark on our industry. We had great fun together, in his memorable tenure as President of CINTAA. He was someone who was more genuine than genuine can be. On behalf of my entire Executive Committee and the Cine Artistes Welfare Trust, I express how we miss this amazing man, this phenomenal actor and human being who was still a child at heart. He put even the biggest Star to shame when he came into the frame. Such was his persona. Vikram ji was like a father to me. He was a pillar of strength in the moments of grief when my father died. This day is a tribute to him.”
Said an emotional Shabana Azmi, “Whenever I met Vikram Gokhle ji, I used to only ask him one question, “When are we working together?” He used to always smile and reply, “Whenever you say.” I am very sad that this dream of wanting to work with Vikram ji has remained unfulfilled.
“Vikram Gokhle’s name alone brings me an overwhelming sense of happiness. Such a sweet, compassionate and respected man. His presence made us feel safe. He never imposed, only guided us as the experienced actor he is. I have seen his performances in theatre and film, and wanted to work with him, but since I mainly work in Gujarati theatre, we never got the chance to work together on stage. But then came De Dhana Dhan and Bhool Bhulaiyaa, where we worked morning, evening and night. He had a very majestic and intense aura, and that reflected in his interactions with each of us,” said Paresh Rawal.
Added Subhash Ghai, “Vikram Gokhle was an institution in himself. He has left behind unforgettable works that inspire future generations. Vikram ji is not just an inspiration as an actor. He was as inspiring as a human being. God bless him!”
Vikram Gokhle, the stalwart of Indian cinema, who passed away at 77 due to multiple organ failure, had many notable films, including Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Agneepath, Natrang, Khuda Gawah among others. He has left a void in this industry that will always remain.


My Dream Of Working With Vikram Gokhle Will Always Remain Unfulfilled – Shabana Azmi At CINTAA Tribute Prayer Meet

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Yashpal Sharma-Pratibha Sharma Launches 3rd Bollywood International Film Festival With Presscon At Carnival Cinemas

यशपाल शर्मा-प्रतिभा शर्मा ने कार्निवल सिनेमाज में प्रेसकॉन के साथ तीसरा बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल  लॉन्च किया

बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल (बीआईएफएफ) की संस्थापक-अध्यक्ष प्रतिभा शर्मा और अभिनेता-निर्देशक यशपाल शर्मा ने मीडिया मीट में कहा, “एक फिल्म समारोह को नैतिक और निष्पक्ष होने की जरूरत है, और बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल वास्तव में यही करने का प्रयास करता है।”

बॉलीवुड अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव द्वारा प्राप्त 200 से अधिक प्रविष्टियों में से सर्वश्रेष्ठ का चयन अंतरराष्ट्रीय फिल्म निर्माताओं की एक प्रतिष्ठित टीम द्वारा किया गया। चुनी हुई फिल्मे 17-18 दिसंबर तक कार्निवल सिनेमाज मुंबई में दर्शकों के लिए दिखाई जाएंगी।

फेस्टिवल में यशपाल शर्मा की हरियाणवी फिल्म दादा लखमी  की एक विशेष स्क्रीनिंग भी दिखाई जाएगी l दादा लखमी वैश्विक स्तर पर 68 से अधिक पुरस्कार जीते हैं।

प्रतिष्ठित जूरी में अशोक राणे, अमित राय, संदीप शर्मा, फ्रांसीसी अभिनेत्री मरीन बोरबो और बांग्लादेश के तौकीर अहमद शामिल हैं। बीआईएफएफ के सदस्य मोनिका डावर, मिनाक्षी सिंह, दलबीर सिंह, समीर चौधरी, तबस्सुम जहां, अल्पना सुहासिनी, सुनील बैनीवाल, विशाल शर्मा,  तपन पटानी, अनुषा श्रीनिवासन अय्यर के साथ  मौजूद थे।

“हमारा उद्देश्य लोगों को गुणवत्तापूर्ण सिनेमा से परिचित कराना है, चाहे वह फीचर फिल्म, लघु फिल्म, मोबाइल फिल्म या एक वृत्तचित्र हो।” यूएस, अफगानिस्तान, ईरान और कई यूरोपीय देशों की फिल्में इस फेस्टिवल का हिस्सा होंगी जो उद्योग के इच्छुक लोगों के लिए मास्टरक्लास का भी दावा करती है।

यशपाल शर्मा-प्रतिभा शर्मा ने कार्निवल सिनेमाज में प्रेसकॉन के साथ तीसरा बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल  लॉन्च किया

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Yashpal Sharma-Pratibha Sharma Launches 3rd Bollywood International Film Festival With Presscon At Carnival Cinemas

यशपाल शर्मा-प्रतिभा शर्मा ने कार्निवल सिनेमाज में प्रेसकॉन के साथ तीसरा बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल लॉन्च किया

बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल (बीआईएफएफ) की संस्थापक-अध्यक्ष प्रतिभा शर्मा और अभिनेता-निर्देशक यशपाल शर्मा ने मीडिया मीट में कहा, “एक फिल्म समारोह को नैतिक और निष्पक्ष होने की जरूरत है, और बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल वास्तव में यही करने का प्रयास करता है।”

बॉलीवुड अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव द्वारा प्राप्त 200 से अधिक प्रविष्टियों में से सर्वश्रेष्ठ का चयन अंतरराष्ट्रीय फिल्म निर्माताओं की एक प्रतिष्ठित टीम द्वारा किया गया। चुनी हुई फिल्मे 17-18 दिसंबर तक कार्निवल सिनेमाज मुंबई में दर्शकों के लिए दिखाई जाएंगी।

फेस्टिवल में यशपाल शर्मा की हरियाणवी फिल्म दादा लखमी  की एक विशेष स्क्रीनिंग भी दिखाई जाएगी l दादा लखमी वैश्विक स्तर पर 68 से अधिक पुरस्कार जीते हैं।

प्रतिष्ठित जूरी में अशोक राणे, अमित राय, संदीप शर्मा, फ्रांसीसी अभिनेत्री मरीन बोरबो और बांग्लादेश के तौकीर अहमद शामिल हैं। बीआईएफएफ के सदस्य मोनिका डावर, मिनाक्षी सिंह, दलबीर सिंह, समीर चौधरी, तबस्सुम जहां, अल्पना सुहासिनी, सुनील बैनीवाल, विशाल शर्मा,  तपन पटानी, अनुषा श्रीनिवासन अय्यर के साथ  मौजूद थे।

“हमारा उद्देश्य लोगों को गुणवत्तापूर्ण सिनेमा से परिचित कराना है, चाहे वह फीचर फिल्म, लघु फिल्म, मोबाइल फिल्म या एक वृत्तचित्र हो।” यूएस, अफगानिस्तान, ईरान और कई यूरोपीय देशों की फिल्में इस फेस्टिवल का हिस्सा होंगी जो उद्योग के इच्छुक लोगों के लिए मास्टरक्लास का भी दावा करती है।

यशपाल शर्मा-प्रतिभा शर्मा ने कार्निवल सिनेमाज में प्रेसकॉन के साथ तीसरा बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल  लॉन्च किया

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Ajivasan’s ACT With Suresh Wadkar – Padma Wadkar – Sonu Nigam – Vijay Prakash Et Al Explores Art – Commerce And Technology Of Music Ajivasan ACT Takes Music To Newer Heights

Suresh Wadkar’s Ajivasan Music Academy has taken a new initiative to spread awareness and knowledge around Music. The idea is to get music lovers to hear from various music professionals about their journey, challenges, career options and exciting nuances.

Ajivasan ACT is an initiative that aims at highlighting the Art, Commerce and Technology (ACT) of Music.

This event has multiple panel discussions with celebrities and professionals, along with master classes with experts and a thrilling music concert.

Besides Suresh Wadkar and moderator Padma Wadkar, The panelists include Padmashri Sonu Nigam, Vijay Prakash, Shreyas Puranik, Yashraj Mukhate, Mohini Dey, Nirmika Singh, Gauri Yadwadkar, Saaveri Verma, Aditya Dev, Vinayak Netke, Nikita Bharani, Avanti Nagral among others.

The titles, All About Music, Women In Music and Journey Of A Song give a new perspective to music, through the eyes of industry veterans. Siddarth Kannan is the Master of Ceremonies.


Ajivasan’s ACT With Suresh Wadkar – Padma Wadkar –  Sonu Nigam – Vijay Prakash Et Al Explores Art – Commerce And Technology Of Music Ajivasan ACT Takes Music To Newer Heights

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Rajneesh Duggal – Dilbar Arya – Rajveer Singh Feature In Shatakshi Films Songs To Be Shot In The Picturesque Locales Of Norway

Delhi, 28 November 2022 – Shatakshi Films is going a big way to shoot their two special music videos across the beautiful landscape that is in abundance in this European country –  Norway. It is widely known about the bonding of India and Norway and to further strengthen this relationship, that aims at promoting tourism and business between the two countries, this initiative was announced by Shatakshi Films at a press conference that was organized at Aerocity in Delhi, where Ms. Martine of Norway Embassy was present as the chief guest. 

These videos will be directed by Suman Guha and it features Bollywood stars Rajneesh Duggal, Dilbar Arya, Vipin Bhardwaj, Rajveer Singh and Karishma Sharma. One of these songs, ‘Teri Narazi’ is to be immediately shot in Norway, and so will be the other song  ‘Daru Da Drum’ that is a peppy Punjabi-Hindi mix number.

An ecstatic Chief Guest of this collaborative announcement event, Ms. Martine of Norway Embassy remarked, “Relations between Norway and India have always been good. We aim to further strengthen this relationship between us and therefore the Norwegian government is inviting Bollywood as well as all producers and directors for shooting there.”

“Today’s announcement is an important initiative towards strengthening the relationship between Norway and Bollywood. The locations in Norway are panoramic and very beautiful that will also aid tourism,” mentioned Ms Martine. Generally, people think of places like London, Switzerland, Paris and Dubai for shooting songs, now Norway also has an edge with positive response and incentives offered by the Norwegian government to shoot across its great locations across the country.

Bound to kick-start a beeline for this untapped European country, the songs that are going to be shot grandly there, and this will surely see an increase in tourism and trade between India and Norway. The Norwegian government has gone all out to woo the Bollywood filmmakers by providing all the necessary cooperation for shooting there. There are various incentives offered along with all around facilitation to the producers who plan to go there for shooting.

The songs ‘Teri Narazi’ and ‘Daru Da Drum’ that will be releasing thorough a big music company somewhere around the period of Christmas and New Year. What is noteworthy is that our Bollywood artistes would be shooting in minus six temperatures in Norway. Producers of Shatakshi films are looking to go all out to depict the grandeur of these songs that are sure to create a buzz in music industry.

“Our aim is to do full justice to the songs with no holds barred and we want to come up with something that speaks of quality unlike today’s video songs in Bollywood that are just churned out randomly carrying weak content,” added the producers of Shatakshi Films.

Lyricist of these songs is JD that are Composed by Swarat Chakraborty, sung by Swarat Chakraborty and Sukanya Das. Shatakshi films will adopt the tradition of earlier days where each song used to take four to five days and were being shot grandly with a lot of preparations.


Rajneesh Duggal – Dilbar Arya – Rajveer Singh Feature In Shatakshi Films Songs To Be Shot In The Picturesque Locales Of Norway

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TV Star Sharad Malhotra – Director Kamal Chandra And Music Director Rashid Khan’s Music Video TERE HO GAYE Released

SV Dhun comes up with a beautiful song “Tere Ho Gaye” featuring TV star Sharad Malhotra. Composed by music composer Rashid Khan, the song is sung by Yaser Desai. This video was launched in a grand program held in Mumbai. The song is becoming quite popular as soon as it is released.

Darshana Banik is seen in this song along with Sharad Malhotra know for shows like Banoo Main Teri Dulhan, Maharana Pratap, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki and Naagin 5. On the other hand, the voice of singer Yaser Desai, who has sung in many films like Abbas Mastan’s film Machine and Akshay Kumar’s film Gold, is making this melodious song even more beautiful. This song is sung by Deepanshi Tripathi along with Yaser Desai.

SV Dhun Presents Tere Ho Gaye is directed by Kamal Chandra. Its producer is Deepak Kumar, co-producer is Deepa Tripathi, lyricist and composer is Rashid Khan. Let us tell you that music director Rashid Khan is very famous in Bollywood. Rashid Khan has given music for many movies including Nautanki Saala, Raaz 3, Hate Story 2, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, Kar Le Pyaar Karle, Paying Guest, Ishq Ke Parindey, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Jahan Chaar Yaar Mil Jaye and many more hits Albums have been done like sawan Ki Boonde, Piya Re Piya, Dua Kijiye, Man Bawra etc

Composer Rashid Khan said that as the title suggests, Tere Ho Gaye is a soft romantic number that depicts the depth and intensity of love. As beautiful as its audio is, its video is equally heart touching.

Actor Sharad Malhotra told that this is a very sweet romantic song depicting innocent love. The video has been shot in Agra, the city of Taj Mahal. Although it started raining during the shoot but somehow we managed to shoot it, glad the song is getting a good response. It looks like a film song and not an album song.

Its associate producer is Akash Srivastava, channel head Yogesh Kumar Mishra, choreographer Debo Suresh Nair. EP Sourav Chandra, Digital Partner Global Music Junction, Creative Director Ravi Chandra.

Promotion and publicity is being handled by Shabbir Shaikh of Fortune Life Line Media & Entertainment.

TV Star Sharad Malhotra – Director Kamal Chandra And Music Director Rashid Khan’s Music Video TERE HO GAYE Released


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Nad Sham A Thief Who Steals From The Rich And Gives To The Poor Is Talk Of Bollywood With His New Hindi Movie ALPHA VENUS

A multi-lingual actor who is well-rounded and skillful in Hindi, English, French languages will be seen opposite Miss India 2019/ Miss World Runner-Up Suman Rao and Siddhanth Kapoor in his much-awaited Bollywood project “Alpha Venus”

If confidence is the buzzword today, actor & model Actor Nad Sham is definitely in tune with the times. Awaiting the release of his film ‘Alpha Venus’,  he is simply passion personified.

Nad plays the protagonist, the male lead named- Neel (codename: Alpha), who is a master of disguise, a con artist, when asked about the USP of his role, he comments “Uniqueness of the role is that I get to have 3 disguises with unique characteristics and also speak Hindi, English and some French”

“The core of the story is Indians standing for India” says Nad about the film Alpha Venus which deals with a familiar problem in India at the core i.e. corruption and mixes it with elements of action, adventure, comedy so as to be a complete entertainer. Major chunk of the film is shot at the exquisite locations of Mauritius and India

Nad performed his own stunts which was the biggest challenge for him “The action scenes were a bit taxing including having to jump from a bridge, and the tight schedule since we were shooting in winter, we had to adapt to the daylight”

Blame his appealing looks and extraordinary talent, the upfront ambitious actor has triumphed upon the hearts of millions with his stint in a well-loved Hollywood project ‘NSR The Jade’ in which he not only played the the lead role, he also carried his own stunts including driving cars in high-speed chase, piloting a speed boat in the open sea, and standing in a fast-moving helicopter.

Nad recently signed 3 new Bollywood Movies and without revealing much, he has already started shooting for his next Bollywood project in Turkey and Santorini says ” I can’t talk about the project now, however I will let the production disclose more in due course”

Nad Sham  A Thief Who Steals From The Rich And Gives To The Poor  Is Talk Of Bollywood With His New Hindi Movie ALPHA VENUS

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Indian American Filmmaker Mukesh Modi Brings His Hollywood OTT Platform INDIE FILMS WORLD To India With The Launch Of His Web Series MISSION KASHI

The creative genius behind “The Elevator,” starring Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts and Eugenia Kuzmina which won 3 awards – Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. Indian American Filmmaker, Director Mukesh Modi has carved his name on the trophy of Bharat Gaurav Samman Awards for his film “Mission Kashi

“They say, you don’t take a shot (in films)… make a shot”- Award-Winning Indian American Filmmaker, Director and the founder of Indie Films World, Mukesh Modi gears up for his action packet drama web series titled ‘Mission Kashi’ starring an interesting cast of brilliant actors -Yashveer Chaudhary, Sonu Chaubey,  Anirudha Singh, Mamta Rai, Prithvi Zutshi, Sujeet Asthana, Raghvendra Pathak, Arvind Singh, Manish Sinha, Manoj Pandey, Utkarsh Verma, Jay Bharati, Vijay Prakash, Sagar Verma, Aminuddin Khan, Afreen, Sumit Srivastava, Raj Tripathi, Ragini Rai and others which will be released on his OTT platform Indie Films World (IFW).

‘Mission Kashi’ is the result of Mukesh Modi’s long and interesting journey of exploring various departments in the industry while being behind the camera. Modi who is constantly involved in developing new revolutionary experimental thoughts and unique ideas to present Indian films in International frame launched widely successful streaming service—Indie Films World (IFW), a one-stop Over the Top (OTT) Platform for the new world of entertainment in streaming movies, web series, live TV, TV shows, podcasts, and more. IFW is dedicated to providing content that is unique, dynamic, and difficult to find elsewhere. Best of all, members can watch on-demand or select an affordable plan. Indie Films World (IFW) creates a no-nonsense solution for independent filmmakers, but also a portal for the latest and top-rated variety of films for audiences who have grown tired of the same collection of films available on mainstream platforms.

Mission Kashi’s plot revolves around terrorists and terrorists organisations from neighbor country who have always tried to break and disturb India. However, this time they have planned to blow the most spiritual place Kashi. “Mission Kashi” will take audience on an emotional journey when the religion comes between the love, and how the terrorists can manipulate the love. After taking the help from some innocent people, terrorists have challenged the system that intelligent service  can’t stop the blow to Kashi. Who were helping them?What really happened?  To find out  Please watch “MISSION KASHI”  

As a filmmaker who is full of ideas, Mukesh who aims to venture into unexplored realms of film making by experimenting with new themes and subjects explains more about the web series Mission Kashi “I am very happy to launch Indie Films World in India with my web series Mission Kashi. It is a one stop for world entertainment. Indie Films World aims to create a space for Indie Filmmakers so that the platform can bring them more exposure, opportunities & funds so that they can continue to make movies. With increase in demand for unconventional content and with the Indian OTT market growing, we see a great potential” 

D Star Entertainment presents Mission Kashi, produced by Mukesh Modi, Story and Directed by Viivek Srivastava, Co- Producer- Vijay Prakash, Mamta Rai, Pujashri, Writer – Manoj Pandey , DOP- Chandan Singh, Music- Prakhar Lakkhiwal, Editor – Manish Sinha, Costume – Vaisali Navgire.

Indian American Filmmaker Mukesh Modi Brings His Hollywood OTT Platform “Indie Films World” To India With The Launch Of His Web Series MISSION KASHI

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Rising Indie Music’s Karanvir Bohra And Poonam Pandey Single Is Talked About Even Before Launch

Rising Indie Music’s Karanvir Bohra And Poonam Pandey Single Is Talked About Even Before Launch

The papparazi caught up with Actors Poonam Pandey,  Karanvir Bohra and RIM Producer Karan Patel outside Red Bulb Preview theatre watching the screening of the single Tere Jism Se by Rising Indie Music. Also seen were  Executive Producer Vipin Medhekar, Rapper Giri G, Director OkShravan, Dr Anusha Srinivasan Iyer and Music Director duo Aman-Ayaan.


Rising Indie Music’s Karanvir Bohra and Poonam Pandey single is talked about even before launch!!

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Rising India Music’s Karanvir Bohra And Poonam Pandey Single Is Talked About Even Before Launch

The papparazi caught up with Actors Poonam Pandey,  Karanvir Bohra and RIM Producer Karan Patel outside Red Bulb Preview theatre watching the screening of the single Tere Jism Se by Rising Indie Music. Also seen were  Executive Producer Vipin Medhekar, Rapper Giri G, Director OkShravan, Dr Anusha Srinivasan Iyer and Music Director duo Aman-Ayaan.


Rising India Music’s Karanvir Bohra and Poonam Pandey single is talked about even before launch!!

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Dr Swatantra Jain – For A Healthier Tomorrow Let’s Reconnect With Nature

Not even the greatest philosophers ever thought to have a One world One family Vision~ My dream is Medicine free world without hunger :- Dr Swatantra Jain

It’s very well said and believed that we become what we eat & think. It’s the little habits we form in our daily routine that determine the course of our health in the future. Dr. Swantantra Jain’s practice is very simple and doable and habits we can cultivate within the ingredients found in our kitchen. Albeit simple we all have somehow lost the touch and connection with the little things in life. Everything our body requires Mother Nature very kindly provides sadly we have taken them for granted. We are so consumed in following a mechanical life that we have lost the essence of simplicity.

The western world is adapting to our ways such as vegetarianism & yoga whereas we are changing our ways inclined to the western world.

Dr. Swantantra’s main objective is to introduce natural homeopathy all over the world by guiding us to reconnect with nature.

Dr. Swatantra Jain is on the post of Indore City President of International Human Rights Organization and Vice President of Madhya Pradesh State. He has been doing incomparable public welfare work in the field of human rights. Dozens of his books, including Muktiyan and Mukti Shikhar are a source of inspiration.

The dilemma we face today with modern medicine in not unknown. In the name of treatment doctors exploit the patients & as the patients are overwhelmed & vulnerable we fall prey to their myriad of tests & prescribed medicines for which they receive commissions.

Dr. Swantantra reintroduced the simple way of living and aims for the world to benefit by his way of treatment aka Naniji ke nuske.

His advice to people is so simple and easy for instance start your day with gratitude and smile along with two glasses of warm water. Add a few more miles to your daily routine with a light walk. Surya namakar’s 5 to 10 twice a day has monumental health benefits.

He advices to drink coconut water which has panacea for many diseases.

Replacing your morning & evening garam chai ki payali with warm water and a few drops of lemon are small steps to a better living. He suggests to introduce these little things and make them a way of living. Small steps today to a better health tomorrow.

Allopathy and modem medicine is a billion dollar business today and we all are nothing but guinea pigs in the hands of the doctors. Many medicines that are banned in other countries her dumped & consumed in ours. Sad reality of the modern medicine.

Dr. Swantantra advocates that we don’t need to depend on allopathy medicines if we make small changes & adopt to a system of lifestyle with no side effects such as Yogasan, Surya Kiran food , Amrit jal or surya Kiran water therapy, acupressure, biochemic medicines .

He further explains that he his main aim is to have a drug free world for the generations to come and seeks our help in achieving the same by propagandising his noble thoughts far & wide. 

He very strongly believes in his mantra “Reconnect with nature” and exhorts his patients to do the same. All our answers are in front of us amidst the beautiful nature.

By adopting yoga, exercise and a prescribed diet by Dr. Swantantra many of his patient’s diseases have been eradicated from the root.

Dr. Swantantra Jain runs a trust called Muktiyan where treatments are provided pro bono for many patients in India and abroad.

For a better tomorrow let’s raise our voices and support Dr. Swantantra in his noble cause to spread the use of natural homeopathy would wide via social media or word of mouth. Together we can built a stronger and drug free world ..

Dr Swatantra Jain – For A Healthier Tomorrow Let’s Reconnect With Nature

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Sandeep Marwah Honoured In Dubai

Dubai: “It is difficult to get people like Sandeep Marwah who are self-made and spiritual, artist and art promoter, innovative and executer. I congratulate Dr. Sandeep Marwah for his exceptional achievements in media and entertainment industry. His contribution is par excellence,” said Dr. MAC- Munir Ahmed Chaudhry CEO Office of His Highness Sheikh Abdulhakim Almaktoum Investments at Dubai while honouring Dr. Sandeep Marwah with the National Emblem & National flag along with a certificate of appreciation on his visit to the good office of His Highness Abdulhakim Almaktoum.

Dr Sandeep Marwah is the founder of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios, Chancellor of AAFT University, and attained 9 World Records in media and entertainment Industry. He is teacher to 20,000 media professionals from 145 countries of the World. He is the promoter of 7500 events and has been able to attract 3 million people so far to Noida Film City. He is the President of large number of organizations including International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.

“I am so thankful to Dr MAC Munir Ahmed Chaudhry CEO Office of His Highness Sheikh Abdulhakim Almaktoum Investments for honouring me and motivating me to do more in media and entertainment industry,” said Sandeep Marwah Chair for Indo UAE Business and Cultural Forum during his visit to Dubai, UAE.

Jasim A Ahmad Investment Portfolio Advisor, Eng. Hassan Dalati Digital Marketing Engineer of Unlimited Creative Technology, and important people from different segments of life were also present there.

Sandeep Marwah Honoured in Dubai

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Rajesh Bhardwaj Has Shot Advertisements For Many Big Brands And Directed Popular Stars

Born in Mathura. Rajesh is a student of Asian Academy of Film and Television.

From Ajay Devgan to Hrithik Roshan have done writing and directing work.

Mumbai Born in Mathura, RB Rajesh Bhardwaj has become a big name in the advertising world today. Born on 30 April 1982 to Late Shri Rajendra Kumar Sharma and Late Smt. Urmila Sharma, RB Rajesh Bhardwaj started his early studies from Jawahar Vidyalaya, after that he moved to Noida. Completed a course in film making from the Asian Academy of Film and Television. RB Rajesh Bhardwaj has become a big name in the TVC and advertising world today, there will hardly be any artist who has not worked under Rajesh’s writing and direction Rajesh has shot advertisements for many big brands Rajesh has so far shot Lancer Footwear, Paras Elaichi , Green Label, Sachi Saheli, Plasto Water Tank, Kapila Pashu Aahar, Pet Safa, Kesh King, Doctor Ortho and Mayur Josh.

So far, actors like Javed Akhtar, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan, Govinda and Saif Ali Khan have worked under Rajesh’s direction. RB Rajesh Bhardwaj is the star who emerged from the streets of Braj who has dominated the advertising world at a very young age. Rajesh founded his home production Media World in the year 2007 and he is married to Priyanka Bhardwaj.


RB Rajesh Bhardwaj Is A Big Name In The Advertising World

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United Sikhs’ Staff And Volunteers Extend Condolences To The Family Of The Victims Of Kidnapping

Chandigarh, October 10, 2022

This week 4 members of a Sikh family were kidnapped  at gunpoint from a business in central California.  The police identified the victims as Aroohi Dheri, 8 months old, her mother Jasleen Kaur, 27, her father Jasdeep Singh, 36, and Amandeep Singh, 39 as the persons taken. 

Yesterday, Wednesday October 6, 2022, the Merced County Sheriff stated that the victims had been found.   They had been killed and left in an orchard in rural Merced County, in California.  No motive has yet been uncovered but a suspect has been arrested.  Detectives identified the suspect as 48-year-old Jesus Salgado.

We are informed that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) is monitoring this crime.  “We reached out to the DOJ because this is a crime that may fall within the FBI’s jurisdiction but also because this crime follows too many other heinous and random crimes against members of the Sikh community that occur with no apparent motive and which police have not been able to resolve,” states Manvinder Singh, UNITED SIKH’s Director of Advocacy.

“UNITED SIKHS staff members and volunteers offer prayers to the victims and condolences to their families.  We are communicating with police and the Department of Justice (DOJ) seeking a quick response to why this occurred. We are deeply concerned and seek answers on our community’s behalf,” said Manpreet Singh, Director of Communtity Affairs based out of Tracy California.


International Civil & Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA)



United Sikhs’ Staff And Volunteers Extend Condolences To The Family Of The Victims Of Kidnapping

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Karan Johar’s Generosity Helped Maheka Mirpuri Raise More Than 1 Crore In 2 Hours For Tata Memorial Hospital

करण जौहर की उदारता! टाटा मेमोरियल अस्पताल के लिए महेका मीरपुरी को 2 घंटे में 1 करोड़ से अधिक राशि जुटाने में की मदद

कहते हैं कि अगर एक बार इंसान जो चीज करने की ठान ले , फिर उसे पूरा होने से कोई नही रोक सकता। मानव आत्मा में इतनी ताकत हैं कि वो चट्टान को भी हिला सकती हैं ।

 महेका मीरपुरी ने यह साबित कर दिया जब उन्होंने  मुम्बई के पांच सितारा होटल,ताज महल पैलेस में एमसीएन चैरिटी गाला के 10 वें संस्करण के साथ एमसीएन के 10 साल पूरे किए, और टाटा मेमोरियल अस्पताल को सिर और गर्दन के कैंसर के इलाज में मदद करने के लिए दो घंटे की अवधि में 1 करोड़ से अधिक जुटाए।

और बॉलीवुड की सबसे बड़ी हस्ती करन जौहर ने इस नेक काम मे उनका साथ दिया । जिन्होंने वहां की मेजबानी की और महेका मीरपुरी को 2 घंटे में 1 करोड़ रुपये जुटाने में मदद की। करन कहते हैं कि “मुझे यह विश्वास करना अच्छा लगता है कि कुछ ऊर्जाएं खूबसूरती से तालमेल बिठाती हैं,जैसा कि मैं और महेका और टाटा मेमोरियल अस्पताल के बीच हूबहू वैसा ही हुआ। मैं उम्मीद करता हू कि हमेशा इस नेक काम से जुड़ा रह सकू और लोगों की मदद कर सकूं। करन ने अपने अलमारी के बेशुमार कपड़ो की पेशकश करते हुए  MCan चैरिटी के लिए सहयोग करने की बात की।  महेका ने कहा कि वह करन के लिए कपड़े डिजाइन करेंगी और उसे ऑक्शन करवाएंगी।

करन कहते हैं की “मेरे लिए, यह कोशिश और भी व्यापक और भावनात्मक रही है। अपने जीवन में, व्यक्तिगत रूप से, मैंने अपने पिता को कैंसर से खो दिया और तब से, मैंने अपने तरीके से चुपचाप इस कॉज़ का समर्थन करने की कोशिश की है।  लेकिन आज, जब मैंने देखा कि महेका पिछले एक दशक से इतना कमाल का काम कर कर रही है, तो यह जानकर मैं स्तब्ध हो जाता हूं कि एमसीएन सिर्फ एक आंदोलन नहीं है, यह एक अद्भुत पहल है।”

करन जौहर ने एक करोड़ से अधिक की राशि जुटाई ,टाटा मेमोरियल अस्पताल के लिए,महेका मीरपुरी के एमसीएन फाउंडेशन के माध्यम से सिर और गर्दन के कैंसर के रोगियों की मदद करने के लिए तांकि मरीजों को उनकी खोई हुई आवाज वापस मिल सके।

 महेका ने करन को उनके उदार प्रयास के लिए दिल की गहराइयों से धन्यवाद देते हुए कहा कि “आज रात आपने टाटा मेमोरियल के लिए जो कुछ किया है, वह कुछ ऐसा है जिसके लिए मैं हमेशा आपकी ऋणी रहूंगी, क्योंकि जब ऐसे प्रतिभाशाली इतनी सद्भावना और उदारता के साथ अपना सहयोग करते हैं तब हम जैसे लोगों को और बढ़ावा मिलता हैं और ऐसे कार्यों को और शक्ति मिलती हैं। ”

 करण जौहर ने आगे कहा, “टाटा मेमोरियल के डॉक्टरों के साथ स्टेज साझा करते हुए मुझे बेहद खुशी महसूस हो रही है , जो लोगों की जान बचाने का ऐसा अद्भुत काम करते हैं।  उनके प्रति मेरा आभार।”

 महेका मीरपुरी और करन जौहर के अलावा, मधु शाह, रक्षंदा खान, पूनम ढिल्लों, भाग्यश्री, संजय कपूर, इकबाल सिंह चहल, किरण जोनेजा, रमेश सिप्पी, सागर चोरडिया, गौरव घई, हरिंदर सिंह, तहसीन पूनावाला, अशोक वाधवा , परवेज दमानिया, जया रहेजा, सुचित्रा कृष्णमूर्ति, और करण गुप्ता सहित कई अन्य हस्तियां भी यहाँ नजर आयी।

करण जौहर की उदारता!  टाटा मेमोरियल अस्पताल के लिए महेका मीरपुरी को 2 घंटे में 1 करोड़ से अधिक राशि जुटाने में की मदद

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Karan Johar helps Maheka Mirpuri raise over 1.5 crore in 2 hours for Tata Memorial Hospital

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it and for every mountain, there is a miracle.

Maheka Mirpuri proved this when she celebrated 10 years of MCan with the 10th edition of the MCan Charity Gala at the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, and raised over 1.5 crore in the span of two hours to help Tata Memorial Hospital treat head and neck cancer.

“I like to believe that certain energies synergize beautifully, and that is me and Maheka and Tata Memorial Hospital. I hope to come again and I hope to sell many more articles for much more money, all for a good cause.” Offering his closet for the cause, Karan enthusiastically offered to chip in for the MCan charity. Maheka added that she would love to design clothes for him and have him auction the same.

“To me, this endeavour has been even more massive and emotional. In my life, personally, I lost my father to cancer and from then on, in my own way I have tried to silently support the cause. But today, when I have seen what Maheka has been doing for the last decade, it moves my heart to know that MCan is not just a movement, it is a phenomenon,” said an emotional Karan Johar as he raised more than a crore to support head and neck cancer patients, to help them get their voice boxes through Maheka Mirpuri’s MCan Foundation for Tata Memorial Hospital. “It was amazing to see the goodwill of Maheka Mirpuri and the goodness in the room where people were so giving.”

Added Maheka, thanking Karan from the bottom of her heart for his generous endeavour, “What you have done for Tata Memorial tonight is something that I will forever be indebted to you for, because when support comes from such people in power, and people have generously donated, it adds more power to the cause.”

Added Karan, “There’s nothing greater than sharing space with the doctors of Tata Memorial who do such a wonderful job of saving lives. My gratitude to them.”

Besides Maheka Mirpuri and Karan Johar, the others included were Deepa Jagwani, Vandana Jagwani, Sanuj  Birla, Karan Johar, Laveena  and Sajjid Mitha,  Dr CS Pramesh and Dr Devendra Chaukar, Gul Kriplani, Puraskar Thadani, Renu Oberoi, Ajay Kakkar, Hamza Patel, Aftab Patel, Jay Makhijani, Amy Arora Madhoo Shah, Rakshanda Khan, Poonam Dhillon, Soumya Tandon  Bhagyashree, Karan Gupta, Kiran Joneja,  Ramesh Sippy, Sagar Chordia,  Harinder Singh,  Ashok Wadhwa, Parvez Damania, Jaya Raheja, Suchitra Krishnamurti,  among many others.

Karan Johar helps Maheka Mirpuri raise over 1.5 crore in 2 hours for Tata Memorial Hospital

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United Sikhs Seek Commitment From NYPD Hate Crime Task Force To Curb Rising Hate Crime Against Sikhs

Anti-Sikh hate crime incidents increased by 82% in the US.

United Sikhs seek commitment from NYPD Hate Crime Task Force to curb rising hate crime against Sikhs.  

New York, Sep 19, 2022 – United Sikhs team is going to meet New York state authorities to seek their commitment for a solution to stop the rising incidents of hate crime against Sikhs in the state. 

Members of the organization visited a New Jersey resident Balwinder Singh, who was racially abused last month on the way back from New York. A stranger asked him to get out of his truck. He stepped out of the vehicle, assuming that the person needed some help, but the man started attacking him, referring to him as, “You are Bin Laden” and yelling, “Go back to your country”. “He then beat me and broke my jaw and teeth. I was shocked and helpless, bleeding profusely until the NYPD arrived and took me to a hospital,” Balwinder said.

Earlier this month, on September 7, an 82-year-old Sikh was beaten in New York while on his routine evening walk. In July, a 31-year-old Sikh was shot dead in his SUV. In April, a 71-year-old Nirmal Singh was attacked in Richmond Hill, and the assailant attacked two more Sikhs later.

Anti-Sikh hate crime in the US has been on the rise in the last few years. FBI data shows that anti-Sikh hate crime incidents increased by 82%, from 49 to 89, from 2019 to 2020. The increase in violence against the Sikhs is hurting our community across the US.

United Sikhs team members are going to meet with the authorities in New York to seek investigation and prosecution, in the case of Balwinder Singh, as hate crimes are based on nationality or appearance. They would seek from the authorities including the Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes (OPHC) and NYPD Hate Crime Task Force to commit to finding a proactive solution to the problem of the rising pattern of hate crime and biases against the Sikhs community.

“While progress has been seen on legislative fronts in the last year, we are afraid that a deeply ingrained cultural and psychological bias against people, who don’t look like or dress like others requires a proactive policy, intercultural interactions, formal and informal training at different levels,” said Manvinder Singh, Advocacy Director, International Civil & Human Rights Advocacy (ICHRA). “The Sikh American contribution to the US culture, economy, and politics deserve attention in a way that effectively addresses the increasing hate crimes,” Dr. Henok Gabisa, United Sikhs Advocacy Director said.

“Not just Sikhs, members of all communities should feel safe and no one should be racially targeted. As a humanitarian and advocacy organization, we have been taking a multi-pronged approach to address these issues, so that people of any faith can reach out to us in case of racial abuse. As hate incidents against Sikhs in the US have spiked in recent times, our legal teams are seeking a commitment from concerned authorities and working with them to find a solution,” Gurpreet Singh, CEO of United Sikhs said.


United Sikhs seek commitment from NYPD Hate Crime Task Force to curb rising hate crime against Sikhs 

Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Our Website And Editors  does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. It Is By News Source From PR Agency

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Jay Thakkar – From Styling People To Guiding Their Life Through Numerology

After curating mesmerizing looks for celebrity appearances, photoshoots, media interactions, pageants, weddings and working closely with models, and NRI clients renowned fashion stylist Jay Thakkar is also a prominent Numerologist, known to guide individuals, brands and businesses successfully.

A recipient of Mid-Day International Iconic Designer 2021 Award, Best Fashion Stylist 2021 at The Top 25 India Fame Awards and the Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award Films (DPIAF) 2021, Jay has always been a natural empath and it is his concern and consideration towards people that has enabled him to practice both fashion styling and numerology so greatly.

Having the perfect blend of knowledge and compassion, Jay as a numerologist is known to make all his clients feel at ease so that they can freely express all of their difficulties without the fear of being judged. No wonder, it is Jay’s altruistic nature and exceptional understanding of numbers that inspired him to commence numerology and what a journey it has been – helping clients across the continent with reliable solutions in the matters of health, family, love, marriage, property, business, career, launches, mahurats and work-related queries!

Inspiring and motivating every individual on his journey, Jay guides all his clients patiently and makes them understand where exactly they are lacking, and which areas they need to improve on. And with his gentle and calm demeanor, Jay is unique in his ability to work on multiple levels in a very deep and personalized way. Melding the ancient study of numbers with real life practical wisdom, he gives invaluable tools towards reaching one’s potential.

In trying times like these (the post pandemic era) where individuals, businesses and families are surrounded by looming questions, numerologist Jay guides everyone through online and in-person consultations with what’s best for their future and how to work on it to get the most effective results. Meeting clients through appointments only, Jay Thakkar can be reached through his Instagram handle @jayrthakkar

Interestingly, over the years Jay has also earned a well-deserved reputation of ‘The King of Navratri’ and now with his special traits and in numerology, he has been bestowed with the honour of ‘Judge Co-Ordinator’ at Thane Raas Rang 2022, the most awaited event of the nine-day festival of Navratri in Maharashtra.

Jay Thakkar – From Styling People To Guiding Their Life Through Numerology

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Mrs Krishna Sainanee – Director Bharat Sunandaa’s Beautiful Music Video YAKIN Getting Great Response

Singer Mrs Krishna Sainanee’s beautiful music video “Yakin” is becoming popular as soon as it is released on the official channel of KS Films India. The concept of this song is by Bharat Shripat Sunandaa and Deepti Bansode. The song is getting a lot of views and its figure is increasing. The album’s Singer is Mrs Krishna Sainanee’s and rapper are Mr J & SBK. The lyrics of this splendid song are penned by SBK & Mr J, music composed by Minhas Beat. It was recorded at Tune Up Studio Thane. Programming is done by Minhas, SBK, Mr. J. The producers of the album are Mrs Krishna Sainanee and Bharat Sunandaa in association with Trishul Film Company and Content Provider. It’s co producer is Prakash Sarjerao Sadavarte (KS Films India). Bharat Sunandaa has directed this video.

Presented by KS Films India song yakin features Mrs Krishna Sainanee as the lead artist. Also Ummer Khan and Alfiya Sheikh are also seen in the video. Ahan Nagesh Sawant, a child artist in the video, has also done a better job.

Let us tell you that the great film “Future Fight” made by writer and director Bharat Shripat Sunandaa has been very much discussed. Producer Mrs Krishna Sainanee’s film is being highly appreciated in the country and abroad. Soon this film will also be available on the official YouTube channel of KS Films India. You can still see some glimpses of the movie.

Director Bharat Sunandaa said that “Yakin” is a lovely song on a mother’s love and her feelings. Mrs Krishna Sainanee has not only sung this song very beautifully but she has also acted very well in it. At the end of the song, a heart-touching message has also been given by director Bharat Sunandaa.

Mrs Krishna Sainanee told that when director Bharat Sunandaa and Deepti came to her with this concept, the idea of ​​this song was very different, I liked it and hence I associated with this music video.

It is worth mentioning that the producer Mrs. Krishna Sainanee has been the Senior Executive Marketing Officer of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Mumbai.  Director Bharat Shripat Sunandaa has been awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Golden Camera Award 2020.

Let us tell you that this team is coming soon with another experimental song “Saae Jahan Se Acha Fir Se”. Presented by KS Films India, this song is directed by Bharat Sunandaa. This song is being brought out in association with Madhu Gunjan Rabindra Sangeet Music Welfare Association (Mrs. Sharmila Neogi). Produced by Trishul Film Company and Content Provider Bharat Sunandaa, the song is co-produced by Prakash Sarjerao Sadavarte.

Mrs Krishna Sainanee –  Director Bharat Sunandaa’s Beautiful Music Video YAKIN Getting Great Response

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Dr Sandeep Marwah Honoured In London

London: Yes..He’s back again in  news, good news. The inimitable and indefatigable Dr Sandeep Marwah, President of the prestigious Marwah Studios, with nine international records was honoured the other day with most prestigious REGAL BRITISH AWARD by World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) at Royal Society of Arts in  London under the Chairmanship of Abdul Basit Syed and patronship of RT Hon. Chris Philip, Member of British Parliament, for his untiring contribution to education, media and entertainment industry.

The coveted  award was presented by H. E. Anthony Carmona SC ORTT, former President of Trinidad and Tobago and H.E. Erna Hennicot Schoepges, former President of Luxembourg Parliament in a well-programmed function which was attended by dignitaries of more than forty countries spanning across six continents representing different segments of professions and business.

Dr Marwah is the founder of Noida Film City now the fastest growing film city in the world. He is the President of Marwah Studios and founder Chancellor of AAFT University of Media and Arts. Dr Marwah is the producer of largest number of short films & teacher to more than 20,000 media professionals hailing from 145 countries.

Dr Marwah also created an incredible world record during Commonwealth Games in Delhi. He is the promoter of large number of festivals and organiser of 7500 events and has been able to attract 3 million people to film city under film and culture tourism. Dr Sandeep Marwah has been nominated by 67 countries of the world as their cultural Ambassador.

Talking about World Humanitarian Drive (WHD), it’s s an International NGO with operations in 12 countries, founded in Croydon, UK by British Indian global peace activist, entrepreneur, writer, Dr Abdul Basit Syed. The primary vision of WHD is to promote peace, education and trade harmony initiatives globally.

WHD programmes, events, initiatives are focused especially in the upliftment of women, youth, in short most, most vulnerable and minority population.

Well, WHD has made considerable strides to achieve the goal by collaborating with various world leaders, governments, and organisations across the globd to promote oeace, education and trade harmony through various global initiatives and humanitarian activities.

The event was supported by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry & World Peace Development and Research Foundation.

Great going Dr Sandeep Marwah..!!

Dr Sandeep Marwah Honoured In London

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Parvez Damania and Ratan Luth bring you amazing pictures of Pandharpur Wari through the lenses of renowned photographers in India titled The Great Pilgrimage Pandharpur

परवेझ दमानिया आणि रतन लुथ हे भारतातील प्रख्यात छायाचित्रकारांच्या लेन्समधून पंढरपूर वारीची अप्रतिम छायाचित्रे ‘द ग्रेट पिलग्रिमेज, पंढरपूर’ या नावाने घेऊन आले आहेत

मुंबई- ८०० वर्षांच्या श्रद्धेची परंपरा असलेली पंढरपूरची वारी केवळ भारतातच नव्हे तर जगभरात प्रसिद्ध आहे. या श्रद्धेची परंपरा असलेल्या वारीत राज्यभरातील दहा लाखांहून अधिक वारकरी दरवर्षी पावसाळ्याच्या सुरुवातीला २१ दिवसांहून अधिक काळ पायी चालत पंढरपुरच्या विठुमाऊलीच्या मंदिरात पोहोचतात. गांधी टोप्या घातलेले पुरुष, डोक्यावर तुळस असलेल्या कुंड्या घेतलेल्या, रंगीबेरंगी साड्या नेसलेल्या स्त्रिया, दिंड्यांचे नेतृत्व करणारे शूर घोडे, भगवे झेंडे, पालख्या, वीणा, मृदंग, ढोलकी आणि चिपळ्यांचा भक्तिपूर्ण आवाज, फुगडीची उर्जा. पांडुरंगाची भेट होणार या आनंदात ऊन-पावसाची तमा न करता नाचत, गाणी म्हणत पंढरपूरला जाणाऱ्या, रस्त्याने जाताना मोसमातील बिया रस्त्यावर पेरून प्रवास करणाऱ्या साध्या-सोप्या लोकांची अशी ही पंढरपुरची वारी अनेकांच्या आकर्षणाचा विषय आहे.

जात-पात, पंथ, श्रीमंत-गरीब असा काहीही भेद न करता सगळे भक्त केवळ विठुरायाच्या दर्शनासाठी पंढरपुरकडे कूच करीत असतात. अशा या वारकऱ्यांचा हा प्रवास यापूर्वी अनेक छायाचित्रकारांनी कॅमेऱ्यात कैद केलेला आहेच. पण हा संपूर्ण प्रवास फार कमी वेळा छायाचित्रकारांनी कव्हर केलेला आहे.

परोपकारी आणि कला संग्राहक परवेझ दमानिया आणि रतन लथ, देशभरातील नामवंत छायाचित्रकारांच्या लेन्समधून अप्रतिम छायाचित्रांच्या माध्यमातून पंढरपूरच्या वारीचा संपूर्ण प्रवास दाखवणारे ‘द ग्रेट पिलग्रिमेज, पंढरपूर’ नावाने एक प्रदर्शन भरवत आहेत.


“वारी हा पृथ्वीवरील सर्वात प्राचीन आणि शक्तिशाली भक्तीमय प्रवास आहे.  काही वर्षांपूर्वी मी वारीचा प्रवास केला आणि मंत्रमुग्ध झालो. त्या मंत्रमुग्ध क्षणांना सोबत घेऊनच मी घरी आलो. मी सतत वारीबाबतच विचार करू लागलो होतो. मग मी याबाबत रतन लथ यांच्याशी बोललो आणि आम्ही वारीबाबत काय करता येईल याचा विचार सुरु केला. तेव्हाच वारीच्या फोटोंचे प्रदर्शन भरवावे असे आम्हाला वाटले आणि आम्ही त्यादृष्टीने प्रयत्न सुरु केले. आमच्या सुदैवाने आम्हाला सर्वोत्कृष्ट छायाचित्रकारांची एक टीम मिळाली आणि ही छायाचित्रे समोर आणता आली.” असे परवेझ दमानिया यांनी या प्रवासामागील माहिती देताना सांगितले.

प्रख्यात छायाचित्रकार पद्मश्री सुधारक ओलवे, लेन्समन शंतनू दास, महेश लोणकर, पुबारूण बसू, मुकुंद पारके, सौरभ भाटीकर, डॉ. सावन गांधी, प्रणव देव, राहुल गोडसे आणि धनेश्वर विद्या यांच्यासह सिम्बायोसिसचे प्रा. नितीन जोशी, दीपक भोसले आणि शिवम हरमळकर यांनी नामवंत छायाचित्रकारांची एक टीम तयार केली. या टीमने वारकऱ्यांच्या श्रद्धा, दंतकथा, इतिहास आणि परंपरा यांचे हे कालातीत क्षण कॅमेऱ्यात कैद केले. भक्तीरसाची ही झेप यशस्वी व्हावी म्हणून महाराष्ट्र सरकारच्या पर्यटन मंत्रालयाने या उपक्रमाला सहकार्य केले.

२१ दिवसांची पदयात्रा हा काही सोपा प्रवास नाही आणि वारकऱ्यांच्या श्रद्धेची झेप पकडण्याची ही छायाचित्रे काढण्याची यात्राही सोपी नव्हती. उपलब्ध सूर्यप्रकाश किंवा संधीप्रकाशात वारकऱ्यांचे खरे मूड टिपणे सोपे नव्हते. वारकऱ्यांना पोज देण्यासही सांगू शकत नव्हतो. त्यांची प्रत्येक गोष्ट कॅमेऱ्यात टिपणे म्हणजे एक आव्हान होते आणि मानसिक कणखरपणाचा कस लागत होता. या छायाचित्रकारांनी या सर्व गोष्टींवर मात करीत वारीची अप्रतिम छायाचित्रे काढली आहेत. ही फोटो डॉक्युमेंटरी वारकऱ्यांचा प्रत्येक क्षण लोकांसमोर सादर करणारी आहे.” असेही दमानिया यांनी सांगितले.

परवेझ दमानिया आणि रतन लथ यांनी महाराष्ट्र सरकारच्या पर्यटन संचालनालयाच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने तयार केलेले ‘द ग्रेट पिलग्रिमेज – पंढरपूर’ हे प्रदर्शन २७ ते ३० सप्टेंबर रोजी सकाळी १० ते रात्री ८ या कालावधीत पिरामल गॅलरी ऑफ फोटोग्राफी, एनसीपीए येथे सुरु होणार आहे.

परवेझ दमानिया आणि रतन लुथ हे भारतातील प्रख्यात छायाचित्रकारांच्या लेन्समधून पंढरपूर वारीची अप्रतिम छायाचित्रे ‘द  ग्रेट पिलग्रिमेज, पंढरपूर’  या नावाने घेऊन आले आहेत


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Parvez Damania Transforms Passionate Photographers Into Pandharpur Pilgrims With Purpose This World Tourism Day

This World Tourism Day, Art collector Parvez Damania and Ratan Luth bring to you a fabulous photographic capture of the Pandharpur Wari through the lens of some of India’s most acclaimed photographers titled ‘The Great Pilgrimage- Pandharpur’

The Pandharpur Wari boasts of an 800-year-old tradition of faith with over a million pilgrims or Warkaris travelling every year on the onset of monsoon for over 21 days on foot to reach the Vithoba temple.  One witnesses men in Gandhi caps, women in colourful saris with tulsi pots on their heads, gallant horses leading the dindis,  saffron flags, palkis,  the devout sound of veena, mridanga, dholki and chipli, the energy of the fugdi – the beauty of simple people travelling after sowing the seeds for the season  dancing and singing their way to Pandharpur on foot braving the sun and the rains in joy to meet Lord Panduranga.

This flow of humanity in an unparalleled pilgrimage that breaks the barriers of caste, creed, rich and poor, may have been covered in parts but never in its entirety by photojournalists.

 Art collectors Parvez Damania and Ratan Luth bring to you a fabulous photographic capture of the Pandharpur Wari through the lens of some of India’s most acclaimed photographers titled ‘The Great Pilgrimage – Pandharpur’.

“The Wari is one of the most ancient and powerful pilgrimages on Earth. I travelled the Wari a few years back and brought home the mesmeric moments. They haunted my mind and I spoke to Ratan Luth and together we got a team of the best photographers, and walked with the photographers on foot for ten days to capture the essence of the Wari,” elaborates Parvez Damania.

Revered photojournalist Padma Shri Sudharak Olwe, ace Lensmen Shantanu Das, Mahesh Lonkar, Pubarun Basu, Mukund Parke, Saurabh Bhatikar, Dr. Sawan Gandhi, Pranav Deo, Rahul Godse and Dhaneshwar Vidya, along with Prof Nitin Joshi, Deepak Bhosle and Shivam Harmalkar from Symbiosis University formed the team that captured these timeless moments of faith, legend, history and tradition of the Warikars in their frozen frames. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra joined hands to make this leap of faith possible.

The 21-day Padyatra is no easy journey and the yatra to capture the Warkaris’ leap of faith was no easy journey either. “The colourful adventure made each of us mentally strong and fearless but the images that allowed real emotions to come through with the absence of posing and in available light have created an amazing photodocumentary that captures people living every moment,” elaborates Damania.

‘The Great Pilgrimage – Pandharpur’, curated by Parvez Damania and Ratan Luth in association with the Directorate of Tourism, Government of Maharashtra, is on at the Piramal Gallery of Photography as an Art Form, NCPA, from September 28- 30, 10am to 8pm. The launch will be on World Tourism Day, September 27 evening at the gallery.

Parvez Damania Transforms Passionate Photographers Into Pandharpur Pilgrims With Purpose  This World Tourism Day

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Social Events In A Friend In Need Group In Pune Mumbai Rocks In Mumbai

Hello this is Madhu Vohra who is running 2 successful groups in Mumbai and pune in the name of a friend in need and Mumbai rocks which is a social networking platform with lot of professionals and has lot of activities like karoke,  fashion show, house party, social work, business meet, sports,travel and meet ups and gettogether. We encourage more people to join and make our group rocking.

 We do for ppl all over India  too online and offline meet up. Very soon we will start all over the world. Those wanting to join r welcome. Group is for everyone. This is a good platform to bring a smile on people’s face.  You connect with like minded people and make friends for lifetime. 

Our group is a family. People of all ages can join. We all respect each other and are neutral and cordial with everyone. We have a ladies group too where we plan events specially for ladies. Those wanting to join contact madhu at 9372436797 or email at  This group is running successfully for 8 years.

Social Events In A Friend In Need Group In Pune Mumbai Rocks In Mumbai

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Anjum Rizvi – Raghavendra N and Riju Bajaj Trilingual Jai Hind on India’s Forgotten Hero Chempakaraman Pillai on Aug 15

If you ever wondered where the term Jai Hind came up, you need to watch this biopic announced on the life of freedom fighter Chempakaraman Pillai.

On the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day,  Anjum Rizvi Film Co, Anuraag Entertainment and Lifft India Studios announces  Jai Hind, an international feature film in English, a biopic on the life of Dr. Chempakaraman Pillai, the political activist and revolutionary who coined the slogan “Jai Hind”.

Dr. Chempakaraman Pillai conceived the term “Jai Hind” in 1907, which was adopted as the slogan of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army in the 1940s at the suggestion of Abid Hasan Safrani. After India’s independence, Jai Hind emerged as the national slogan of India, being widely used in the nation’s forces today.

After the outbreak of the First World War, Pillai founded the International Pro-India Committee in Zürich. He later merged it with the Berlin Committee, which became the guiding and controlling institution for all pro-Indian revolutionary activities in Europe, contributing to India’s independence.

Pillai was the only one who dared to demand a written apology from Adolf Hitler for his derogatory comments on Indians at that time.

However, even the name Chempakaraman Pillai seems unknown to most Indians today.

The film Jai Hind, based on true events of India’s freedom movement centering around Champakaraman Pillai and other forgotten luminaries, is written and directed by the internationally acclaimed, international award winning director Rajesh Touchriver.

While the main language of this movie will be English, it will also be released in Hindi and other major Indian languages including Tamil.

Anjum Rizvi, Raghavendra N and Riju Bajaj are producing Jai Hind under their banners Anjum Rizvi Film Co, Anuraag Entertainment and Lifft India Studios respectively.

Anjum Rizvi – Raghavendra N and Riju Bajaj Trilingual Jai Hind on India’s Forgotten Hero Chempakaraman Pillai on Aug 15

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ICMEI Mahatma Gandhi National Award for Rami Ranger

Noida: it was an extension of the numerous programs designed by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry to celebrate the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav on the occasion of 75th Independence Day of India at Marwah Studios, Film City Noida when Lord Rami Ranger was invited to the International Headquarters to address the members of the Chamber.  

“We are proud to have with us a distinguished personality from London-House of Lords of British Parliament-Lord Rami Ranger who is a real case study for the people who want to do something in life. From Nothing To Everything: The Inspiring Autobiography of Struggle & Success of Lord Rami Ranger speaks everything about him,” introduced Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios & ICMEI.  

On this very auspicious day We are pleased to honour him with Mahatma Gandhi National Award for promoting Gandhi’s Ideology in the World. I on behalf of Mahatma Gandhi Forum & International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry present this award for his untiring contribution,” added Marwah also Chancellor of AAFT University.  

Rami Ranger was nominated for a life peerage and a seat in the House of Lords in Thersea May’s resignation honours.  Ranger is the Chairman of Sun Mark Ltd and Sea Air & Land Forwarding Ltd. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of West London in July 2016. He was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 2005 Birthday Honours for services to business and the Asian community, and made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire  (CBE) in the 2016 New Year Honours for services to business and community cohesion.  

“I am more than happy to receive this prestigious award on my visit to New Delhi during the celebrations of 75th Independence year of India. Nothing can be more powerful and energetic than this award. I am thankful to International Media Leader Dr. Marwah for this touching gesture,” said Lord Rami Ranger while accepting the award. 

Prominent BJP leader Anand Sahu, Veteran Journalist Kumar Rakesh, A thinker, writer & public speaker on democracy Jitendra Kumar Ojha,  and there were many more people who attended the function. 

ICMEI Mahatma Gandhi National Award for Rami Ranger