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Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation’s Film Festival 2016 – Mumbai

Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation’s  Film Festival 2016 – Mumbai

Objectives :

The Festival aims at providing a common platform for the cinematography of India to project the excellence of the film art; contributing to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures in the context of their social and cultural ethos.

Date and Place :

The 1st edition of Phalke Film Festival will be held  2016, in Mumbai, India.

Rules :

The festival programme is broadly divided into the following categories

  1. International Competition for Feature Films (Fiction Films with a duration of 80 to 130 minutes).
  2. International Competition for Short Films (Fiction Films with a duration of 7 to 20 minutes).

iii.    Technical Workshops/Master classes/other Interactive & Academic sessions/Panel Discussions.

  1. vi. Film Bazaar

Directorate of Film Festivals reserves the right to exclude films that are not in conformity with the philosophy and objective of the festival, or which could offend the feelings/ susceptibilities of any participating country, or are likely to promote discrimination of any kind.

Pics Of Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016

IMG_3920 dada saheb phalkee (16)

dada saheb phalkee (15) dada saheb phalkee (14)

dada saheb phalkee (13) dada saheb phalkee (12)

dada saheb phalkee (11) dada saheb phalkee (8)

dada saheb phalkee (7) dada saheb phalkee (4)

dada saheb phalkee dada saheb phalkee (3)

International Competition :

Films entered in the Competition MUST fulfil the following conditions:

1)    Films must be fiction, Feature length films not less than 80 minutes in duration and Short Films not less than 7 minutes in duration in original language soundtrack with English Subtitles.

2)    Entrants must agree that if their film/films win any awards, all screenings thereafter will acknowledge the Award(s) on the film itself.

3)    The competition will be held subject to the acceptance of a maximum of eighteen eligible films from different Languages. If selected for the Competition, the entrant/s – must provide a 35mm print or a DCP (Non-encrypted, DCI compliant-J2K Intrope or SMPTE in 24 fps) with EST for festival screenings – must agree that in case of winning an award they will provide the festival with a region free PAL DVD/ Blue ray copy of the film for archival purposes.

4)    The decisions of the jury will be taken by a simple majority of the members present and voting. The jury can evolve its own rules for assessment of the entries.

5)    Films in the official programme shall not be withdrawn from the festival programme before or during the event.

6)    The Festival proposes to have a maximum of 3 screenings per film.

7)    Classroom and advertising films are not eligible for participation in any section.

The following prizes will be given away for Feature Film:

(i)    Best Film

(ii)    Best Director

(iii)    Best Cinematographer

(iv)    Best Actor (Male)

(v)    Best Actor (Female)

(vi)    Special Jury Award given to a film (for any aspect of the film which the jury wishes to award/acknowledge) or an individual (for his/her artistic contribution to a film). The award, if given to a film, will be given to the Director of the film.

(vii)    Lifetime Achievement Award This prestigious award is conferred upon a master film maker for his/her outstanding contribution to cinema.

(viii)    Centenary Award for Indian Film Personality of the Year this prestigious award is conferred upon an Indian film personality for his/her outstanding contribution to Indian cinema.

The following prizes will be given away for Short Film:

(i)    Best Film

(ii)    Best Director

(iii)    Best Cinematographer

(iv)    Best Actor (Male)

(v)    Best Actor (Female)

(vi)    Special Jury Award given to a film (for any aspect of the film which the jury wishes to award/acknowledge) or an individual (for his/her artistic contribution to a film). The award, if given to a film, will be given to the Director of the film.

For All Details Contact:

Website :

Email :


7/23,Vishaka Co- Op. Hsg. Society, Opposite Lotus Petrol Pump,

Link Road, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai -400060.

PH:022-65393233   Mobile:+919819910511

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27TH  28TH  & 29TH MAY 2016
NON-STOP PERFORMANCES WITH  DACHINE the best Designer  in North America !

manjeetjii (9) manjeetjii (8)

manjeetjii (6) manjeetjii (5)

manjeetjii (1) manjeetjii (2)



Written & Directed by-Govind Mishra

Produced by-Prashant Singh & Dream Movies Creation

Dop-Rishabh Kaushik

Editor-Parag Sharma

Co-Producer-Satish Agarwal

Cast-Maria Ivanova (Russian actor) & Dushyant Tripathi

(About this film in english)

She Came To India For The First Time But Didn’t Find A Single Indian! Shocked?

If you feel proud to be an Indian, then this short film may prove you wrong! Because, sometimes, it feels that there are 20-25 more countries in our India and whenever we visit from one state to other, it feels that we have come to another country. And, unfortunately our integrity is seen only at the time of any national calamity, or in a terrorist attack only.

This foreigner visited India for the first time and when she takes an auto-rickshaw to reach at the airport, on her way the driver asks her how did she feel after coming to India. She said that she met everyone but did not find any Indian, here!

sayiam indian (3) sayiam indian (4)

sayiam indian (1) sayiam indian (2)

(About this film in hindi)

“Say I’m an Indian” ek aisi film hai, jo aap ko sochne pe majbur kar degi, ek foreigner delhi airport ke liye auto pakadti hai, auto wala us se poochta hai ki delhi kaisi lagi madam, to wo kahti hai ki bahut accha, ye sun auto wala khush hota hai, fir wo poochta hai ki hamara india kaisa laga. Phir wo kahti hai bahut accha, maza aa gaya, wapas apne desh ja ke india pe ek book likhegi, ye sun auto wala ko proud feel hota hai.

Phir jab wo poochta hai ki kaise lage mere Indian bhai wo kahti hai ki use koi Indian nahi mila yahan pe jab wo maharastra gayi to Marathi mile, bihar gayi to bihari, Gujarat gayi to gujarati, Punjab gayi to Punjabi, par koi Indian nahi mila.

Ye sun auto wala shoked ho jata hai, wo us se kahta hai ki madam aap apne book mein ye mat likhna ki aap ko yahan koi Indian nahi mila, next time jab aap india aaoge tab ek Indian zaroor milega, ye sun wo muskurati hui chali jaati hai.

Ji haan ye hamare india ki bahut badi problem hai, jab hum ek state se dusre state jate hain, to hamare saath aisa behavekiya jata hai, jaise hum kisi dusre desh mein aa gaye ho, jab bhi koi hum se pehli baar milta hai to naam to dur ki baat hai, pehle kahta hai, bhai kahan se ho, agar issi tareh chalta raha to hamare desh ki chabi dusre desh ki nazaron mein kharab ho jayegi.

Is liye apne aap ko Marathi, Bihari, Gujarati ya Punjabi kahna chhod ke hume Indian kahna chahiye.


About writer & director

Govind Mishra is a very young talented writer & director, he started career in writing at the age of 16 in delhi press magazine from 2005 to 2008, now done 10 short fims as a writer director, & 2 future films as a writer.


“M Cream” to hit silver screens on July 22nd, 2016

After garnering 10 awards and immense critical acclaim internationally, Agneya Singh’s “M Cream” is all set to hit silver screen on July 22nd, 2016.

The film features Imaad Shah, Ira Dubey, Auritra Ghosh, Raaghav Chanana, Barry John, Tom Alter, Lushin Dubey and Beatrice Ordeix and is set on a journey of motley crew of university students in pursuit of a mythical form of hash, confronting a series of encounters that begin to unravel the myriad realities of rebellion.

M cream

Very clearly the film is targeted towards the youth and is about the complexities the urban youth in the country. In anticipation of the upcoming release, writer/director Agneya Singh commented, “M Cream is a film that seeks to capture the pulse of today’s youth. It follows the wild road trip adventure of four friends in search of a mysterious and fabled drug guaranteed to give the ultimate high. Through this journey, the film raises topical and pressing issues that intimately concern the youth of today and in particular raises the question, ‘what does it mean to be a rebel or a revolutionary?’. It’s a unique film for India and has raised a lot of eyebrows on account of the drug use, sexual content and politics. We are beyond elated that the film will finally hit cinemas in India and reach the audience it was made for.”

M Cream is written and directed by Agneya Singh and is produced by Vindhya Singh and the film will be distributed in India by PVR Pictures.

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साफ़ -सुथरी प्रेम कहानी है फ़िल्म ‘कसम इश्क़ के’

जीवीएस फ़िल्मस के बैनर तले बनी फ़िल्म ‘कसम इश्क़ के’ बहुत जल्द सिनेमाघरों में प्रदर्शित की जाएगी.निर्माता और इस फ़िल्म के हीरो सुभाष निषाद जिन्होंने इस फ़िल्म को लेकर काफी मेहनत की है वे अपनी इस फ़िल्म के माध्यम से समाज में एक ऐसी सच्ची और साफ़ सुथरी प्रेम कहानी लेकर आ रहे है जिसका इंतजार हर एक दर्शक हमेशा ही करता रहता है.27 मई से यह फ़िल्म उत्तर प्रदेश में प्रदर्शित की जाएगी.सुभाष निषाद और सीमा श्रीवास्तव अभिनीत इस फ़िल्म में एक लव स्टोरी के साथ साथ धमाकेदार एक्शन सीन में नजर आएगा जो फ़िल्म में बहुत अच्छी तरह से दर्षाया गया है.इस फ़िल्म की शूटिंग गोरखपुर,लखनऊ ,बस्ती और कुशीनगर में शूट की गई है .

एक लव स्टोरी पर फ़िल्म बन रही हो और फ़िल्म में गाने अच्छे न हो यह तो हो ही नहीं सकता ,इस फ़िल्म में कुल 8 गाने है और हर एक गाना बहुत ही बेहतरीन तरीके से बनाया और फिल्माया गया है,सभी गानो में गीत और संगीत जाहिर अख्तर द्वारा दिए गए है.

Kasam Ishq Ki (2) Kasam Ishq Ki

निर्माता -सुभाष निसाद,निर्देशक–ऐ.के.राय ,गीतकार-संगीत -जाहिर अख्तर ,कैमरामैन -अभिषेक चौहान ,फाइट -देश दीपक ,कोरिओग्राफर -अरुण राय ,एडिटर -अखिलेश मिश्रा ,लेखक – बी यस पटेल -मनोज पाण्डेय .पी.आर.ओ–संजय भूषण पटियाला ,पवन दुबे ।

मुख्य कलाकार -सुभाष निसाद ,सीमा श्रीवास्तव ,ऐ .के..राय ,गजेन्द्र त्रिपाठी ,वैष्णवी गुप्ता ,मनीष भाटी ।


Hindi News News

जपुरी फिल्म निर्माण क्षेत्र में उतरीं निर्मात्री पल्लवी प्रकाश !

बहुमुखी प्रतिभा की धनी फिल्म और टेलीविजन धारावाहिक निर्मात्री, लेखिका, और प्रख्यात मोटिवेशनल गुरु पल्लवी प्रकाश आज के युग में कामयाबी की एक जीती जागती मिसाल हैं । देश के विभिन्न क्षेत्र में कामयाब महिलाओ की श्रेणी में पल्लवी प्रकाश तेजी से अपना वर्चस्व स्थापित करते जा रही हैं । पल्लवी की अब तक तीन किताबें और समामयिकी से जुड़ी लगभग एक हजार से ज्यादा आर्टिकल्स विभिन्न हिंदी और अंग्रेजी अखबारों में प्रकाशित हो चुके हैं । उनकी बहुचर्चित पुष्तक डायनामिक्स ऑफ़ सक्सेस की अपार सफ़लता ने पल्लवी को मोटिवेशनल गुरु बना दिया । लेखक के साथ वर्कशॉप सेमिनार,से वो 5000 से भी ज्यादा प्रोफेशनल एवम् युवा छात्रो को प्रभावित कर चुकी है ।

Pallavi Prakash Pallavi Prakash1

पल्लवी के बहुमुखी व्यक्तित्व के कार्यो की सफलता को देखकर हाल ही में दिल्ली के सी.सी.ई.टी में आयोजित एक भव्य समारोह में में उन्हें सीबीआई के निदेशक अनिल कुमार सिंह के हाथों चित्रांश गौरव् अवार्ड ‘से नवाजा गया । पल्लवी कहती है के पुरे समाज एवम् खासकर युवाओ की उन्नति के लिए वो आगे भी अपने कार्य को पूरी निष्ठा के साथ जारी रखेगी । अपने विचार और क्रिएटिविटी को ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों तक शीघ्र पहुंचाने के लिए पल्लवी ने टेलीविज़न एवम् फिल्म प्रोडक्शन का माध्यम चुना । उनकी प्रसिद्ध टेलीविज़न धारावाहिक ‘प्रणाम भारत’ है जो की उन्होंने ETV के लिए बनायीं है, एक सांस्कृतिक शो है ।

2016 में पल्लवी प्रकाश इंटरनेशनल के बैनर में बनी पहली भोजपुरी फिल्म शीघ्र ही बड़े पर्दे पर नज़र आएगी । फिल्म ‘मोहब्बत के सौगात’ नारी सशक्तिकरण पर बनी रोमांस और रोमांच से भरपूर फिल्म है । इस फिल्म के निर्देशक ब्रजभूषण है जो की एक अनुभवी और जानेमाने निर्देशक हैं । इस फिल्म मोहब्बत के सौगात में मुख्य भूमिका में भोजपुरी फिल्म जगत के नामी चेहरे हैं । खूबसूरत गानो से परिपूर्ण यह एक आधुनिक मनोरजक फिल्म होगी । फिल्म की शूटिंग जल्द ही बिहार और दिल्ली में की जाएगी ।

इस साल के अंत तक यह फिल्म बड़े परदे पर रिलीज़ करने का भी अनुमान है । इस फिल्म को कॉर्पोरेट, समाजसेवी और राजनेताओं का भी पूरा सहयोग मिल रहा है । क्योंकि यह एक सोशल थींम पर आधारित फिल्म है । निर्मात्री पल्लवी प्रकाश की दूसरी प्रोजेक्ट एक हिंदी फिल्म है जो कि युवाओ को प्रेरित करेगी । पल्लवी भविष्य में भी समाज को फिल्मों के लेखन एवम् दूसरे कार्यो से बेहतर बनाने के क्षेत्र में अपना सहयोग देती रहेंगीं ।



Indian hues at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 Doha

Indian hues at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2016 Doha

Samant Chauhan, Neeta Lulla and Lokesh Sharma represents India at MBFWD

At Mercedes Benz Doha Fashion Week Indian talent was at its peak. The three day event was held at Shangri-La Hotel Doha and it celebrated crossover of International culture, The whose who of Fashion, Entertainmenr industry graced the event.

From India Choreographer Lokesh Sharma graced the event and did the show direction. He was the only choreographer attednding and executing shows from India. Along with him Designer Samant Chauhan showcased his marvelous Rajputana collection inspired by Rajsthan at the event. His collection ranges from pristine white to brown and crimson along with shades of golden and greyalso it was royal mix of ivory and embellishments! Apart from Samant ace designer Neeta lulla’s vibrant Bridal Wear collection in red and green was also  showcased at the event. Organiser Rahat Mansoor Ali was also present at the do.

Mercedz benz (1) Mercedz benz (2)

Mercedz benz (4) Mercedz benz (3)

While talking about the Event Lokesh Sharma said ” it feel privilged to be part of this event for the second consequative season”

Samant Chauhan said “It feels great to be part of this show.”


Bollywood and Critics goes all praise for Rohit Pathak ‘Khel Toh Ab Shuru Hoga’

New Year has surely started on a good note for Rohit Pathak as he has been critically applauded for his recently release Khel Toh Ab Shuru Hoga and has also been lauded by his contemporaries.

Rohit Pathak has impressed his fans once again with his performance in the latest release, Though audience and celebrities praised the acting skill. According to the reviews, the film had a decent story but it failed to provide a gripping experience. Rohit Pathak Twitter and Facebook timeline was full of applaud and praises. Rohit replied everyone personally to all the messages that have been pouring in. It’s very rare in Bollywood some negative character get this kind of love and response from audience and Critics. One of audience wrote on Rohit Timeline ‘I fond in love with Villain’. He took the script on another level through his hard work and powerful performance as audience stared clapping in one of the climax scene when he entered to loot the bank.

Rohit Pathakk (1) Rohit Pathakk

Rohit Pathakk (4) Rohit Pathakk (2)

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“Make your film in UP” policy showcased at Cannes

Uttar Pradesh is all set to mark in International market as after Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s new film policy “Make your film in UP” which has drawn many film producers to the state. And now after creating buzz and waves in Bollywood, Uttar Pradesh’s film policy emerging a new destination for filmmakers, the state government is promoting its cinema policy at the Indian pavilion of Cannes International Film Festival. The UP Film Development Council promoting its cinema policy to all well-known producers and directors of the World. Many Producer and director have shown their keen interest in UP state. Countries like Canada , France , UK, USA has expressed their desire to work in the state.  This is the first time for Uttar Pradesh to attend any film festival and they are looking forward to partner with foreign filmmakers through their film development council for co-producing movies that will be shot in the state.

Makeupin up (1) Makeupin up

Uttar Pradesh Film Development Council member, Mr. Vishal Kapoor met US, UK , Netherlands and Europe ‘s top filmmakers Reshen Lewis Smith , Christopher , Robert and Martin who came into the Indian pavilion to gain information about the UP policy for the new films.  Vishal Kapoor said, ” “UP’s participation in the international film festival will enhance the state’s image at the global platform. This will not only attract foreign tourists to UP but also increase job opportunities”.

Vishal also formed that the new hub of filmmaking credit goes to UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, who not only understood the potential in this area but also prepared to its consistent policy. Thus, the result is outstanding and world cinema is changing attitudes towards the state. “There is tremendous scope to develop UP as an attractive movie shooting destination”, Vishal Added.


“Film in Georgia” presented at Cannes festival exhibition

Georgia who is rugged with its beautiful mountain scenery and the spectacular Black Sea coastline along with historic capital, the city has a vast array of cinematically attractive locations to entice International filmmakers and It seems that movie producers from Bollywood and Hollywood started taking note, for the Caucasus country offering to them. Recently at ongoing one of the most celebrated and influential Cannes International Film Festival hosted where Georgian stand for the newly launched government program- “Film in Georgia”. As Cannes provide a unique platform for the Georgian government, filmmakers and producers to once again acquaint international audience with high filming potential in Georgia and invite them to open up Georgia as a new filming destination in Eastern Europe offering 20-25% cash back on qualified expenses incurred in the country, a fusion of amazing locations, qualified crew, one stop shop principle for production services and much more.

filmingerogia (1)filmingerogia

The government has already started an aggressive marketing campaign for “Film in Georgia” program and among primary markets are India, US, China, France and Italy. Respectively during Cannes festival Indian producers had another chance to meet Georgian party and receive detailed information on the program. In fact, India was the first market where Ms. Ketevan Bochorishvili, vice minister of Economy and Sustainable Development paid a visit to introduce the new cash rebate system and a number of profound Indian producers held meetings with the government representative.

The Georgian Government organized the get-together party where a lot of delegation found Georgia as a very attractive and comfortable for film-shooting due to its compressed geographic landscape where high mountains, lowlands, and sea landscapes all are available at a short distance. Bollywood, Hollywood, and French producers were some of the film industry experts who recently came to Cannes to learn more about the Government of Georgia’s initiative to stimulate the local film sector by offering favorable conditions for local and international filmmakers.

Managing Director of World News Network Satish Reddy was seen discussing the upcoming projects with Mr David and his Georgian team, Davis said, “It has been a very good experience as we are getting Cannes as a huge platform for our newly launched government program and as Indian pavilion is very near so many Bollywood producers keen to work with Georgia. Others who were present at the event was Mr. Vivek Chib who is the line producer from Paris and was seen interacting with Georgian officials.

Enterprise Georgia already enjoys the first result of the recent marketing effort. The very first application registered for the cash rebate is an Indian movie. India’s top producers, brothers Abbas and Mustan Burmawalla will shoot their new romantic thriller “Machine” in Georgia! The entire movie will be shot in Georgia during 65 days in cooperation with the local “Betterfly” production company. The filmmakers camera will mostly capture the amazingly beautiful mountainous city of Mestia and the city of Batumi, the so-called “pearl” of the Black sea.

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Jairush Entertainment & Wadia Productions launch the Poster & Trailer of their Hindi film ” PROJECT MARATHWADA” in presence of cast & crew and media .The trailer showcases a very sensitive issue faced by nation today about farmer suicides.It captures the painful sentiments of the poverty stricken families and shows the extent to which these people are forced to budge.
Veteran actor “Om Puri” portrays the character of Tukaram in this film has been show cased as distressed farmer in the trailer,  whose conducting his son last rituals who commits suicide and is in hapless situation. Each moment highlights the grave loss and the helplessness of the people living in the village with zero hopes . But the twist in the story develops after ” Om Puri ” decides to end his life as he fails in all the attempts of getting any help from the corrupt system . The film also stars Seema Biswas,Govind Namdeo, Dilip Tahil, Farrah Kedar, Caroll, Kunal Seth , Rahul Patel . Om Puri is the highlight of the film while Farrah Kader”:s performance is very good.

Project Marathwada (7) Project Marathwada (6)

Project Marathwada (5) Project Marathwada

Project Marathwada (1) Project Marathwada (3)

Film is Produced by Prakash Patel , Jigna Patel, Jay Prakash Patel,  Co-produced by Niraj Patel, Parful Patel, Sandip Patil, Sadiva Khan, Bhavin Wadia & Eagle Eye Entertainment.Written & Directed by Bhavin Wadia , DOP Archit Patel, Background Music Sanjoy Chowdhary.
Jairush Entertainment & Wadia Productions strongly believe that levering this issue on such a big platform will bring forth the true crisis situation of the farmers being faced in our nation and wake up the dormant government to help the fateful farmers of our nation .
The film is all set for Release on 3rd June, 2016 across India .

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Dance Guru Sandip Soparrkar is training Bigg Boss 8 contestant Sonali Raut and internationally acclaimed Dunno Y fame actor, Yuvraaj Parashar for a passionate salsa dance number for the most awaited web series, Love Life & Screw Ups!!! Sandip Soparrkar who rarely choreographs for films, agreed to be part of this song as he fell in love with the concept of the series. Also the vibrant energy of both the actors inspired him to compose some really difficult but fresh and never seen dance steps for both of them. According to the writer and director Kapil Kaustubh Sharma, it is an intense romantic and passionate salsa dance number, which leads to love making between Sonali and Yuvraaj. In the series, Yuvraaj is playing a salsa dance teacher and Sonali his student. Sonali, who debuted in films with Himesh Reshamiya’s Exposed is very excited to join the ensemble cast of this series. Yuvraaj has been under rigorous weight training, as in this song he is going to bare his torso.

Sonali Rautt (5)Sonali Rautt (4)

Sonali Rautt (3) Sonali Rautt (1)

Incidentally, yesteryears diva, Zeenat Aman is making her debut on digital with this series. It also stars Mita Vashisht, Dolly Thakore, Kapil Kaustubh Sharma, Diandra Soares, Sushant Divgikar, Akshay Sethi along with new faces Vibhoutee Sharma, Sezal Sharma, Rj Shadab Khan, Shipra Kasana, Mahi Sharma, Ashish Khatri, Ashish Sachdeva, Umesh Pherwani, Riyaz Qureshi and Ruchita Tahiliani. Music is by Nikhil Kamath. Bappi Lahiri has composed a peppy track for the series.

It is a feel good romantic comedy about relationships. The look is grand and glamorous. It is Bollywood’s first web series with huge production values and popular actors. In the social networking sites, there is already a curiosity about it. The first look of the series will be launched in New York in June.


Actress Pooja Batra showcases “One Under the Sun” trailer at Cannes Film Festival

Miss India 1993, Pooja Batra who set her Bollywood aspirations aside after she broke off to marry Los Angeles-based orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sonu Ahluwalia, was spotted having her moment under the sun in Cannes. Actress Pooja Batra, who was seen taking a stroll on the streets of Cannes and was dressed in a stylish outfit. The “Virasat” actress might be missing from Bollywood for quite some time now, but the lady is a known face internationally, who is settled in Los Angeles for over 10 years now, is excited about her Hollywood debut in which she essays the role of an astronaut. The International world premiere and the trailer launch of “One Under the Sun” took place at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival with had an overwhelming response where the star cast came to support actress Pooja Batra’s Hollywood debut. Executive Producer Sunny Vachher is proud to have brought Pooja this breakthrough role, “I always believed in Pooja, she has what it takes, a true go-getter, I know she will be a success, and proud to be a part of that”.

pooja batra

“One Under the Sun”  is the story of astronaut Kathryn Voss (Pooja Batra), a sole survivor of a disastrous space shuttle mission. As a distraught mother desperate to reunite with her terminally ill daughter, she becomes a wanted fugitive after discovering she possesses an extraordinary gift. “It is a very proud moment for me to play a lead in my first Hollywood film. It is a great role. In order to prepare for it, I needed to really dig deep into myself and my feelings to find honest inspiration. For my physical appearance, I took hints from Indian-born astronaut Kalpana Chawla and American astronaut Sunita Williams” Pooja Batra said.


Co-Director Vincent Tran was seen praising Pooja Batra for her hard work and dedication in the movie, he said, “Pooja Batra acting in One Under the Sun brings audiences on an emotional journey and challenges their notions of war. Pooja has turn out very well after taking so much break she was able to make you freeze by her acting.”


The trailer launch took place at the Indian Pavilion of Cannes Film Festival where Executive Producer Sunny Vachher, Isha Vachher, Thomas Pierce, Co-Director Riyanna Hartley, Managing Director of World News Network Satish Reddy, Co-Director Vincent Tran, Actress Pooja Batra, Actor Rich Paul, Executive Producer Mike LeBlanc were present along with many delegates from India and International film fraternity.

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Hindi film “Purab Ki Awaj” is made on the life of freedom fighter Birangana Kanaklata, a martyr of Indian freedom struggle, 1942, under the banner of LPKG Film Production. Kanaklata had embraced martyrdom at the tender age of 16 years on 20th Sept 1942 for the love of her country. Indian freedom fighters like Shahid Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey and others are well known and popular in India as well as globally. But, similar is not the case with the fearless and daring freedom fighter of Assam, Birangana Kanaklata, who had boldly faced the bullets of the police during the freedom struggle of India in 1942 and laid down her life for the country. LPKG Films Production had made an honest effort to make everyone aware about this brave heart from Assam by narration of her story in this movie.

Purab Ki Awaz

Film is produced by Loknath Deka, written by Chandra Mudoi, ex-producer Jamal Ahmad Rao, music by Dr.Hitesh Boruah, Ajay Phukan & Tapan Kakati, and choreography by Naba Kumar Das. Film stars Nipon Goswami, Urmila Mahanta, Debasis Barthakur, Dr. Tapan Sharma, Monimara Bora, Rina Bora and many more.

LPKG Films Production has joint hand with biggest distribution company PEN n Camera in Mumbai. Pen n Camera International will release the film “Purab ki Awaz” in large-scale worldwide more than 1000 screen theater. Film will be released on 5th of August 2016. Team of “Purab Ki Awaz” starts publicity all over the world from 20th of May with film first look party in Mumbai. They are going to release “Purab Ki Awaz” in multiplexes as well as single screen theaters. In India movie will be released in Mumbai, Delhi-UP, Kolkata, Bihar, CP, CI, Rajasthan, Assam, Orissa Region.
Wasim Siddiqui (Fame Media)



Bollywood’s International success is a major example of the fact that Bollywood has become a desire of everyone. India is a particularly complex market, encompassing many languages and cultural phenomenon. Indian films are slowly gaining momentum in the International market and in a span of more than a decade, many Bollywood celebrities have become global faces who represent the jazzy and glamorous world of Hindi film industry abroad and had marked Bollywood’s foray into unexplored new markets such as China Eastern Africa, Korea, Japan Taiwan, and Romania. Hon’ble Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who were present at the Cannes Film Festival  who had done the Inaugural session of the India Pavilion set up at Cannes Film Festival said , “The Film Facilitation Office set up by the government is a step towards facilitating single window clearance for filmmakers of both India and the world. The queries with respect to filmmaking in India like clearances will be done under one roof and also mentioned that central government will also encourage the States to provide a similar facility.”
The government has also instituted the Most Film Friendly State Award as part of the National Film awards with the objective of encouraging states to support the film industry.  Mr. Rathore stressed that the India Pavilion in Cannes is part of the Ministry’s efforts to provide the country’s filmmakers a forum to explore opportunities for co-production of films, syndication, and various funding options and also learn about the various technological changes taking place in the industry. The Minister also unveiled the Official Poster and Brochure of the 47th International Film Festival of India. Talking about the National Centre of Excellence for Animation, Visual effects Gaming and Comics planned to be set up, he said that while the government would focus on providing land and infrastructure, the private partners are welcome to partner this initiative with investment, technology and faculty. He said Rajamouli “Bahubali” movie was visually rich and technically sound with glitzy visual effects has emerged a new of hope for our Industry.

minister of state (1) minister of state
Others present were Dr.  Mohan Kumar, Hon’ble  Ambassador of India to France, Mr. Uday Shanker & CEO Star India   , Mr. Kishore Lulla, Executive Chairman , Eros International Media Ltd.  , L. Suresh , President , South Indian Film Exporters Association  & Mr. Sudhir Mishra renowned Film Maker & IFFI Screening Committee Member and Lavanya Kumar First Secretary Cultural, Paris.



“They say, you don’t take a shot (in films)… make a shot” After meeting Anmol Kapoor, the Producer & think tank behind his soon-to-release international films “Phullu” & “Palki”, we actually realised that it’s the Producer who enables the entire unit on the set to find themselves & lose themselves at the same time. A producer’s responsibility is primarily to the original vision of the film; it is to ensure a balance between the artistic integrity and the practical requirements. And that’s exactly what we figured out in a short rendezvous with Anmol Kapoor.
Light hearted Anmol believes “I love music and movies and I do believe that through entertainment, many more people could be educated about various challenges faced by humanity” says the recipient of Bharat Ratna, Hind Rattan, Parvasi Rattan in May 2015 and in Sept 2015 and Mahatma Gandhi Award who embarked upon the much awaited International movie ” Palki” which was shot in India and the entire crew including Post Production was done by best of Hollywood technicians. The film which has been sent to Cannes Film Festival stars- Piyush Mishra, Ritika Anand, Rajesh Sharma, Vibha Chibber and special appearance by Dr. Kumar Vishvas. “Palki” that touches issues of women empowerment and education will have International Music and special songs from Piyush Mishra, Arif Lohar, Gagan Kokari and others.
Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent & it’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them” that’s exactly how the film “Phullu” was born & shaped up by Anmol Kapoor. After receiving rave reviews for their last Punjabi Film – ‘Patiala Dreamz’ which was released worldwide in year 2014, the dynamic duo- Anmol Kapoor & Abhishek Saxena gear up for their upcoming hindi film- “Phullu”.
Film “Phullu” which will be raising women health issues will star National Award Movie (Filmistan) actor Sharib Hashmi in the main lead & Kshitij Chaudhary as the co- producer. This film’s story, concept and execution is touted to be on the stature of International Caliber and Anmol feels confident that it will win National and International awards. The makers of the film also partnered with International Platinum Selling Artist Raqhav and released a single with Abhishek Bachchan, Nelly Furtado. The video was shot in Africa, where the makers of the video raised issues of lack of electricity in Africa’s continent and other countries.

Anmol Kapoor’s dedication and dream to “make a change in the society” doesn’t end here. He will also be releasing Dr. Kumar Vishvas’s single on Drug abuse in Punjab and will be proudly releasing the single worldwide.
Anmol’s ability to understand the audience and how he needs to communicate with them, mixed with his passion for storytelling, his knowledge of technology & his ability to oversee every aspect of a major production makes one of the most sorted Producers “I am proud of above mentioned films and music projects as they not will raise important social and health women issues but also will be entertaining. I can’t wait to showcase these amazing films to the world and spread awareness about various women issues through a medium which has a mass appeal”
Basking in the glory of his noble initiatives worldwide like- Canadian Registered Charity (Volunteer run Charity) to help create awareness about heart disease in South Asian community in Canada and Internationally; Organised health screening camps in India to help poor people; Initiatives to raise women health issues and started various campaigns. A couple of projects in the pipeline are- Ask about Her Heart, First Step, IAmPalki and actively taking women social and health issues across the world.

He also established world’s first South Asian Heart Health Research Chair at the University of Calgary which is named after Guru Nanak Dev Ji- Guru Nanak Dev Ji Dil Research Chair. This is also 1 million dollar collaboration project between the University of Calgary and Dil Walk Foundation to help promote research in South Asian community in Canada.






sandeep rajput (7) sandeep rajput (6)

sandeep rajput (2) sandeep rajput (1)

sandeep rajput sandeep rajput (5)




Talk by Sandip Soparrkar on dance in Bollywood impresses audience at 69th Cannes Film Festival

Film festivals around the world often invite stars to talk about cinema and film related issues. The experts then bring out the facts and enlighten audience about various topics regarding cinema an film making.

Cannes Film Festival in association with Federation of Indian  Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) invited Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar to conduct a session for international directors, producers, filmmakers and world press on “Bollywood Dance and its changing trends”

Sandip Soparrkarrr (3) Sandip Soparrkarrr (1)

Dressed in More Mischief and Deepak Shah designed checkered blue suit  the dapper looking dance maestro welcomed a jam packed audience at the Indian Pavillion at International village and started his talk by showing a short film on dance in Bollywood films right from 1920’s till date. His film began with Indian Classical dance moving into folk and then bringing in cabaret, disco, break dance, jazz , broadway, waltz , flamenco, Russian dances and finally ending up into hip hop.

Sandip also introduced Ex Miss India and Actress Pooja Batra along with Chevalier Awardee classical dancer Raghunath Mane as his co-panelist. The Virasat actress spoke about her initial days in Bollywood and how folk dances and international forms always attracted her and made her strive to do better. On the other hand the talented Raghunath Mane paid emphases on how Indian classical and folk dances have and always will remain an integral part of Bollywood films.

Sandip Soparrkar said “I am thankful to Mr. Thierry Fremaux, Director of Cannes film festival and Ms. Leena Jaisani of FICCI for inviting me for this interesting session regarding Bollywood dance. I feel truly honoured and humbled to be chosen for this special talk. I hope each person who attended my session went back enriched and more informed about Bollywood dance, it’s new trends and future.”

Sandip ended his talk by saying that dance is like fashion it moves in circle, he predicted that disco, cabaret and rock n roll days will soon be back in Bollywood films. As soon as he bowed down to the world filmmakers with an Indian traditional namaste the international audience requested him to teach them some moves and without a blink the National Achievement award winner dancer asked the crowd to join him on stage and he made them all groove to hit bollywood song “Ladki beautiful Kargayee Chull”.

This talk by the dynamic trio of Sandip Soparrkar, Pooja Batra and Raghunath Mane was indeed one of the most informative, interesting, Interactive and most importantly fun filled session at Cannes so far. Hats off to Sandip Soparrkar for being a perfect dance ambassador of India and making India shine further  more at Cannes film festival 2016.


The 69th Cannes Film Festival takes its inspiration to all as it is about the film business. Cinema has always been a source of entertainment for every generation, but it also has the power to go beyond from its limits, as a platform for raising awareness on social and environmental issues, as our rousing future generations are learning from the examples of the generations before them and leave a positive legacy, and inspiring the films that will reflect the times we live in. Cannes has always aspired to be the most contentious and outspoken of the film festivals. Recently Television Actress Avika Gor and Actor Manish Raisinghani were seen at the Cannes Film Festival where their short movie has been selected for the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2016 “Ankahee Baatein” stars Manish Raisinghani and Barkha Bisht while Avika Gor is the Creative Director of the movie which is Directed by Manav Bhinder.  Ankahee Baatein is the story of two people in the very busy city of Mumbai. The specialty about this film is that it is about everyone who has lost their relationship because of lack of conversation between a couple. The short film is about the unspoken conversation between a divorced couple. The duo has also launched two more short films  “Almost” and “When I Met Myself” posters by Hon’ble  Ambassador of India to France Dr.  Mohan Kumar and Lavanya Kumar First Secretary Cultural, Paris which has been appreciated by them.

Avika Gor Avika Gor1

Avika Gor3

Manish Raisinghani who was happy to be a part of Cannes Film Festival said, ” Our Short movie was officially been selected at Cannes short film corner and now another super exciting part comes in…. I am happy and glad to have our other two short film posters being launched here in Cannes out of which one is directed by my very dear friend n a super talented director Vidhi Ghodgaonkar and the other one is directed edited and produced by Avika and me… we are also the cinematographers of the film… both these films are super special for Avika, Vidhi and me for two major reasons.. one coz its happening in Cannes second Coz the super special people who are launching this Poster for us Mr Mohan Kumar and Mr. Lavanya Kumar and are adding value to all the hard work we put in to our films which we started as just a passion to make pure fans happy n now it has reached world level n their posters are being launched here at Cannes”.

Actress Avika Gor who is been a creative director at a very younger age said, “I am very happy that my movie poster was launched at Cannes by Hon’ble  Ambassador of India to France Dr.  Mohan Kumar and Lavanya Kumar First Secretary Cultural, Paris. It’s great to have a huge platform where people recognize your work. ‘Almost’ has been very close to my heart as it is a film by ‘AVIMAN’ Our fans gave me and Manish this name .. as we joke around calling ourselves the Abbas and Mastan as we have the same initials ..  Avika and Manish .. I believe Aviman can create magic together.. and we will and this is just the beginning ”

Also spotted there to bless the poster launch event and Avika and Manish was the great spiritual leader Mr Ephraim Issac who is also in Cannes to be felicitated for his achievements and also for the screening of the film made on his life…

Others presents at the event were Mr. Satyapaul Protocol Officer of Indian Embassy, Attache Cultural Paris Suresh Sharma, Managing Director of World News Network Satish Reddy and others.


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India Kids Fashion Show (IKFS) moves forward with its second edition on 14th May 2016

India Kids Fashion Show (IKFS) moves forward with its second edition for the year in Mumbai. The fashion show witnessed kids aged 3-13 years walk the ramp in designer wear. The event was held in St. Regis Hotel & High Street Phoenix, Mumbai on 14th May 2016.

IKFS Mumbai - Media Images 26 IKFS Mumbai - Media Images 12

IKFS Mumbai - Media Images 10 IKFS Mumbai - Media Images 8

IKFS Mumbai - Media Images 5 IKFS Mumbai - Media Images 9

The showcase saw celebrities like Tanya Sharma, Arjun Bijlani & Priyanka Khurana Goyal of Mrs. Earth 2015 fame walk the ramp with the kids. The star- studded runway saw kids looking like little fashionista’s who walked confidently on the ramp.


Exclusive: says Arjumman Mughal fashion industry expending in india

The fashion industry in India has changed over time but how much it has changed in the last some years, an idea about given by a model and actress Arjumman mughal

In an exclusive interview with arjumman mughal-“I’m here in vadodara for fete n fiesta presents F coridor a fashion show.
There was zero platform years ago. I remember, 2006 when I enter in modeling it was by chance I never knew anything about fashion. We use to wear simple salwar suits and no tv in the whole village to get the knowlage and education about fashion.  I always wanted to become a great actress I was always appriciated by everyone for everything I did. I belive in my childhood only tht I’m going to be very special person in life. As I enters in modeling it was very easy for me to pose and I aded bit of my personal expression and and posses from my dance as I’m have practice basics of classical dance Bollywood contemporary martial arts and now tennis. It was easy for me. I always acted in my modeling assignments that were not like model model walk. i became special model for many designers. and it was wonderful well appreciated. So I could do lot of print shoots ramp walk as showstopper. Credit goes to my the unique personality and different behavior. always wanted to walk on ramp but due to my height I use to feel inferior.

arjummanmughal (5) arjummanmughal (4)

arjummanmughal (1) arjummanmughal (3)

But when I walked I saw a happiness in pple’s face looking at me seriously n laughiing with my smile and looking at me with attitude and smile and fun. I realise pple are reflecting me. And i became confident abt walk then I started walking on ramp without caring abt other heighten models I was looking kid in front of them. But whenever I walked pple fell for me. In my village “There were hardly four or five shops that we can go to. And there was nothing like fashion week, there was nothing like young designers exhibiting their stuff,” But when I wear such designer dresses in today’s time I feel I’m great. “And today there was 20 designers here fete n fiesta f corridor event .. who years ago didn’t exist”never heard of them but they are changing fashion industry. and added, “Many of them are doing so well and in crores, they have turnover.” Now designers have created such a name for themselves not only vadodara but all over india and buyers come to them. On being asked that it is being criticized that most of the clothes that are shown during catwalk on ramp can’t be wear in normal life, she said, years ago people used to say that,
Today, nobody will ask that question. Today everything which models show (on ramp) is wearable. One or two things may be for effect but rest all is wearable.” If fashion designers will not make clothes which can be wear
“And if they (designers) don’t make wearable cloth, where they are going to sell them? They have to show wearable clothes”, Plus I belive some dresses are made to prove the uniqueness. Of the designers mind. People dosnt care much they wear what they feel in today’s time. Clothing is not that big issue which use to be…


Sandip Soparrkar on the red carpet of 69th Cannes film festival

Internationally renowned Bollywood dancer Choreographer Sandip Soparrkar made his first red carpet appearance on Saturday night at the ongoing 69th Cannes film festival.

For his red carpet appearance the dance maestro wore More Mischief designed grey and black appliqué tuxedo by his all time favourite designer Deepak Shah. The nibble footed dancer teamed his outfit with blood red bow tie and a pocket square to match his trade mark red Tilak. He even wore a grey flower to enhance the look of his red carpet look along with sparkling diamonds on the bow tie designed by his friend Dev Balani of Malkish jewels.

sandipsoparrkarrr (2) sandipsoparrkarrr (1)

Men normally play it safe by wearing black or white tuxedo or suits on the most talked about Cannes red carpet but the dance maestro is not one to play it safe be it in life or on the red carpet. He waltzed onto the style police monitored and paparazzi scrutinised red carpet of 69th Cannes film festival proudly flaunting his care a damn attitude. We must say way to go boy for being bold and beautiful.


Move over Sunny Leone, Ashley Emma Is Here to Sizzle with Ghaati Trance…

Sunny Leone has been the biggest Internet celebrity of India, but now it’s time for her to make way for the scorching hot Ashley Emma. A popular model and actor, Ashley has made her name as one of the hottest glamour models in the UK. She has appeared in photo shoots for tabloids and magazines both in the UK and internationally including Nuts, Zoo, Loaded and The Daily Star. This latest import will make her debut in an upcoming super-hot music video called Ghaati Trance.

Pushkar Jog, a favourite with Marathi film and TV will work with Ashley in this one of its kind peppy Hindi number. Jog, the winner of Nach Baliye Marathi and a well-known name in Marathi cinema will collaborate with music director Sachin Gupta for this video. Jaspreet Jazz and Sonu Kakkar have sung the song and the video has been choreographed by Remo D’souza’s assistant Andy.

sunnyleoneashley (1) sunnyleoneashley (2)

Pushkar Jog has been integral to planning and developing it as a project. He said, “Ghaati is a catchy term used to denote all things Marathi. It’s catchy and also has a local connect, but is used very smartly in this Hindi song. Sachin and I happened to just take on this project as a chance, and we will shoot for it in the coming week.”

Ashley hopes to stay back in India and explore work in Bollywood. She said, “Increasingly, Hindi films and Indian TV has been inclusive in its approach of international faces. I have always loved the larger than life, glamorous songs and dances in Bollywood films. These films are increasingly being watched globally too. With Ghaati Trance, I hope to step into this world and explore opportunities in this industry.”


Andy @ Anand Kumar, assistant to Remo Dsouza.  He said, “When i met Pushkar for the 1st time, I knew that this shoot will be a really great one. He was very enthusiastic and excited about this song. The kind of energy this song has is absolutely perfect for Pushkar. His down to earth nature and positive vibes encouraged me to make sure I do justice to the songs choreography by bringing out the best of Pushkar in the song.  He has been such a treat to work with as it is very rare to find actors with such brilliant and natural dancing talents. I am someone who loves and is inspired by dancing legends like Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva, MC hammer, Govinda, etc., and it was great that Pushkar shared the love and inspiration for these legends as well. He is very humble and down to earth, very hard working and passionate. It was challenging also to an extent to choreograph someone who is so versatile and eager to learn. As we had to make sure we utilize his full potential, He is a very good performer and makes sure he always gives his 100% even in rehearsals.

Ghaati Trance is slated to release in June this year.




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सूरत के लोगो के बीच अपनी आवाज़ का जादू बिखेरा प्रियंका वैदय ने

अब तक कई फिल्मो में अपनी सुरीली आवाज़ देकर कई सुपरहिट गाने फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री को देने वाली गायिका प्रियंका वैदय ने पिछले दिनों सूरत में अपने ग्रुप के साथ स्टेज परफॉरमेंस से सूरतवाशियो का दिल जीत लिया.सूरत के स्पार्क इवेंट कंपनी द्वारा आयोजित किये गए इवेंट में 14 और 15 मई की भव्य समारोह का आयोजन किया गया था जहा 14 मई को टॉयटो कार के नए मोडल लांच पर प्रियंका ने बेहतरिन शो में अपने परफॉरमेंस से धमाल मचा दिया और 15 मई को सूरत के टेनिस क्लब में अपने सुरीली आवाज़ से सबका दिल जीत लिया.

Priyanka Vaidya (4) Priyanka Vaidya (3)

Priyanka Vaidya (2) Priyanka Vaidya (1)
ज़ी टीवी के शो सा रे गा मा पा गोल्डन हंट की रनअर रह चुकी प्रियंका ने कई फिल्मो में अपनी आवाज़ दी है और उनके गाये गाने लोगो को काफी पसंद आते है यही कारन है की सूरत में 14 और 15 मई को प्रियंका को शो के लिए आमंत्रित किया गया जिसके लिए प्रियंका और उनकी पूरी टीम ने काफी मेहनत की थी.

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Shweta Rathore is the first Indian Sport female, who has been invited to participate in the “World Body Building & Physique Championship” in Hungary

Shweta Rathore is blazing trail and the first Indian to score a hat-trick by bagging awards in the various body building categories. She had earlier won a silver medal in sports physique category at the “Asian Body Building & Physique Championship – 2015” and also at the “National Body Building and Physique Sports Championship” respectively. She is the first Indian sports woman to have been crowned with ‘Miss Mumbai’, ‘Miss Maharashtra’ and ‘Miss India’ titles and bag the gold medal too. This is the third time in a row of having achieved the same feat and becoming a star celebrity.

shwetarathorei (2) shwetarathorei (1)

The cherry topping on the cream is that she is the first Indian female representative who has been invited to participate in the “World Body Building & Physique Championship” to be held in Hungary in October. This achievement comes close on the heels where she is all geared up to participate in the ‘Asian Championship’ to be held in August in Bhutan and thereafter ‘World Championship’ in December this year too in sports and fitness physique categories.

Shweta Rathore is elated about it and says,”This is a proud moment for me and my country.I am vigorously taking all types of training to win the title at the championship.  But I am sorry to add that our government is not paying any attention to provide us major support. All government departments be it health or sports ministry is only after the film stars for appointing them a brand ambassadors. At least these ministries should promote people like us and appoint them as the brand ambassador instead. This will be an additional feature for the winning sports person who bags award and makes the country proud. Even the awards and rewards go to the glamour industry or again Film stars only. Every sport should be highlighted and promoted in its deserved perspective. Body building is a costly sports affair. Without our government’s help and support, we alone cannot be well prepared and achieve better results for our country.”

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सुनिधि चौहान ने हिंदी फिल्म फ्रेडरिक के लिए रंगीनियाँ गीत गाया जो २७ मई को रिलीज़ होगा।

फ्रेडरिक एक साइकोलॉजिकल सस्पेंस थ्रिलर फिल्म है जो आपको अपने सीट से चिपका कर रखेगा फिल्म  होने से अंत तक। फिल्म २७ मई को समस्त भारत में रिलीज़ होगी जिसे बनाया है मनीष कलारिया ने अपने बैनर इवाना एंटरटेनमेंट के तले और निर्देशित किया है राजेश राजेश बुटालिया ने। इस फिल्म में प्रशांत नारायणन के साथ दो नए कलाकार अविनाश ध्यानी और तुलना बुटालिया नज़र आएंगे। फिल्म का संगीत भी कमाल का है जिसे संजय बोस ने दिया है। शान ,के के ,सुनिधि चौहान ,रिमा धर और दिपाली साठे ने खूब गाया है फिल्म के गीतों को जो आपको मंत्र मुग्ध कर देगा। सुनिधि ने इस फिल्म के लिए एक कमाल का आइटम सांग रंगीनियाँ गाया है।

sunidhi chauhan (2) sunidhi chauhan



संचिति सकट ने अपना सोलहवां जन्मदिन अपने परिवार और एक्ट्रेस एकता जैन के साथ मनाया।

संचिति सकट ने अपना सोलहवां जन्मदिन अपने परिवार और एक्ट्रेस एकता जैन के साथ मनाया। sanchiti sakaT (2) sanchiti sakaT

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New Delhi’s popular RJ Shadab Khan will be debuting in acting with the most awaited web series called Love, Life & Screw Ups!!! Incidentally this web series has one of the most interesting ensemble cast comprising of popular actors from films, TV, theatre and modelling world. Actors like Zeenat Aman, Mita Vashisht, Dolly Thakore, Kapil Kaustubh Sharma, Yuvraaj Parashar, Diandra Soares, Sushant Divgikar and Akshay Sethi are making their digital debut with it. It is a cool and trendy romantic comedy on relationships. Zeenat Aman will be seen again in her glamorous diva avatar. The look of the show is glamorous and grand. It is written and directed by Kapil Kaustubh Sharma. Music is by Nikhil Kamath. Bappi Lahiri has sung one cool peppy number.

RJ Shadab Khan (2) RJ Shadab Khan

RJ Shadab Khan (1)

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सुब्बाराव गौसांगी की फिल्म में नज़र आएँगी मोहिनी घोष !

भोजपुरी फिल्मों की सुलोचना मोहिनी घोष दक्षिण भारत के सुप्रसिद्ध निर्देशक सुब्बाराव गौसांगी के साथ बड़े पर्दे पर एक भोजपुरी फिल्म के साथ धमाकेदार वापसी करने जा रही हैं । फिल्म की शूटिंग अगले माह जून के पहले सप्ताह में शुरू होगी । अब तक के अपने फिल्मी सफ़र में मोहिनी घोष ने फिल्म दिल हो गईल कुर्बान, रेज़ा, दुलारा, औरत खिलौना नहीं, प्यार में और दिलदार सजना में अपने अभिनय कला कौशल से फिल्म इंडस्ट्री पर एक अमिट छाप छोड़ी है । यही देखते हुए बहुतेरे निर्माता निर्देशक  अपने भावी प्रोजेक्ट को लेकर मोहिनी से लगातार संपर्क साधने की फिराक में हैं ।

mohini Ghosh mohini Ghosh (2)
आम भोजपुरी अभिनेत्रियों से इत्तर पतली छरहरी काया संग में मखमली बोली और बंगाली सुंदरता के साथ मृग तृष्णा भरी आँखों वाली मोहिनी घोष अपने इस फिल्म को लेकर काफी उत्साहित और रोमांचित हैं । इस नए साल २०१६ में मोहिनी घोष के पास फिल्मों की लाईन लगी हुई हैं और बहुत जल्द ही वे भोजपुरी दर्शकों के दिलो दीमाग पर एक नशा बनकर छाने वाली हैं । वैसे भी पूर्व समय में बंगाली पृष्ठभूमि से आई हुई मुनमुन सेन से लेकर जया भादुड़ी तक सभी अभिनेत्रियों ने फिल्म जगत में अपना एक अलग मुकाम स्थापित किया है और हम मोहिनी घोष को उनसभी में से किसी से भी कमतर नहीं आंक सकते ! क्योंकि मोहिनी घोष मधुर आवाज़ ,खूबसूरत काया और मृगनयनी के साथ में एक बेहतरीन अदाकारा भी हैं  । हम उनसे 2016 में और भी बेहतरीन प्रदर्शन की उम्मीद करते हुए उन्हें अपनी आगामी फिल्म में बेहतर प्रदर्शन की उम्मीद करते हैं ।

mohini Ghosh (1)


Riyaz and Reshma Gangji met music director A R Rahman after 20 years at Pele film music function.

Reunion after 20 years with the legend A R Rahman,the last time we met we made history by doing the legendary video Vande Mataram said Riyaz and Reshma Gangji at the music launch of A R Rahman’s Pele a movie on true life of legendary footballer Pele.

riyaz reshma (2) riyaz reshma (1)

रियाज़ और रेशमा गांगजी हॉलीवुड फिल्म पेले के म्यूज़िक इवेंट पे संगीतकार ऐ आर रहमान से २० साल बाद मिले।

संगीतकार ऐ आर रहमान ने २० साल पहले वन्दे मातरम वीडियो शूट किया था ,उस समय डिज़ाईनर रियाज़ रेशमा गांगजी रहमान से मिले थे और अब २० साल बाद हॉलीवुड फिल्म पेले जो फुटबॉल प्लेयर के ज़िन्दगी पे आधारित है ,इस फिल्म के म्यूज़िक लांच पर मुंबई में मिले।




Actor Tanuj Virwani and Actress Akshara Haasan to recreate the magic of ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’

Did you ever see a pair on screen and think “Hey, they’ve done work together before? What doesn’t happen too often, though, is when frequent co-stars go from playing family members (and vice versa). It happens very few times in Bollywood not many Celeb parents played onscreen lovers children get the chance to be get together onscreen. But the youngsters Actor Tanuj Agnihotri and Actress Akshara Haasan will be seen together in the upcoming short movie. Where their parents Rati Agnihotri and Kamal Haasan played onscreen lovers in the movie ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ (1981). The movie portrays the story of two star-crossed lovers which was a blockbuster and now Kamal Haasan’s youngest daughter, Akshara Haasan, who had her debut flick Shamitabh alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. And on another side Rati Agnihotri’s son, Tanuj Virwani  who was currently in the news for his hottest movie of the year “One Night Stand” with Sunny Leone. Akshara and Tanuj will be seen together in the intense romantic drama “Scent Of A Women” a Short Film. Recently The poster of the movie got launched where Akshara was looking menacing and her mysterious eyes are apparently seeking some kind of revenge. A picture speaks more than a thousand words . “Scent Of A Women” is a story of Akira which is played by Akshara Haasan who realizes how true that holds her as she finds herself caught between an unfaithful boyfriend and an uncertain future. Actor Tanuj Virwani has written, acted and directed the short film.

akshara Hasan akshara Hasan (1)

Tanuj Said, “I like making short films as it keeps my creative juices flowing. In between I have taken the break because of my work commitments .In my short film, I fell upon this interesting idea of how this girl continues existing in a wrong relationship as she doesn’t have the courage to break away from it . And how sometimes we just need that one person , a catalyst to come and push us into making a much needed and overdue decision . I sounded off the idea to Akshara and she loved it.”



Mumbai.The premiere of  ‘Silver 9 Movies’s ‘Aakhri Sauda- The Last Deal’, an action packed suspense thriller laced with music as well as romancer produced by Mukesh Malhotra and Padmakar Athawale and written and directed by Sandeep Kumar had its grand star studded premiere function at the Movie Star,Goregaon (West), Mumbai on Thursday 12th May 2016 , in the presence of Vikram, the leading man of the super duper hit film of the 70’s-Julie.The film stars Aryan Chopra, Zuber K Khan,Tanvi Arora, Soniya Bajwa, Pooja, Mushtaq Khan, Ehsaan Khan etc. The film has been released all over India on May 13.

Aryan Chopra is also acting right now in a Tamil film while Zuber K Khan has already acted in Hum Deewana Dil and is now acting in The Dream Job. Sandeep Kumar, who has written and directed the film Aakhri Sauda The Last Deal happens to be the nephew of the late actor Pradeep Kumar and the son of the producer-director Kalidas who had produced and directed films like Half Ticket, Bheegi Raat and Isi Ka Naam Zindagi.

vikram julie (2) vikram julie (1)

vikram julie

Director Sandeep Kumar, who had earlier directed Ek Hi Bhool, Love You Crazy Girl, besides the popular TV serial ‘Sai Bhakton Ki Sachchi Kahaniyaan’ reiterates that his latest film’ Aakhri Sauda- The Last Deal’ will be loved  by all sections of the audiences, especially the youth as it has several ingredients which will appeal to them like action, suspense, thrills, music and romance.




Lavish 30’ x 18′ X 10′  Photo , Chroma and Visual shooting floor with two green rooms centrally AC Available for shooting at EMSQUARE STUDIOS .

Also offer recording facility with experience sound engineer.

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Emsquare Studio Mumbai welcomes you to the space of inspires creativity; where sound and light live together in a rare perfection. EmSquare Studios offers you the most advanced space for your sound recording and video-shoot etc…

empsquire3 empsquire2

empsquire empsquire1



I work very hard for the film Khel Toh Ab shuru hoga says Rohit Pathak

The B-town has a lot of actors who work for their living but not all of them work as hard as the ones that will be here on our list today. Actor Rohit Pathak, who keep on working hard and give each and every movie a 100%. He is called a perfectionist and rightly so. He works hard and goes to the depth of everything he does. He greatly knows the art of making films and makes sure he gives his best every time. If research work and preparation for roles is something to go by, he is the most hardworking actor has. He won the heart of everyone through his acting and powerful dialogue delivery. When First look of the Hindi film Khel Toh Ab Shuru hoga was out everyone praises his effort. He has vowed all his critics with all his movies.

kheltohabshuru (1) kheltohabshuru

Rohit Pathak said, “The script of the film instantly matched my instinct & I said yes. This is the film Preparation to live the role was difficult & challenging. I have given 100% of mine to enter into the character. I am sure the audiences will appreciate my effort & enjoy this film”.

kheltohabshuru (4) kheltohabshuru (2)

Khel Toh Ab Shuru Hoga is an Indian thriller chase-comedy film directed by Marathi filmmaker Kunal Singh and produced by Mahesh Narula.


Borivali’s LT Road lined with litter

Mumbai. In view of the monsoon, BMC is cleaning up the drainages. On LT Road Borivali, Mumbai the litter from the drainage has been piled up on sides. Vehicular traffic has resulted in the litter spread all over the road. It is leading to threat of diseases. PM Modi’s Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan is being blown to pieces by BMC.

Borivali's LT Road lined with litter (2) Borivali's LT Road lined with litter (1)

Social Service organisation Gandhi Vichar Manch’s President Manmohan Gupta, says “BMCshould have picked up the litter on the very day of cleaning. We request BMC to clean up this mess as soon as possible.”


A Biopic on APJ Abdul Kalam Coming Soon!

It’s the season of Biopics in Tinsel Town, after biopics on the likes of Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, Sarabjit Singh and more it’s the life story of Former Indian President Late APJ Abdul Kalam that’s attracted the film industry.

Filmmaker Pramod Gore who last made the acclaimed Marathi film Reti has taken up the herculean task to picturise the life and times of the highly coveted scientist turned politician Abdul Kalam. “I will be producing the film under my banner Atharva Motion Pictures,” says producer Gore. But we wonder what made him take up this subject. “There’s so much that Kalamji has done for our national, he is an inspiration to all of us. A complete rags to riches story where a boy from a small village rose against all odds to become not just the talented scientist that he was but also our President. I was amazed how a story as great as this still remained untold,” says the filmmaker.

Quite contrary to just producing the film, Pramod Gore went to the lengths of travelling till Rameshwaram, Kalam’s native place, met his elder brother who is now 99 years old along with is nephew who is 66 to get more insight into the life that APJ Kalam lived. “Yes, I traveled till Rameshwaram because I want to be thorough not falter in conveying a story as great as this. And also had to seek permission from his family before going ahead with this film. I have also bought all of his 22 written works including the likes of Ignited Minds, Wings of Fire, India 2020, The Kalam Effect and more to have enough material.”

It is learnt that Pramod Gore will be signing in a Hollywood director to make this biopic and wants to cast Irrfan Khan or Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead role. Confirming the news Gore says, “There have been umpteen films on Gandhi but the one which stood out was that of Richard Attenborough. It’s not easy to weave an entire life into a 2 and a half hour film and I want capable hands on board for it. Which is why I want to cast Irrfan Khan or  Nawazuddin Siddiqui also as Kalam because I think they will be able to do justice to the film.”

abdul Kalam (1)

Similarly, Mr. Gore wants to rope in AR Rahman for music and Gulzar for lyrics. “I have already registered the title of the film APJ with IMPPA which shows the seriousness of this project and I really think the industry should come out and support a film like this. Yes, I want to approach Rahman and Gulzar sahab because this story deserves the best. I will also be approaching the Indian Government, asking them if they want to make this film with me. I am hopeful for a positive response,” says Gore.

Interestingly, Mr. Gore is so moved by the story of Mr. Kalam that when he went to visit Kalam’s native place and saw the conditions in which is Tomb is placed, he resolved to give all the revenue he would make out of the film into developing that land. He wants to build a library there too and do his bit in the name of Mr. Kalam.

The biopic goes on floors in JULY and will be releasing in 2017.

इंडियन मिसाइल मैन स्वर्गीय श्री अब्दुल कलाम आज़ाद पर बायोपिक फिल्म बनाएंगे निर्माता प्रमोद गोरे।

आजकल ऐसा लग रहा है जैसे बॉलीवुड बायोपिक फिल्मों की बाढ़ आ गयी है। अब इंडियन मिसाइल मैन स्वर्गीय श्री अब्दुल कलाम आज़ाद के जीवन पर भी एक फिल्म बनने जा रही है.बताया जा रहा है की ये फिल्म मराठी निर्माता प्रमोद गोरे बनाने वाले हैं अथर्वा मोशन पिक्चर्स के बैनर तले। फिल्म में लीड रोल के लिए इरफ़ान खान या नवाज़ुद्दीन सिद्दीकी को लेना का सोचा है।

बताया जा रहा है की इस बायोपिक फिल्म में पूर्व राष्ट्रपति के उपलब्धियों और संघर्ष के दिनों को दिखाया जायेगा। प्रमोद गोरे ने अपनी पहली मराठी फिल्म रेती बनाई है जो रेत माफिया की कहानी है।

ऐसा बताया जा रहा है की प्रमोद गोरे ने इस फिल्म टाइटल ऐ पि जे इम्पा में रजिस्टर्ड करा लिया है। इस फिल्म लिए वो हॉलीवुड निर्देशक लेंगे। प्रमोद गोरे पिछले दिनों कलाम के घर रामेश्वरम गए थे और परिवार वालों  से मिले थे।

abdul Kalam (2) abdul Kalam

सूत्र ने बताया की फिल्म इस साल जुलाई अगस्त में शुरू होगी और २०१७ में रिलीज़ होगी। प्रमोद गोरे ने बताया की -कलाम जी ने हमारे देश के लिए बहुत कुछ किया है। वो हम सबके लिए प्रेरणा का स्रोत हैं। पिछले दिनों कलाम  बारे में ज़्यादा जानकारी के लिए रामेश्वरम में कई जगह घुमा। उनकी २२ किताबें भी खरीदी। कलाम की दरगाह पर भी गया। कलाम जी के जीवन को ढाई घंटे में बनाकर पेश करना इतना आसान नहीं होगा पर मैं पूरी कोशिश करूँगा।

प्रमोद गोरे ने ये चलते चलते बताया की इस फिल्म के मुनाफे पैसा सरकार को देंगे ताकि वो एक बड़ा म्यूजियम और मज़ार बनाए रामेश्वरम में।

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The majority of the time, the big fashion moments are about an image, or a colour or a silhouette that is powerful and striking, that captivates our attention and is eye-catching and memorable. IT’S been a while since a plain coat and dress produced an ecstatic reaction in the Mumbai couture.  At other times, we are drawn to the work of a designer by our subconscious and it is less easy to define exactly garments which aren’t about first impressions alone. Fashion Designer KhushiZ who has already set a trend in the fashion world by working with Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan and her Underwater Life Collection for Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week has created a sensation. Now KhushiZ is going to set a new trend in Mumbai with her latest Label which is called No|BS. Culling the essence of No Bullshit-stylishly funky and marrying it with a corporate & couture sensibility, for Men’s suits and women’s evening wear gown. KhushiZ has a deeper, less obvious take on this new suits. KhushiZ used her old noggin to create a collection for her very first involving the fine hands of couture, and it got everyone talking and thinking.

khushiz khushiz (1)

khushiz (6) khushiz (7) khushiz (2)khushiz (3)  khushiz (4)

KhushiZ explained what No|BS is all about, she said, ” With their unique subtext of delicate details, simple harmonies, and rich textural formats, the brand has come to epitomize refinement and luxury in fashion. While keeping the handwriting essentially subtle with monochromatic tones, the language is most definitely contemporary and silhouette centric.”


The brand has a melting pot vision of turning the label No|BS- into something more than just a fashion statement.



Ajay Kapoor of T-Series attended the success bash of the Disney’s movies in India “It is a moment of pride that Disney is enjoying its presence in Indian market. The success has proved that Disney is no more kid’s zone of interest but also adults have started enjoying it. The response is overwhelming and we hope to expand the market”



Story on Marketing Innovations and Strategies…

Bollywood industry is rapidly getting more and more competitive to capture the eyeballs in the opening weekend of a movie release and this is keeping the makers on their toes to roll out innovative ideas in order to promote their films.

Innovations by Emraan Kureshi….

what is innovation?
Innovation is basically creating a new idea which has never been seen or done before. 21st century is all about competition in all the sectors and to grab the top position and success. Innovation is must, which is different and better from others. Emraan Kureshi is one such innovator and entrepreneur, which has never fail to impress his clients by his innovation to promote their products, Corporate, Hollywood or Bollywood. People are just looking at Emraan for out of the box innovations.

Marketing the strategies as a professional marketer.. Deciding on your Audience.. Creating a Psychological Process Profile.. Connect a Type of Marketing Strategy.. Assess your Efforts..  Innovations or New Age Strategies are the ways and means to get to your establish goals..

Below are the list of the innovation done by Emraan Kureshi.

Corporate Innovations:

Club Mahindra:
 Club Mahindra wanted to promote their new Kerala tour package in an innovative way. Emraan came up with the idea of highlighting the points for which Kerala city is famous and one of them is the animal elephant. An augmented screens were place in malls where people have to stand at the mark opposite the screen where they could see an elephant coming near them and spraying water. This helped Club Mahindra to experience more footfalls for the inquiry of Kerala tour.

Reliance Digital: Reliance Digital organised laptop festival. They wanted to promote their outdoor campaign ‘Boot up your life’ through which they can make customers aware about special offers and discounts on Laptops. Thus Emraan created Laptop benches which looked exactly like an open laptop. These benches where kept at many public places where they can sit and relax and also read about the festivals which was printed on the laptop benches.

Tata Docomo: To reach out to the people with the broadband express campaign of Docomo Network, Emraan came up with an idea of promoting it by comparing it with speed. Thus people on Segway’s with the Docomo posters placed on it were made to blaze in the city. Even the posters were placed in the gym on the treadmills, in the video game zones in the malls and also on the movie ticket counters.

Hollywood Innovations:

Pixel Movie: To promote the movie, Emraan came up with the idea of giving people real life experience of being attacked by video game for which thrillingly innovative 3D content was created. A live video stream of pack-man was played on screen converting real life people into pixels. When the people came inside the theater and were waiting for the movie to begin, they could see themselves on the theater screen were a huge pack-man would appear and eat them all.

inovations (12) inovations (10)

inovations (6) inovations (2)

inovations inovations (11)

Minion Movie: In the releasing week of the movie, Emraan created Minion Dolls holding umbrella. These dolls were kept at the hotspots of Mumbai such as Marine Drive, CST, Bandra Bandstand and more. Since it was the month of rains, umbrella was the best prop on which the release date of the movie was printed. Each minion provided a picturesque spot and in no time each of the locations turned out to be the selfie hot spot.

Martian Movie: It was one of the most awaited movies and to maintain the excitement, Emraan planned to launch its trailer in a very unique way. Sea water was used, a huge sea water fountain curtain was organised where the trailer of the movie was shown. This is method is used for the first time to release a trailer of any movie.

inovations (2)

Jurassic Park Movie: Emraan brought extinct dinosaurs back to life to promote Jurassic Park movie. At a famous beach front in Mumbai, the foot impression of a huge dinosaur was created, where as to make believe or appear, as if a dinosaur has just passed from that way.


Bollywood Innovations:

Mr. X Movie:
 It was an Indian 3D science fiction thriller about a man who gains the power of invisibility. Emraan brought interactive content to life using the augmented reality. It gave people a chance to experience the indivisibility. An augmented screen was places where people has to stand in front of the screen and wave hands. Soon they saw themselves getting vanish from the screen even when things around them still remains the same. This innovation helped movie a lot to grab the eyeballs.

Bombay Velvet Movie:
 The idea was to showcase the core idea of the movie that how a man turns negative to achieve his dreams. Thus at various theaters, a setup was made where people has to stand in front of the screen and click on a go button. As soon as they click, they get the hard copy of their photo in negative film format of 35mm quality.


Choreographing Sharbjit movie was very difficult for me because of its hard hitting story says Vishnu deva

Vishnu Deva who is known for his creative and amazing moves in bollywood, makes the stars move to his peppy innovative moves. His creative dance style is praised by many critics. Now Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda and Richa Chadda starrer Sarbjit will see more of Vishnudeva’s catchy moves. The film is currently in the news for its hard-hitting storyline. The trailer and the posters of the film have left us stunned with Aishwarya’s never seen avatar in this film. Well, finally the much awaited and refreshing Tung Luk song from Sarbjit is finally out which is choreographed by none other than Vishnu deva.

This Punjabi number is surely going to make each and everyone dance on their feet and moreover, Aishwarya looks stunning in her Punjabi avatar. With high energy and desi look, Aish is totally killing this desi swag. The Punjabi number has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Sukhwinder Singh, who are very well known for their Punjabi songs.

Vishnu deva with Aishwarya Rai bachchan2 Vishnu deva with Aishwarya Rai bachchan

On the other hand, Randeep Hooda and Richa Chaddha also make stunning appreace in the song, as they dance on the Punjabi beats. After some heart-wrenching songs and trailer of the film, this song is surely going to give some positive vibes.

Vishnu Deva Said, “Sarabjit was a difficult movie to choreograph because of its hard hitting story. Aishwarya and Randeep impress with their charms and energy. Tung Luk is a fresh punjabi song and we’ve tried to give it a fresh look too. So far we’ve been receiving great response, and we hope everyone continues to like it.”

Helmed by Omung Kumar, the film is a biopic based on Sarbjit Singh, which showcases a real-life struggle of an Indian prisoner Sarbjit who died after a brutal attack in Pakistan jail in 2013. It is one of the most awaited biopics of the year. Sarbjit is set to be released on May 20, 2016. It is produced by Pooja Entertainment and Films Ltd, T-Series and Legend Studios Pvt. Ltd.



Rina Charaniya was crowned as MISS PERFECT at Miss India Worldwide India-2014. Rina entered the Indian modeling industry at a very early stage. Rina’s style and appearance reflects a true Indian feel. She has been a part of projects like Mastizaade, Beiimaan Love, & upcoming bollywood movie J.D. along with numerous music videos. She has also been part of numerous commercials and is a familiar face in advertisements.

The pretty lass Rina Charaniya, who was last seen in Mastizaade will be seen in two more films this year. Yes you herd it right! Soon Rina will be seen in upcoming movie Beiimaan Love which is directed and produced by Rajeev Chaudhari and also stars Sunny Leone and Rajneesh Duggal. Also Rina is part of movie J.D. which is based on the life of an Indian journalist and is scheduled to be released on Aug 5th, 2016.

rina charinya rina charinya (1)

rina-charaniya-2 rina-charaniya-3
Rina entered the Indian modeling industry at a very early age. She was also titled as MISS PERFECT at Miss India Worldwide India-2014. She has been also part of many advertisements and music videos.
It now seems that this lady is all set to storm the silver screen. Speaking about the film, Rina Charaniya said “I am extremely happy that 2016 has been a good year. I am doing one more project which goes on floors in September 2016.”

Latest News News

Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016

DADA SAHEB PHALKE FILM FOUNDATION AWARDS 2016 spearheaded by Mr. Ashfaque Khopekar( President) Dedicated & attended TO DADA SAHEB PHALKE’S FAMILY.

Ably supported by Babubhai Thiba which was Hosted by: Kamya Punjabi & Ankita Sharma.

Was successfully held last month on 24th April, 2016 in Mumbai.

The film fraternity owes its evolution and success to the great Dada Saheb Phalke who had the courage to make the first film in Indian Cinema, which brought a revolution. . To commemorate his invaluable services to the film industry, Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation presented the “Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016”.

“Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016” saw the presence of who’s who from Bollywood and Television Industry comprising of lots of celebs.

Lalit Pandit, Bhappi Lahiri, Madhur Bhandarkar, Manoj Bajpai, Sameer , Armaan and Amal Malik, Claudia, Karan Wahi, Ritwik Dhanjani, Rajpal Yadav, Sohani Hosen, Aneel Murarka, Vivek Mishra, Shweta Khanduri, Smita Gondkar, Nushrat Barucha, Manoj Bajpai, Madhur Bhandarkar, Mukesh Khanna, Yogesh Lakhani, Prashant Virendra Sharma, Asit Modi, Krishna, Sudesh Lehri, Manjari Phadnis, Shomu Mitra, Jesse Kaur, Amiut Kumar, Yogesh Lakhani, Shiddharth Chopra, etc attended the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016.

dadasaheb ff (8) dadasaheb ff (6)

dadasaheb ff (9)

dadasaheb ff (3)

The extravaganza took place at one the plush hotels of suburbs suitable for the gala. The award ceremony commenced by capturing the essence of the Indian Rituals by lighting the auspicious lamp as a favorable start and sign of future success for the evening.

“Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016” was anchored by renowned television personalities who spinned their magic and kept the audience engaged with their wit, energy & charm. Apart from their anchoring the extravaganza witnessed captivating performance of Bollywood & Television actor and actresses.

Adding to the merriment the evening witnessed engaging performance of Manjari Phadnis who performed to some of her hits. Setting the tone for the evening Maryam Zakaria performed and flaunted their moves keeping the crowd entertained. Holding a penchant for Bollywood actress Sejal Mandavia grooved to the tunes of some of the hits of 2015 & 2016.

The jury of “Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016” consists of experts like Mr. Anees Bazmee, Mrs. Saroj Khan, Mr. Ismail Darbar, Mr. Udit Narayan, Mrs. Runa Laila, Mr. Kamlesh Panday and Mr. Anup Jalota.


dadasaheb ff (4)

dadasaheb ff (1)


IMG_4248 dadasaheb ff

The Advisory Panel includes- Mr. Naqsh Lyallpuri, Mr. Imtiaz Hussain, Mr. Rumi Jaffrey, Mr. Bhargav Patel, Mr. Vimal, and Kumar.

Mr. Ashfaque Khopekar- President mentions “Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation carters to extend a helping hand to all those Indian film fraternity artists, worker and technicians who work day in and day out but receive minimum payment which is not sufficient enough to survive in today’s world. Hence, with these awards we not only give them recognition but also help them monetarily. Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards recognizes the efforts of all those who face the camera and those to stay behind the camera”

Mr. Babubhai Thiba -Sr. Vice President “Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation is government recognizes trust formed to help Indian film industry’s workers, artist and technicians. We salute the man, his vision, courage, determination and spirit of adventure without which, we Indian would not have begun making films. We have taken the initiative to recognize the efforts of technicians to better the lives of the fortunate”

At “Dada Saheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards 2016”, along with honouring artists, the main aim is to honour and felicitate technician from each of the crafts of film making, on the basis of his/her contribution to the film industry and needs of the old age. Awardees will be honoured with a Trophy and sum of Rs 11000/- given to technician followed by a pension per month till the last breath of his/her life. In addition to it the foundation provides the technicians medical help and monthly grocery to run their kitchen. This objective will be continued and every year new artists and technicians will be honoured.


  1. Ram Rahim Singh(MSG)
    2. Mika Singh ( Best Male Singer Of The Year)
    3. Madhur Bhandarkar( Contributions In The Field Of Women Centric Cinema In India)
    4. Nushrat Bharucha (Best Actress In Comic Role)
    5. Manoj Bajpai (Best Actor Critics Choice)
    6. Armaan Malik (Most Popular Singer Of The Year)
    7. Amaal Malik (Best Music Director Of The Year)
    8. BD Gulati (Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award)
    9. Sameer Anjaan (Most Outstanding Lyricist)
    10. Arya Babbar ( Best Debut Artist Of The Year)
    11. Vaishali Samant (Best Female Singer – Marathi)
    12. Devoleena Bhattacharjee ( Best TV Actress In Lead Role (Television)
    13. Mitali Nag (Best TV Actress In Lead Role – Television)
    14. Asha Negi (Best Actress – Television)
    15. Sudesh Berry (Best Actor – Television)
    16. Rithvik Dhanjani (Best Actor – Television)
    17. Mukesh Khanna (Life Time Achievement – Television)
    18. Sudesh Lehri (Best Television Entertainers Of The Year)
    19. Krishna Abhishek (Best Television Entertainers Of The Year)
    20. Mushtaq Pasha (Best Director In Punjabi Film)
    21. Aminder Gill (Best Director In Punjabi Film
    22. Mr.Arvind Kumar & Nilu vaghela (Best Rajastani Jodi)
    23. Raveena Tandon (Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award)
    24. Ranjit Kapoor (Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award)
    25. A.M.Turaz (Best Lyricst Of The Year)
    26. Shartrughan Kumar (Best Actor In Bhojpuri Film)
    27. Madhu Sharma (Best Actress In Bhojpuri Film)
    28. Vivek Mishra (TV Entertainer )
    29. Pritam Singh (Best Television Entertainers Of The Year)
    30. Mukesh Khanna (Life Time Achievement (Bollywood)
    31. Amrapali Dubey (Best Bojhpuri Actress)
    32. Dinesh Lal Yadav (Mega Super Star- Bhojpuri)
    33. Shakil Siddiqui (Best Comedian)


35. Akhilesh Yadav (Promoting Cinema in Uttar Pradesh State)
36. Sayed Javed Hyder Muazzafar Iqbal (CINTAA)

Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award

37. Sarosh R Italiaa (WIMPTSEA) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
38. Krishna Achrekar (ACTADCD) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
39. Rambha Rambahdur (CDA) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
40. Ramesh B Nohare (CCMAHAD) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
41. Ravi Sundaram (CMA) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
42. Mahendra Nishad (FSS & AMU) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
43. Yogesh Lakhani (Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award)
44. Vishnu Sharma (Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award)
45. Keshav Naidu (AFVE) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
46. Raman Kumar (IFTDA) Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
47. Lester John Watkins Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
48. Sheela Devkumar Pathak Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
49. Arun Ingle (CSA)- Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
50. Asha M Talwar – Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
51. Rashid Khan – Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
52. Amit Kumar Ganguly- Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award
53. Umesh Sharma – Excellence In Journalism
54. Prashant Sisodia- Film Critics
55. Aneel Murarka – Philanthropist – Educating short film on anti smoking”11 minutes
56. Asit Modi ( Best TV Producer)
57. Rashmi Sharma (Best TV Producer)
58. Sohani Hossain (Social Worker OF the Year)
59. Khalid Azmi
60. Kunal Shah (Best Casting Director)
61. Raj Verma


Srishti Sharma Actress

Srishti Sharma Actress  Has many Successful  released films to her credit apart from many Modelling assignments for print & TV Media.

Now she has just completed one schedule of her coming film ISHQ RE at out station.

Now again busy in Mumbai with shoots for films and advertisements.

Actress Srishti Sharma (138) Actress Srishti Sharma (439)

Actress Srishti Sharma (456) Actress Srishti Sharma (185)

Actress Srishti Sharma (179) Actress Srishti Sharma (167)


Alok Shrivastava Producer

Alok Shrivastava well known producer turned distributor under the banner of Gold Coin Entertainment is Releasing Dev Anand Starrer Aman Ke Farisshtey  on  May 2016  Worldwide. For This Film Bhappi Lahiri is recording a new Remix Song which we be attraction of the for the viewers.

alok shrivastava Bahppi Lahiri With Sohan Lal Bhatia (Copy)

Bhappi Lahiri with Pooran Bhatia (Copy) Bhappi Lahiri With Alok Shrivastava (Copy)

Aman Ke Farisshtey

Star Cast – Dev Anand, Hema Malini, Javed Jaffrey, Aashif  Sheikh, Kiran Kumar

Produced By – Sohan Lall Bhatia  & Pravin Kotak

Directed By – Kader Kashmiri

Music By – Bappi Lahiri


Hindi News

भोजपुरी सिनेमा की नयी दिशा है लोहा पहलवान : पवन सिंह

भोजपुरी सिनेमा के सुपर स्टार एवं गायक पवन सिंह की सुमधुर आवाज देश के सबसे बड़े रियलिटी शो बिग बॉस से लेकर विदेश तक संगीतप्रेमियों को मंत्रमुग्ध कर देता है। इनकी अभिनय प्रतिभा सिनेप्रेमियों को रुपहले परदे पर एक नयी ताज़गी का एहसास दिलाता है। इनका हमेशा यही प्रयास रहता है कि भोजपुरी में अच्छी फ़िल्म का निर्माण हो ताकि सभी वर्ग के दर्शक सिनेमाहाल में पूरे परिवार के साथ फ़िल्म देखें। इनके सोच के अनुरूप ही निषाद प्रोडक्शन एवं जीएमएल इंटरटेन्मेंट प्रा.लि. के बैनर तले भोजपुरी फ़िल्म लोहा पहलवान का निर्माण किया जा रहा है। जिसकी शूटिंग इन दिनों मुम्बई में जोर शोर से की जा रही है। फ़िल्म के निर्माता संजय निषाद, गौतम निषाद हैं तथा निर्मात्री काजल निषाद हैं। फ़िल्म का निर्देशन कर रहे हैं निर्देशक इक़बाल बक्श। कार्यकारी निर्माता सुशील सिंह एवं प्रकाश जैस हैं। संगीतकार छोटे बाबा एवं सिनेमैटोग्राफर दिनेश पटेल हैं। यह फ़िल्म उच्च स्तर पर बनाई जा रही है। जिससे भोजपुरी सिनेमा को नई दिशा मिलेगी। हर एक पहलु पर बहुत ही बारीकी से कार्य किया जा रहा है। इस फ़िल्म में पवन सिंह के साथ रोमांटिक जोड़ी में पायस पंडित हैं। इनकी यह जोड़ी की दर्शकों को खूब पसंद आने वाली है।
सुपर स्टार पवन सिंह कहते हैं कि लोहा पहलवान बहुत अच्छी फ़िल्म बन रही है। मेरा किरदार मेरे दिल के बहुत करीब है। इसी तरह की फ़िल्म बनने से ही भोजपुरी सिनेमा को नई दिशा मिलेगी।

Pawan Singh - Loha Pahalwan (6) Pawan Singh - Loha Pahalwan (5)