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Mrs Sunita Sunil Wadhawan Wins the Title of Mrs India Maharashtra in Beauty Pageant Mrs India One in a Million 2021

* PhD research scholar in Yogashastra

* Founder Director of Yogasutra way of life

* Exponent of Yoga for beauty,  grace and artistic creativity

* PhD Research Scholar in Yoga Acclaimed in National Beauty Contest bagged many titles

Mumbai based Sunita wadhawan now in Nagpur ,director of Yogsutra Way of Life conducting Yoga sessions regularly since nine (9 )odd years ,

completed her PHD in Yoga on Mental health under Professor Madhusudan Penne sir , a very hardworking and dedicated person won the Tittle with many other Tittles to name few

Best Smile” , Best Skin,Glamorous & definitely on top Mrs Maharashtra representing her state, all these titles and credit goes to her Yoga ,that’s what she has to say her super strong family support and her Yoga are the crown holders ,she’s now working towards achieving Mrs World as she  has enrolled for the same for April 2022 ,

To her credit she’s into multiple activities ,visiting faculty Associate Professor in Yoga department for theory and practical yoga in KaviKulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University Nagpur Ramtek .Yoga falicitator, professor ,

and fine artist who has displayed her art at various esteemed places to name few London Roa Art Gallery. Including  Marble  arch  Hotel gallery , Jahangir south Mumbai , Nagpur Airport , and Darda art gallery consecutively three years .

she’s very multidimensional personality , enthusiastic and vibrant person, displaying her skills now and then at Yoga international day with complete painted her body and performing asanasa for three hours , she has to her credit the award on SuryaPutra ( at Akhil Bhartiya under Rajesh Bharadwaj )to perform in one go 1080 ( one thousand and eighty)Sunsalutations in Jan 2021 ,since two years performing live on social media 108 Sunsalutations daily, without any single day of miss .

She’s is very fond of teaching and that is why she took this passion as her profession. She loves to build the beautiful mind of the nation -Her contribution in Ph etri village school in training young & under privellaged children was a huge contribution in 2017-20 .

The Children of Shradhanand orphanage also has been trained and performed Yogasana on international day 2019 along with her in “Beti Padao Beti Bachao”“program ,She has done her double Bachelors in Arts as well as Yoga ,

Her Yogshastra from kavikulguru Kalidas Nagpur and her PhD coursework for two years,part time  from Swami Vivekanand (SVYASA)Bangalore.

According to the students she is very loving and benevolent. She has won the title of Mrs India One in a Million – Maharashtra Season 2 organized with grand success at Hotel Taj Vivanta Dwarka by Prashant Choudhary and Swati Dixit. Celebrities in this show are Aditi Govitrikar, Shikha Sharma (MD Kanti Sweets Chief Guest), Archana Sinha, Sachin Khurana, Rohit Dhingra, Prof. Ambika Magotra, Former Mrs World Aditi Govitrikar, Archana Sinha, Sachin Khurana, Rohit Dhingra, Payal were present. Singh, Anjali Sahni, Prashant Chaudhary judged the beauty pageant. Mrs Sunita Sunil  Wadhawan  is a very hard working lady and is interested in modeling and fashion too .

She loves pets very much possessed two beautiful dogs my daughter(Ms Dristi Wadhawan ) is an inspiration for her,who looks after mentally special children , teaches cancer patients and looks after street dogs.

They both feel , that they should protect them.  It is rightly said “Age is just a number” At the age of almost 48,she participated in the beauty pageant Mrs India One in a Million Season 2, a platform given to housewives to showcase their talents. Mrs India One in a Million Season-2 was organized which this time had 103 contestants as contestants.

The beauty Pageant was organized by Prashant Choudhary and Swati Dixit, founders of Tisca pageant. Mrs. Sunita sunil Wadhawan husband Mr. Sunil Ramlal Wadhawan  has always been supportive in all her ventures ,& this time there was no time to prepare or work on the pageant ,she  accepted the challenge and participated  in the competition to showcase her talent on such a big platform.

having support of  parents & family is her biggest strength , her real struggle is her multiple interest to achieve more and add more feathers to her cap, to make her life more and more accomplished now she stands to show all women that if you believe in yourself and know you can do it then No One stand Against You.

All said the show this time was very different and has been managed post covid-19 with a very select audience after such a long time which in itself makes a commendable work under the leadership of fonder members.

Mrs wadhawan believes in her potential, which she says that everyone who comes to the world has to go but if the people can remember you even afterwards you are gone then you have a meaning to your life. She has many paintings to her collections & now these titles , along with academic support .

Sunita wadhawan is the best example of women empowerment and is very fond of modeling and she enjoys modeling line. The pageant was a gateway to the beauty industry for Mrs. Sunita wadhawan , she loves to explore new ventures. Her dream life is a place where every single child in India should get education & food free of cost. She believes that these beautiful minds are the future of India so we need to spread our vision of education to every corner.

She is very fond of learning new things related to computer, technology and learning different classical forms of performing art and philosophies .Now this is the new journey which she has started by bagging so many titles in Mrs India One in a Million Maharashtra 2021 at the pageant 2021 held at Taj Vivanta Delhi.

Mrs Sunita Sunil Wadhawan Wins the Title of Mrs India Maharashtra in Beauty Pageant Mrs India One in a Million 2021

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Shilpa Gandhi Actress With Artistic Acting Calibre

कौन कहता है कि आसमां में सुराख नहीं हो सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों…! इस कहावत को चरितार्थ कर दिखाया है अभिनेत्री शिल्पा गांधी ने। बचपन से ही गीत संगीत व अभिनय में रुचि रखने वाली शिल्पा ने कभी सपने में भी नहीं सोचा था कि एक दिन ऐसा भी आएगा जब वो भी सिनेदर्शकों का मनोरंजन करती हुई स्क्रीन पर नज़र आएंगी।

हिंदी धारावाहिक ‘दिल से दिल तक’, ‘मस्तानगी’, ‘तारक मेहता का उल्टा चश्मा’, ‘एक हसीना थी’, ‘शुभारंभ’ और बॉलीवुड की चर्चित फिल्म ‘ब्रदर्स’ और रागिनी एम एम एस 2′ में अपने अभिनय का जलवा बिखेर चुकी अभिनेत्री शिल्पा गांधी  मराठी धारावाहिक ‘रंग माजा बेगाला’ व ‘आराधना’ में काम करने के साथ साथ मराठी फिल्म सौ सशि देवधर, शुभ लग्न सावधान, जजमेंट, संघर्षयात्रा, पिकुली, शिवया के अलावा गुजराती फ़िल्म ‘सावज-एक प्रेम गर्जना’, वेब सिरीज़ ‘ज़िंदगी रिसेट’ और ‘समझौता’ में भी काम कर चुकी है।

‘क्राइमपेट्रोल’ व ‘सावधान इंडिया’ के लगभग 200 से भी अधिक एपिसोड में विभिन्न कैरेक्टरों को जीवंत कर चुकी शिल्पा को बेस्टसपोर्टिंग एक्ट्रेस क्रिटिक्स अवार्ड, खजुराहो इंटरनेशनलफ़िल्म फेस्टिवल अवार्ड 2020 और वीमेन एम्पावरमेंट अवार्ड से नवाज़ा जा चुका है। फ़िलवक्त अभिनेत्री शिल्पा गांधी  टी वी शो ससुराल गेंदा फूल सीजन 2 की शूटिंग में व्यस्त हैं।

Shilpa Gandhi Actress With Artistic Acting Calibre

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WEE’s Pre-Festive Networking Meet & Celebrations Organized by Chaitali Chatterjee

“WEE’s Pre-Diwali Networking Meet & Celebrations” was organized in Mumbai on 31st October by by its Founder Mrs. Chaitali Chatterjee who is Chairperson of “WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave”. The Event was ideated and managed by “ShreOM Communications & Solutions”

The idea behind the Event was to promote Women Entrepreneurs by giving them the platform to network with other members and to connect & collaborate with Celebs & Corporate people from different fields.

The Event was inaugurated by Chief Guest, Indian Television Actor & Poet Mr. Rajeev Paul & BJP Spokesperson Mrs. Shweta Shaliniji who was also Chief Keynote Speaker for the Event. Throughout the day there were Expert Speakers, Women Entrepreneurs showcased their exclusive products, followed by entertainment.

The Honorable Guest of Honors for the Event were “Shri Chandrashekhar Pusalkar & Smt. Mrudula Pusalkar”(Grandson & Grand daughter-in-law of Dadasaheb Phalke), “Lucy Roychoudhury”, CEO, Runwal Group Real estate company & Head CRM, “Ms. Rajalakshmi Kameshwar Joshi” (TEDx Speaker, TV Panelist, Political Analyst, Architect, Social Entrepreneur, Regional – Head Beti Bachao Beti Padhao), Social Activist “Mrs. Kajal Rochwani” – Vice President – BJP Mahila Morcha, Versova Vidhaan Sabha and “Leslie Tripathy”, A popular Model, Social Media Influencer & Indian Actress. Amazing number was performed by Ms. Runa Chowdhary, all the way from Bangladesh.

WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave thanks its Associate Partners Cleahyy Products Pvt. Ltd., SRK Consultants along with its Community Partners “Mahila Udyogini Market (MUM Corner)” and “Royal Femme Club”.

The Gifting Partners for the Event were “Saga Handmade & Natural” (Soaps), “Chitshe” (Clothing) “Sandook” Jewelleries and “Fit-Bites”

The Anchor for the Event was Ms. Sulochana Bonulu.

WEE also thanks its Core team members, Meenu Verma, Kamlesh Prajapati, Minki Ghosh, Seema Suman, Satyendra Lahoti, Kamlesh Prajapati and Sanjib Chatterjee.

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Grand Finale of IFTM-Kids organized by Mrs India 2018 Mrs Meenu Verma

“Grand Finale of Iconic Fashionista Top Model IFTM – Kids” was organized in Mumbai on 31st October by Mrs. India 2018, Mrs. Meenu Verma who is Director of IFTM (Iconic Fashionista Top Model) in association with it’s Community Partner “WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave”. The Event was ideated and managed by Chaitali Chatterjee, Owner of “ShreOM Communications & Solutions”

The idea behind the Event was to boost up the confidence of the kids post-lockdown, promote and enhance talents of extremely potential kids and give them platform and opportunity to explore the Entertainment Industry. Finale was participated by top 5 kids who were already screened through 2 rounds prior to the event. First round of Audition was held Online. Second round was talent round which was organized offline last month in Mumbai. There were around 22 kids in Online Auditions and the top 5 kids were finalized among them.

The Honorable Jury for the Event were Mr. Bipin Panigrahi, Actor & Producer (Indian Film Industry), Ms. Maya Mishra, Film and Fashion Choreographer and Mr. Gourav Mishra, Film Director & CEO of “Nauras Fashion Week”.

The Guest of Honors for the Event were Social Activist “Mrs. Kajal Rochwani” – Vice President – BJP Mahila Morcha, Versova Vidhaan Sabha and “Leslie Tripathy”, A popular Model, Social Media Influencer & Indian Actress. Amazing number was performed by Ms. Runa Chowdhary, all the way from Bangladesh.

IFTM Team thanks its Associate Partners Global Chaska, Cleahyy Products Pvt. Ltd. & SRK Consultants along with its supporting Partner “Royal Femme Club”.

The Gifting Partners for the Event were “Saga Handmade & Natural” (Soaps), “Sandook” Jewelleries and “Fit-Bites”

The Anchor for the Event was Ms. Krutee Mooley.

IFTM also thanks its team members Sulochana Bonulu, Kamlesh Prajapati, Minki Ghosh, Seema Suman, Satyendra Lahoti, Kamlesh Prajapati and Sanjib Chatterjee.

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Ashh K – No boundaries when it comes to Music

Exclusive Story  By – RAJA SARFARAZ

Music has no End and in seven Cords called Sur, “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” the world enjoy its enthusiasm and melody in different languages and cultures what we see common is the melody and lyrics designed for a particular setup. It fascinates people and now the limit is extended to animals as well so yes Music is a universal language of love.

While searching our Heros in Society we came across one of the marvellous inspiring stories of Ashh K “Ashu Kumar” founder of Stone kick studios and Ashh K productions having his roots in Kashmir based in Jammu working as s Music Composer for eighteen years. As k has touched a Milestone of more than two hundred Music melodies and also Background Music for several Films, Short films, web series, TV serials.

A Multitalented and skilled Music professional is enduring excellence with back to back Musical Projects. Recently his several Music Videos got released worldwide reached Millions of Audiences including hits like “jatta ve jatta” , “Laod karke” by Jacaur   “Nakhro” By Preet singh and also forthcoming  songs shoot in Kashmir, Punjab and other familiar locations in India. We had a wonderful time While a text format conversation.


Smile! Well yes, it’s quite challenging still but had no other option because of the spark and enthusiasm inside. The determination and passion towards Music and arrangements I guess flow in my veins and I can not deny the fact that my life is incomplete without music so I thought to get a small setup and started working in a small room which is now turned into a Professional Studio. The mode was generally self-learning, experience and execution. This is how it came along till now and I’m feeling lucky to have had put my fingers on the keyboard it’s my bread and butter now.


That’s true and the fact can not be denied because in a small city no doubt there is enough natural talent but a lot percentage of singers do not approach music composers because of risk for the future as they are at the level when they are about to enter college and parents do not prefer to take the risk, others approach but in some cases, they don’t have a budget which a big problem no doubt I always welcome a good talent and try to expose with my best help also. So yes Clients are limited and you have to give your best in a small panorama which is challenging


That’s interesting but frankly speaking, I have not found myself in limited strings but they have freedom of expression and so I can do Hindi, Punjabi, Dogri, Arabic, Kashmiri and even English songs as well. I have done Ghazals, Pop, Jazz, party flavour, Devotional, Naat (Islamic), Bhajans, Bhangra in almost every class so far and I will love to perform in Multi dimensions.


Well, this is not easy to make understand everyone that talent cannot be brought but it’s inside that is later on practised and brushed up. I have seen a lot of young Singers doing amazing whether is a Rap song, classical, Punjabi or Contemporary Neoclassical romantic. What I can say is keep doing, make good music, bring good lyrics and most importantly promote it because once it reaches the market it will trend ruther it will never create history only by shearing it to your few friends or family. This is the basis of mantra even getting a hit and Buzz the Box Office as adequately.

Appreciate such talent even being in a small city competing Mumbai and Punjab pattern in Jammu is itself a big achievement.

The journey of Music Director Ashh k is king size and we wish him good luck for the future.

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The complete sell out of Ram Gopal Varma’s DANGEROUS A Feature Film on the BLOCKCHAIN as an NFT is the 1st ever in the WORLD

Dubai based company TRICKY MEDIA’s initiative to sell Ram Gopal Varma’s DANGEROUS as an NFT has been a GREAT SUCCESS and it can be seen on the BLOCKCHAIN that DANGER TOKEN is SOLD OUT ..Here is a screen shot of the opensea NFT market place of the number of owners of the film DANGEROUS

The 100,000 tokens left are for the DANGEROUS team as one can understand if they go into see the details in

Rest of all the 500,000 TOKENS are SOLD OUT

The complete sell out of DANGEROUS ,a feature film on the BLOCKCHAIN as an NFT is the 1st ever in the WORLD ..This will pave way for REVOLUTIONARY methods in the entertainment industry..FILM BUSINESS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME ..check on the BLOCKCHAIN to see the SELL OUT.

Rest of all the 500,000 TOKENS are SOLD OUT

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Director Azad Hussain’s Music Video TU HI TU Released On B4U Music Channel On The Festive Occasion Starring Sonal Sharma

Sonal Sharma starrer  Music Video Tu Hi Tu  has been  released  by leading Music Company B4U. Tu Hi Tu music video has been briallintly directed by Azad Hussain with melodious Music by  Zakir sadani in the lovely voice of Singers Shahid Mallya and Rani Indrani Sharma.

The crew members are of the opinion that Sonal Sharma has given marvellous performance and will be seen in many coming videos. In This Video she has teamed with Rohit Arora. Tu Hi Tu Music video is being loved by Music Lovers.

The team of Wonder Web World Congratulates The Complete Team Of Tu Hi Tu For Giving Music Lovers A Beautuful Song On The Festive Occasion.

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Singer Bhoomi Trivedi Thanks Amit Trivedi Team As Ghani Cool Chori Gets Over 10M Views

The kind of progress and the level of momentum certain industries today are experiencing only makes us wonder what could have been the reasons behind their exponential rise. Well, there could be innumerable factors, but no one can deny the hard work, resilience, and passion certain individuals and professionals work with in their respective industries. We cannot go without mentioning the excellence the Indian music industry has shown over the years by opening doors of incredible opportunities for promising new talent and also for those who could take the industry to new levels of success. Doing the same in the world of music is one such high-performing and passionate singer, Bhoomi Trivedi, the Gujarati girl with a golden voice, who has sung for many Bollywood heroines and have only given hit tracks like “Ram Chahe Leela” for Priyanka Chopra, “Dance ke legend” for Athiya Shetty, “Udi Udi Jaye” for Shah Rukh Khan and Myra Khan , “Husn Parcham for Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif ,”Vaagyo Re Dhol” from film Hellaro which one the National award last year.

This time too, she came up with Rashmi Rocket, the upcoming new film of Taapsee Pannu (to be released on Zee5) and gave her magical voice to the song “Ghani Cool Chori”.

We connected with her through a telephonic interview and asked her a few fun questions. So, let’s see what she has to say.

  • Ma’am, can you tell us more about this super hit song?

Ghani Cool Chori is the newest track on the list, and the kind of response it is already getting is getting me “Ghani” overwhelmed, I would say. What can I say about this beauty of a song, which has been created with all heart by the one and only Amit Trivedi sir. He is the magician behind it, and all of us team members have put in all the efforts to make it a huge hit. Amit sir explained Taapsee’s character in the film to make me understand the nuances of the song and took me deep into the character. Lyrics by Kausar Munir has added charm to the song, and people are humming it everywhere.

  • Your song “Ghani Cool Chori” has crossed more than 10 Million views within one week; how do you feel about it?

How I wish I could tell you the butterflies inside me fluttering in joy. Well, I can only say that the feeling is wonderful, to say the least. People are making dance covers, reels, etc., on social media, and within a week, has made it a 10 million viewed song. I am ever grateful to Amit sir for giving me this outstanding opportunity and for believing in my potential. It is all the love of my audiences who have made this song a super hit.

  • How were you offered this assignment?

It took many years to sing a song for a musician like Amit Trivedi. I guess he was waiting for the right song for my voice. I am glad he believed in me as a singer and offered me this beautiful track, which is an original composition and has all the ingredients to become a huge hit.

  • Would you call this a Navratri Garba Dance song?

More than only a Navratri Garba song, I would like to call it a Bollywood Garba song because Amit Trivedi sir has put all the elements of a commercial song while also ensuring it has a folk flavour.

  • As the Lead singer of this song which is now a super hit, do you want to talk more about this?

Within a few hours, people had started making reels and dance covers on it, which is truly overwhelming. The way it has been picturized, choreographed, written, sung, composed, everything oozes uniqueness and the ‘cool’ quotient, which is what the song is all about. Taapsee has done outstandingly well in the song with her dance moves, the way she carries her costume and the entire Navaratri look, adding more funk and giving a new style statement.

  • Can you let us know more about any of your Future Assignments?

Yes, I have a new song coming up with Rahul Vaidya called “Garbe ki Raat”, which will be released on 8th October 2021 on Rahul’s YouTube channel. It is a folk-commercial single. Also, I have sung an inspirational and motivational song for Parul University, Gujarat.

  • Any message to your listeners and fans?

I heartily thank my audiences for making Ghani Cool Chori a superhit song, and I also want them to give more importance to original songs. Also, I hope more and more musicians make original tracks.

  • Best memory/ moment while recording this song?

It took many years for me to reach Amit sir’s office. He made me understand the character, the nuances of the song but also gave me the freedom as well as the guidance to ace the song. So, overall I had a fun experience working with him and the entire team.

  • What is being Ghani cool according to you?

As a singer, I have always struck a balance between Hindi and Gujarati, which can be felt in all my songs, and that is “Ghani Cool”, I believe. This is a Bollywood song with a Gujarati touch, which has added more magic to the track. The lyrics, music, picturization, everything is relevant to the current times, which makes the song even cooler.


Courtsey :

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5th Global Fashion And Design Week Started With Pomp And Show

Noida: Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. The power of a great outfit is impossible to overstate. At its best, fashion has the ability to transform your mood, identity, and, of course, your look. We are proud to announce that ICMEI together with AAFT School of Fashion and Design are going to present 700 garments designed by 200 designers influenced by the culture of 52 different countries of the World in 90 rounds showcased in 8 shows in three days. This is one of the biggest collections we are displaying here after pandemic,” said Sandeep Marwah President of International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry on the inauguration of 5th Global Fashion and Design Week Noida 2021.

“Sandeep Marwah is the biggest show man be it a cinema, journalism, literature or Fashion and design. He is the real cultural ambassador. I am happy that Montenegro is also part of this great festival. The creativity which I have seen here is no less than any international beauty pageant. I wish you all a big success in your venture and I am sure some great results will be out after this grand show,” said Dr. Janice Darbari Consulate General of Montenegro in India while lighting the inaugural lamp.

Sixteen rounds were presented in the first major inaugural show. The audience was astonished to see the colorful collection by young designers. Every garment was so exclusive and extra ordinary prepared well fitted to the professional models from fashion fraternity.

The first show were presented by designers  Ruchi Aggrawal  influenced by the flora and fauna of Ghana, Shayna from Montenegro, Mukesh Kumar also from Montenegro, Saniya Gupta selected Israel , Ayushi Sharma opted  Lebanon, Akshay Raj Ratan  finalized for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Shefali Srivatava also looked for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rishav Kumar Ram preferred United Kingdom, Satyam Raj & Rahul Vdhara only thought of Afghanistan, Dilshad designed for  Uzbekistan, Anamika thought of  Rwanda, Pushpendra designed for Fiji, Ayushi Mehrotra was allotted Bulgaria, Mansi Saluja managed well with Gambia, Neha Shishodia influenced by  Maldives and Swastika Talwar also looked for Israel.

“The joy of dressing is an art. We must never confuse elegance with snobbery. Being well-dressed hasn’t much to do with having good clothes. It’s a question of good balance and good common sense,” said Ritu Lal Director Festival & AAFT School of Fashion and Design thanking all the dignities present on the show.    

5th Global Fashion And Design Week Started and concluded With Pomp And Show

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Nelson Mandela Nobel Prestigious Peace Award Held On 4th September 2021 At Ahemdabad

Nelson Mandela Nobel Prestigious peace award was held on 04th September 2021 in Taj Skyline Ahemdabad by a non profit organisation and was inaugurated by Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyariji.

The Honorable chief Guests who are a part of this prestigious award ceremony are:-

Hon. Shri Ramdas Athawale

Hon. Shri Suhas Mantri

Col.Dr Shailendra Singh

Arc. Bishop. Dr.K. Johnson

Hon.Shri Udit Narayan

Amb Adeshola Helen Onadpe

Ms Zarine Manchanda

LT.CO.LD DN Sharma

This Ceremony held was to honour the people who have taken the initiative towards our society wellbeing and by their social work and doing a great deed for all human being. This initiative later have been inspired and admired by everyone around the mother Earth. Especially the One’s who have been highly inspired by his thoughts and initiative for social working and spreading happiness. So such individuals who have contributed there effort and their countless love for Nelson Mandela vision and being part of his caravan.

Name of the such respected  individuals who were been awarded are.

Dr.Nutan Sunil Aher

Dr.Gaurav Mittal

Dr.Shri.Rajendra Pralhad Gute

Dr.Ulhas Ramchandra Shewale

Dr. Nilesh Javerchand Jain

Dr.Santosh Ramesh Harpale

Dr.Ashish Chopra

Dr.Aashwini Bhadoriya

Dr. Zarine Manchanda

Dr. Vishwas Vitthal Sondkar

Dr. Kishor Navandar

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahoo

Dr.Yugandhar Sudhakar Pagar

Dr. Leela Padiyar

Dr.Vinay Karan Mathur

Dr.Akshay Kumar

Dr.Govind Singh Rajput

Dr. Jaykar Bhagwan Nikam

Dr. Vijay Narayan

Dr. Anand Patil

Dr. Viral Sakhiya

Dr. Rajaram L. Tripathi

Dr.Niraj Omprakash Waghmare

Dr. Bharat Annaso Latthe

Dr.Sonal Rajan Patil

Dr. Rajeev Mishra

Dr. Prashant Ramchandra Chavan

Dr.Shalini Prakash

Dr. Shri. Ajay Kumar Sharma

Dr.Shri.Anand Mahadev Kasavekar

Dr. Uttam Shantaram Jadhav

Dr. Anil Mukundrao Patil

Dr. Ajit Harishchandra Palekar

Dr. Dharmend Singh Bhadauriya

Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award is an non organisation which helps to recognise those who have given their life to social, medical ,business, science, education and various fields and also to those people who has given a contribution towards the society and build up their power towards the people.

Their constant humble and great effort is to felicitate them for their effortless contribution And recognizing them with this Nobel peace award this Noble work will give them and other’s inspiration to work more towards the society and encourage the youth generation with their Nobel work so that every one can be responsible towards the development of the society.

The award ceremony encourages the youth generation to take this as a challenge so that in the coming years they can celebrate the victory and contribution towards society and facilitate them with Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award.


The next award ceremony is now taking place on 30th October 2021 In India’s Financial capital and the city of dreams Mumbai.