Negative Role Is More Powerful To Perform Raja Sarfaraz

Raja Sarfaraz brought laurel from his first Web series 92 hours playing Negative Role. This series was nominated for Five OTT Film fare awards Directed by Shahid Kazmi,Raja Sarfaraz who in an old interview quotes ” I’m inspired by Irfan khan in acting methodology and Hritik Roshan in fitness ” I want to be a combo man always adding my creativity and Excellence in my Craft. If you will convince your audience by performing your role described and personified you did justice to the role and the mission gets accomplished. A negative Role is not easy to perform first you have to step up out of your comfort zone and think out of the box with no excuse,  Turning into a Bad angry man when you are emotional and try to be very disciplined. The negative Role is noticed and Crafted well if its execution on screen is done technically best. Raja Sarfaraz recently seen in Cyanide, Lahore Diaries,  Khachak, and MUN  Web series are Best sellers for TV and OTT in Contemporary Era and a few upcoming projects are Dust, Ambush, Scammy, Mission 70,  1990, and Revenge.

Revenge is a recently completed project about which Raja Sarfaraz Says ” I’m scared how the family will watch this, so ruthless character no feelings and emotions turns into evil with no limits and tortures innocents “Can’t reveal more about it till the project gets released.

With Glowing Talent during years seen from Jammu and Kashmir,  Raja Sarfaraz a heartthrob from Jammu has made it to a successful atmosphere with recently released Web series Khachak, Mun and Lahore Diaries Top rating on Atrangi a New Television  Channel becoming the first choice of people in India and  OTT platform.

Raja Sarfaraz is not only a Talented Actor but a Celebrated Writer, Author, Director, and Social worker known for his campaign “Rural Queens of Nation ” as well. While speaking to Raja Sarfaraz “

Few Questions were asked in a verbal interview.

Sir, Lahore Diaries seems to be a challenging Role how was the experience?

Well, Yes it’s incredible when you have to push your limits for a character and do something out of the box. The character seems to be easy with the flow but their linguistic Craft and Body language as an actor while performing was a challenge. I would say I’m grateful for playing such a Character. I remember when Director Shahid Kazmi approached me for this character I was a bit confused but then we came to a point where he helped me in execution I’m so thankful for this opportunity And The way Shahid Kazmi has Made it so simple and amazing with amazing craft. A Man with ideas and efficiency.

We watched your web film “Khachak” its something unique, Whats Magic behind it?

Yes, I’m playing the role of the husband of actress Sanam ji finest actress, well my role determines his way and looks Negative till the end but actually, Melo’s drama has a twist which makes it more interesting. Atrangi TV has been a new bound and New growing choice of the audience with amazing content I’m in honour of being part of the channel.

In webfilm “Mun” You are incredible as a  Sardar Ji how was your experience?

Oh yes, thank you I loved the looks, especially wearing a turban,  I hope I have justified it well again had a linguistic challenge, and it was an amazing experience working with Manani Mishra Ji and Netha Shetty as my co-actress.

Sir, You are a youth icon especially not only as an actor but You are working for women’s empowerment as well and have been excellent, especially during Covid 19 Lockdown.

well I’m confused about this Are you asking me about my next projects as an actor or my next initiative,  well as a social worker I’m thankful to the J&K police and the Indian Army always for being my Support to Reach the downtrodden and needy people,  Well The Campaign ”  Rural  Queens of Nation” is all my dream and I want to Make it larger as so far I have reached more than 500 families in collaboration with Indian Army and J&K Police. About next projects will soon update as shooting is going on something incredible will be announced soon.

Negative Role Is More Powerful To Perform  Raja Sarfaraz


अरुण बख्शी हिन्दी फिल्म “48 कोस” में अभिनेता, गायक और संगीतकार के रूप में !

फ़िल्म के सांग व ट्रेलर लांच पर पंकज बेरी के साथ अरुण बख्शी रहे उपस्थित अरुण बख्शी न केवल एक बेहतरीन एक्टर हैं बल्कि शानदार संगीतकार और गायक भी हैं। बॉलीवुड की ढेरों फिल्मों में उन्होंने हिट गाने दिए हैं। आसमान को धरती पर लाने वाला चाहिए जैसे गीतों से मशहूर अरुण बख्शी अब फ़िल्म 48 कोस में न सिर्फ बतौर ऎक्टर नजर आएंगे बल्कि संगीतकार और गायक के रूप में भी उन्होंने इस फ़िल्म के लिए काम किया।

लेखक, निर्माता, निर्देशक राजिंदर वर्मा ‘यशबाबू’ की यह हिंदी फिल्म 48 कोस 8 जुलाई को रिलीज हो रही है। मुंबई में यश बाबू की हिन्दी फिल्म “48 कोस” का एक गाना और ट्रेलर लांच किया गया तो यहां अरुण बख्शी, पंकज बेरी, राजेश बब्बर भी उपस्थित थे। फ़िल्म का ट्रेलर काफी दमदार है और गाना अरुण बख्शी ने कम्पोज़ किया और गाया है, जिसमे उनकी अदाकारी भी देखने लायक है।

खास बात यह है कि अरुण बख्शी अपना हर एक गाना लता मंगेशकर जी के स्टूडियो में रिकॉर्ड करते हैं। जहां क्वालिटी भी मिलती है और दुआएं भी मिलती हैं। अरुण बख्शी की छोटी सी म्युज़िक टीम है, उनका म्युज़िक प्रोग्रामर दिनेश रहाते है जिन्होंने इस गाने में उनका साथ दिया है।

यश बाबू का कहना है कि हमारे साहित्य में ऐसे कई पात्र एवं चरित्र है जिन्हें शायद हमारी नौजवान पीढ़ी भूल गयी है। हमारे इतिहास के गर्भ में ऐसी कई कहानियां है जो आज भी अनकही हैं, प्रासंगिक हैं।

हिन्दी फीचर फिल्म ‘48 कोस’ द्वारा उनकी कोशिश कुरुक्षेत्र का नाम विश्व पटल पर ले जाने की है। राजिंदर वर्मा ने कहानी के संदर्भ में बताया कि बचपन से ही वह महाभारत से प्रभावित थे। 48 कोस के द्वारपाल यक्षों की कहानियां उनको बहुत आकर्षक लगती थी। इन्हीं कहानियों को वह आधुनिक रूप में दर्शकों के सामने प्रस्तुत करना चाहते थे। कहानी को अपने स्वरूप में आने में डेढ़ साल लगा।

अरुण बख्शी का कहना है कि यह फीचर फिल्म दर्शकों के दिलों को छू लेगी और सोचने पर मजबूर कर देगी। इस फिल्म में नामी कलाकार पंकज बेरी, अनिल धवन, अरुण बक्शी, सोहित सोनी, अनिल वर्मा, जागृति ठाकुर, नलिनी खत्री, योगिता पॉल के अलावा बाल कलाकार आरव वधवा, गर्वित खुराना, रीतिका राय, जय रल्हन ने विशेष रूप से काम किया है। यशबाबू एंटरटेनमेंट द्वारा निर्मित फिल्म ‘48 कोस’ सिनेमाघरों में 8 जुलाई को रिलीज हो रही है।

मुंबई प्रतिनिधी रमाकांत मुंडे


अरुण बख्शी हिन्दी फिल्म “48 कोस” में अभिनेता, गायक और संगीतकार के रूप में !

Actor Actors

उदय सिंघानिया, “और” परी सिंह, हिन्दी फिल्म – “प्रेम तंत्र” में आएंगे नजर

भोजपुरी जगत के नावोदित उभरते हुये सितारे उदय सिंघानिया, “और” परी सिंह, अब हिन्दी फिल्म में आएंगे नजर अब तक उदय सिंघानिया की भोजपुरी फिल्म =- UP 64, पश्चाताप, हत्यारा,,,,आदि,,,,इसके साथ भी माँडलिंग फोटो शूट भी। अब तक परी सिंह की भोजपुरी फिल्म =-  एक दीवाना बारह हसीना आदि,,,, इसके साथ माँडलिंग, फोटो शूट भी। उदय सिंघानिया, परी सिंह, ने भोजपुरी फिल्म में कभी एक साथ काम नहीं किये । लेकिन अब दिखेंगे साथ में पहली “हिन्दी फिल्म =- “”प्रेम तंत्र”” इस फिल्म की कहानी बहुत ही अलग     सबसे खास बात यह फिल्म “सिर्फ ((दो कैरेक्टर)) पर ही बनी हैं। आज तक ऐसी फिल्म कभी बनी ही नहीं ।

इस फिल्म में एक जीव, एक नौकर, एक मार्केट, एक दुकान,,,,यनी कुछ भी नहीं दिखेंगा। सिर्फ ((हीरो और हीरोइन)) आलवर्ड रिकॉर्ड बनाने वाली फिल्म सबित होगी। इस फिल्म से लोगो को एक संदेश देने का भी प्रयास किया गया हैं। इस फिल्म की कहानी की बात करे तो यह “”दो नव विवाहित”” जोड़ा अपने खुशी की जिंदगी से कैसे दुःखी की जिंदगी में चले जाते हैं पता भी नहीं चल पता हैं यह फिल्म देखने के बाद लोगो की रूह काप  उठेगी। यह दावा कर रहे हैं  फिल्म के “”निर्देशक =- अशोक कुमार पाठक जी, अपने निर्देशन में कई भोजपुरी फिल्मों का निर्माण इन्होंने किये हैं। आने वाले समय के एक बेहत्रिन निर्देशको में से एक होंगे।

इस फिल्म में “उदय सिंघानिया, “परी सिंह, की कमेस्ट्री भी लोगों को काफि पसंद आ रही हैं दोनों लोगों का कहना हैं कि यह फिल्म हम लोगों के लिए लकी साबीत हो रही हैं क्यु की यह फिल्म कॉन्टिन्यु 40 घंटा शूट किया गया था। टाइम कम होने के वजह से यह फिल्म 7 दिन में कम्पलिट हुई । ((लोकेशन इन वारणसी)) यह फिल्म करने के बाद कई फिल्म साइन करने को भी मिली।

“उदय सिंघानिया, “परी सिंह, का कहना हैं उनकी फिल्म =- “”प्रेम तंत्र””दिल को छु लेनी वाली फिल्म होगी । उदय सिंघानिया, “”परी सिंह, इस फिल्म से काफि उत्साहित हैं कई फिल्मों में एक साथ अब आएंगे नजर((“उदय सिंघानिया, “परी सिंह))


उदय सिंघानिया, “और” परी सिंह, हिन्दी फिल्म – “प्रेम तंत्र”  में आएंगे नजर


Vipin Kaushik Debuts In Bollywood With Love In Ukraine Romantic Action- Drama Movie

Vipin Kaushik tall handsome actor with dashing personality Enters Bollywood with his first Hindi Film Love In Ukraine Which is releasing shortly. The trailer was launched at Sea Princess Hotel Juhu. Many Bollywood and TV personlities came to shower their blessings to this young actor. Those who saw the trailer have praised his personality and artistic talent. The trailer is getting a very good response from the audience and film critics.

Kamal Entertainment Pvt Ltd has released the trailer of “Love In Ukraine” on Zee Music YouTube Channel, Which is unveiled by Producer and Director Dheeraj Kumar, Producer K.C. Bokadia, Actor Surendra Pal, Producer Pawan Kaushik and Babita Kaushik in presence of lead actor Vipin Kaushik, a very talented Comedian Soma Rathore, Salim Zaidi, Nyra Banerjee, Manju Bharti and Mukesh J  Bharti. The trailer hit the internet and it seems extremely promising. Romantic action-drama Love in Ukraine is the last film which was shot in Ukraine before the War, featuring ten Ukrainian artists including lead actress Lizabeta. It has all the fun, Love, Action, Drama and Comedy factors which keeps entertaining the audience. The film was written and directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta in association with Vishal Sharma. Starring Vipin Kaushik with Lizabeta, N.K.G., Mikhael Striga, Lolita Zhuravlova, Roman Batrin, Ruslan Seferov, Oles Dmitrenco, Irma Balan, Konstantin Shiryaev, Vladimir Didenco and Sergey Pschenichniy. S.

The trailer begins with Indian Student Vipin Kaushik who falls in love with a Russian girl who has been promised to be married to a Mafia family, little do they know that their innocent one-night stand will escalate into an epic chase of violence, mayhem and retribution. The trailer shows beautiful locations of Ukraine and people and culture, the city and the villages. In totality, the trailer appears to be a Romcom action entertainer with a pinch of comedy added to it. The film will be released by Vivek Film Production House. The movie will hit the theatre on 27th May 2022.

Vipin Kaushik Debuts In Bollywood With Love In Ukraine Romantic Action- Drama Movie


Jay Lodhiya Actor Of Rare Calibre From Akola

Jay Lodhiya  who has the distinction of having won 2 times  prestigious Award Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award for 2017 & 2018

First  Year he won Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2017  for his short film MD The Killer… this movie was about drugs awareness. His acting was well appreciated by public, media and critics. Second time he has won prestigious award  for his short  Best negative role  in short film Shapit 2018  This movie is a nice concept of Afreen Khopekar.  His acting was well appreciated by public, media and critics though he has played a negative role. This is a rare achievement he got which no one can even dream of it.

No body can believe that an actor on his debut  short film MD The Killer will be appreciated by one and all and gets the most respected award for his acting and continuing his acting commitment he earned the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Award 2018, continuously for second time.


He has also been awarded as Mr. Maharashtra 2018

Jai Lodhiya hails from Akola Maharashtra. He was felicitated in  award ceremony in Mumbai, , Foundation President Ashfaqe Khopekar and other Bollywood  Film  Actors, Celebrities were honoured with the award ceremony along with Jay Lodhiya.

He Can Be contacted at


Mukesh Agrohari – Vikas Garg of Film Mardani 2 Says Hardwork & Dedication is always fruitful

Actor Mukesh Agrohari, struggling since last 13 years in Bollywood, slowly but definitely is carving his place in this film industry. He personally feels Actor Director Amol Gupte as his Godfather in Bollywood.

His films are ‘Aamir’ directed by Rajkumar Gupta, ‘Red Alert’ directed by Anant Mahadevan, ‘Aa Dekhe Zara’ directed by Jahangir Surti, ‘Mumbai Mirror’ directed by Ankush Bhatt, ‘Ashiqi 2’ directed by Mohit Suri, ‘Ram Lila’ directed by Sanjay Lila Bhansali, ‘Sattya 2’ directed by Ram Gopal Verma, ‘Mardani 2’ directed by Gopi Puthran, and many more.

Mukesh has worked with director’s like Amol Gupte, Shashank Ghosh, Anurag Kashyap, Ken Ghosh, Rohit Shetty, Tigmanshu Dhuliya, Gopi Puthran, Mohit Suri and many more.

Mukesh has acted with stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Nawazuddin Siddique, Ranbir Kapoor & many more.


More project’s in film and web series are in pipeline.


Calling & Watsapp no.  :- 9320480007/9867405241